Levi Johnston to Guest Star on Desperate Housewives?!?

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We don't even know what to say about this rumor, so we'll simply report the facts:

Sources say Levi Johnston, the almost-son-in-law and grandchild-daddy of Sarah Palin, has landed a multiple-episode role on Desperate Housewives!

This casting note was first relayed by Janet Charlton, a celebrity gossip blogger. She says series creator March Cherry, a member of the Log Cabin Republicans, met Johnston at the 2008 Republican National Convention and has been intrigued by the possibility of a guest-starring role for him ever since.

Levi Johnston

Levi is currently in the news for two reasons:

  1. Posing for Playgirl.
  2. Getting sued by Bristol Palin for $1,750 per month in child support.

When asked about the rumored Desperate Housewives gig - which would depict Johnston as a boy toy for an older woman - a friend of the former Alaska governor replied:

"Well, maybe now he'll be able to get caught up with his child support payments."

Be honest: who wouldn't watch Levi Johnston on Desperate Housewives?

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Please don't put Levi on the show. I hate it when they have guest fill ins. It takes away from the whole show. Thats about the time I quit watching cause it gets so unbelievable!Why so many killings ? How many people on your dtreet are killers and black mailers? Lighten up!


NOT gonna happen - whose boytoy would he be? Edie's but well we all know what happened to her. Lynette's? Yeah, right. Gabby's? Hello Jesse Metcalfe. Bree's? She just hooked up with Carl so there's no storyline for her wrecking her marriage again. Susan's? Please no more Susan drama.


I would STOP watching DHW if they sunk so low as to put this cretin on the show. He is not an actor, he is merely a bloodsucker.

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