Life Unexpected First Look: Lux at the Prom

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A couple important programming notes regarding Life Unexpected:

  • CW President Dawn Ostroff says there's a "real shot" that the show will be renewed for a second season.
  • It moves to 8 p.m. on March 8, when Gossip Girl returns with new episodes.
  • A week later, the show airs an installment titled "Formal Reformed."

More on the final point: the episode will revolve around Lux and her high school prom. As you can see below, she shares at least one dance at the event with Bug:

Bug and Lux

However, according to E! News, the main character will also spend some quality time at the dance with Jones; while Baze will crash the affair.

Do you hope this series comes back for a second (and third... and fourth...) season?

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I love this show too! I hope we get to enjoy it for a long time!!!!!


Sign the petition for Life Unexpected!! :)


Love Bug.


I love this show and yes it needs to come back for a 2nd and 3rd and 4th and 5th season....I loved OTH when it was good but that show has had its time and it is done they have ruined that show so just put it out of its misery


OTH is expired. That show just needs to be wrapped up and ended at this point. Yes, Lux has incredible writing and moving stories so it needs a second season and so on. If it comes back next season it needs to be paired with Amy Sherman's new show! Two quality shows on one night. I bet that would bring in the ratings.


I do but I also want One Tree Hill to come back for a 8th season.

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My dad said to do what I love and I love to drink for free.


You both can't be parents, you both need parents!