Major Ugly Betty Spoiler: We Know Who Gets Married

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ABC may have canceled Ugly Betty, but the network did the show and its loyal followers a favor:

By announcing this decision in early 2010, it gave writers enough time to come up with an appropriate conclusion to this once-popular series.

For example, creator Silvio Hortahas already teased fans with a season finale storyline: a major character will get married.

Who might it be? A new interview appears to have revealed the lucky bride.

In an interview with a Disney fansite, Ana Ortiz was asked about what's ahead for her character of Hilda. Her reply?

I think there's going to be a wedding... That's exciting. I can't wait to see what that entails. Hopefully since it's our last season, they'll really pull out the stops and give her a really nice wedding. We'll see!

We most certainly will. What do you think of this apparent spoiler? Are you glad Hilda appears to be the impending bride?

Hilda Gets a Break

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omg i heart the bettyXdaniel idea. their the perfect couple, in my opinion. :)


Daniel and Betty have no romantic chemistry together though, and I think they're quite content to be friends. I've wondered if Marc and Cliff will get back together and have a big gay wedding.


There is no doubt that Betty will marry Daniel:
a) It ended that way in the original version
b) It's logical - she's the only woman he respects
c) It would be a hoot!
d) They've been sliding foreshadows since Season One, Episode One! cheers!


That´s what i was expecting. It´s right for Hilda to get married. About Betty i would love if she end up with Daniel, but it´s most likely that she doesn´t. I only hope that it´s not going to be Henry, as some spoilers i have been reading. I think the Henry phase is in the past and should stay there. I rather see Betty with no one, than him.


Betty married ? At her age ??? Come on, let the girl has a life before commitment ...
Hilda and Whilhelmina have been through a lot of things and both would make nice realistic bride. Those are the women to get married, not puppy Betty...and certainely not with Daniel...


can there plz be 3 marriages... one with hilda n bobby, one with amanda n matt (although i know shes hooking up with daniel's half brother) and daniel n betty.. that wd really be a great episode to watch!


I totally agree, betty should get married.


I want Betty to get married!!! I guess it's only fitting that it is Hilda.

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