"Affair Remembered"

What went down on the series finale of Life Unexpected? This episode represents the final hour of this great TV show.

"Teacher Schooled"

This is part one of the two-part series finale. During it, Baze considers buying a house and Lux plans a dinner with Eric, among other developments.

"Stand Taken"

Lux and Tasha face the consequences of their recent actions on this episode. Subsequently, the former might no longer be able to hide her past from Cate.

"Thanks Ungiven"

Thanksgiving at Baze's? Sounds like a great time, right? That might not actually be the case when it comes to this episode of Life Unexpected.

"Homecoming Crashed"

Baze and Emma try to sign a high profile client this week "Homecoming Crashed." There's just one problem: she has eyes for Baze. Elsewhere, Lux's homecoming dance doesn't go so well.

"Plumber Cracked"

Cate takes Paige out drinking on this episode in order to learn more about her. Meanwhile, Baze, Ryan, Math and Jamie enjoy a guys' night out in "Plumber Cracked."

"Camp Grounded"

Cate, Baze, Ryan and Math chaperon Lux's school camping trip on this episode, "Camp Grounded." What could possibly go wrong, right?

"Honeymoon Interrupted"

Cate and Ryan stay at a hotel this week in order to make up for their lack of a honeymoon. But Baze's work retreat gets in the way in "Honeymoon Interrupted".

"Music Faced"

Welcome to Portland, One Tree Hill characters! This is a special crossover episode, "Music Faced", that is based around a radio station-sponsored music festival.

"Team Rebounded"

Cate tried to bond with Kelly this week in "Team Rebounded". Tasha also returns to Portland and has news for Lux. Read on for a full recap.