NCIS Season Finale Scoop: Gibbs' Life-Changing Decision

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So far, speculation regarding the NCIS Season 7 finale this May has been limited to Rena Sofer's likely return, and executive producer Shane Brennan's cryptic statements that the events of the upcoming season-ender have already been set in motion ... somehow.

Well, today Entertainment Weekly says Sofer’s feisty lawyer character, Allison Hart - who returns in Tuesday’s episode, "Mother's Day" - will be back for multiple episodes in May.

That's the first concrete confirmation we've read to that effect.

As for what it entails? The no-nonsense attorney will “set in motion a chain of events that forces Gibbs (Mark Harmon) to make a life-changing decision,” Brennan says.

This isn't just some run-of-the-mill life-changing decision, either, nor will it impact Gibbs alone. Brennan reveals what he does “will impact every member of his team.”

Theories? Opinions? Comments? We'd love to hear them.

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I was told by someone who has already seen the season finale, that Gibbs gets Abbey pregnant by accident. They were both drunk on the first episode and it wasn't later discovered that it was eachother they slept with, so since Abbey is pregnant, they decide to get married!


missed almost all season no antenna. have to catch up on reruns.
Gibbs and l;awyer make couple of decisions on the murders of Kelly n wife. they possibly co-habitate for few months. Tpny and Ziva start dating. McGee and Abby get more comp coufsees nd make out. get pregnant


NCIS is the best thing on tv, It is always interesting, but I am waiting for Gibbs to find or adopt a child. It is was is always flashed by in the lost of his wife and daughter. The daughter is what Gibbs thinks about. Find Gibbs a daughter or son and let his have some peace of mind. Do not take this show off if anyone expect to watch CBS


Actually, the question that the NCIS lie-detector operator asked was "Have you ever committed a felony?" The flashback they went to just before Gibbs ripped off the wires was the one they've shown before - its him stalking and killing the man responsible for killing his wife and daughter. Remember the lady lawyer has an inkling if not a larger picture that Gibbs was involved in that - based on the interaction that took place in front of her when he "illegally" questioned his mother-in-law. The Colonel that the lady lawyer is connected to is trying to bring down Gibbs - but Vance is also protective of him (Gibbs), having looked the other way on some other matters. Don't know what Gibbs' "life-changing" decision will be yet, but they've been setting the connection to his taking out the man who murdered his family for most of the season now. Will be interesting to see what the writers come up with in the end - hope all the speculation doen't make for a major let down in the end! HaHa


A couple of episodes ago,that girl was giving a lie detector test.She asked Gibbs if he had broke the law as an agent.He flashed back to sniping his families Mexico...If you saw the preview for next week,Abby goes to Mexico and finds a cold case.
made it look like the guy Gibbs


Ever since I read in TV guide that "I just hope Abby survives emotionally," I can't get the thought out of my head that McGee is going to be killed (or seriously injured so he won't be returning, at least for awhile). The article mentions the connection between them and I have a feeling that to protect Abby or someone else, Gibbs chooses to save Abby (or whoever) and McGee gets shot. I hope it's not true and I hope none of the main characters leave. They are what makes the show GREAT!!


Has anyone considered that the life changing events could be that Gibbs has to fire someone on his team or encourage someone on the team that they should move on (ie. like taking a job somewhere else)? I'm not too concerned about the lawyer lady.


I'm afraid Gibbs will do something and get himself killed or retire. No show w/o Harmon!!!


oh my NCIS fans,i believe we are all off track. Gibbs won't marry,too many wives already. i think the life changing has something to do with Micheal Franks and his past. we are not ready for romance but more intrigue!


i think something will happen involving vance and gibbs will become the director which he doesnt want but his shoulder is giving him trouble so anyway he becomes director and tony takes his place as team leader

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