NCIS Season Finale Scoop: Gibbs' Life-Changing Decision

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So far, speculation regarding the NCIS Season 7 finale this May has been limited to Rena Sofer's likely return, and executive producer Shane Brennan's cryptic statements that the events of the upcoming season-ender have already been set in motion ... somehow.

Well, today Entertainment Weekly says Sofer’s feisty lawyer character, Allison Hart - who returns in Tuesday’s episode, "Mother's Day" - will be back for multiple episodes in May.

That's the first concrete confirmation we've read to that effect.

As for what it entails? The no-nonsense attorney will “set in motion a chain of events that forces Gibbs (Mark Harmon) to make a life-changing decision,” Brennan says.

This isn't just some run-of-the-mill life-changing decision, either, nor will it impact Gibbs alone. Brennan reveals what he does “will impact every member of his team.”

Theories? Opinions? Comments? We'd love to hear them.

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Ah the solicitor. Nobody likes her; it seems that nobody has liked her for a while, and yet it seems like she's going to be on the show for a while. Maybe Gibbs' life changing decision is having to kill her off - he wants to boink her like that woman in a previous episode he was seeing, but she's bad news and tries to break the team, and being a bad person she does something stupid and he has to kill her. We can only hope they do kill her off, the character is a complete bore.


I have a feeling that Hart is a bit of a Judas kiss to Gibbs. She is a lawyer, and has proven that she's out to get him. Perhaps she found out what Special Agent Macy (from last season's episodes Legend) buried and is trying to unbury it and convict him. Maybe I'm off based, but I have a feeling that the story line regarding a bunch of romances this season will end much like the arcs with Jeanne and Hollis. The one thing I'm annoyed with the writers about is the fact that, two seasons later, they STILL have not explained why they killed off Director Sheppard.


I think the cliff hanger will have to do with the Bell character and the lawyer been part of it ,where the team is set up. Hope Damian is there to help save the day


Who said this lawyer women was going to be in the final?..I can't see Gibbs getting married to anyone. The final maybe to do with something totally different to what you think. It maybe to do with the murderer of Shannon and Kelly he killed..maybe he goes to jail or something?..Shane Brennan twists everything, even our thoughts.


I bet the show will turn around in the next few episodes. There's got to be some real drama coming... isn't it time to kill of a main character?


There are some characters that you love to hate. The lady lawyer ain't one of 'em. If she stays, I go. S7-Ep 1-Dinozzo "Couldn't live without you. . ." Since then, hardly so much as a howdoyoudo? WTF?!? It was said previously 1st 1/2 S7=A; 2nd 1/2S7=C at best. Also, previously mentioned, the decline started with the holiday ep 'Blind Faith'-EXACTLY! Here's something scary to think about going into tomorrow's ep. . .same crappy writer from that penned Mother's Day. Based on SBs previous allusions of things to come. . .the life changing decision? My guess. . .Gibbs gives up coffee.


If they marry him off, they do an OHMSS and she dies in finale or early next season.


no one likes this lawyer lady but it hink gibbs nocked her up so he need to make a lofe changing decision


I am unhappy with this season. The beguining was great, then everything kind of fell apart. The storyline seems to be going nowhere, like they're running out of ideas. This is my favorite show, so i really hope is gets better.


I HATE the lawyer she is not good enough for Gibbs and she has nothing at all to offer as a character. I also like the lady he was with in season 6 but never knew what happened to her. I will always watch NCIS as I love Mark Harmon.

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