Stephen Martines Cast as a Blood Sucker on The Vampire Diaries

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The vampires are coming!

As seen at the conclusion of this week's new episode of The Vampire Diaries, that seal was never properly closed on the Mystic Falls tomb. We've already seen Sterling Suilieman's Harper rise from the dead as a result - and we can now confirm he won't be alone.

Stephen Martines has been cast as a blood sucker named Frederick. He won't be up to any good at all when the series returns from hiatus on March 25.

Stephen Martines

Martines rose to prominence on General Hospital and recently recurred on The Closer in the role of a journalist who squared off with Kyra Sedgwick's Brenda.

What do you think of his casting? And of the impending influx of vampire? Sound off now in the Comments section below and/or in our forum!

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oh my god!!! it's a pattern. The same thing happened to me :(
This guy is a world class jerk. how can people even work with him????


Ladies, if you happen to come across this Stephen Martines asshole, run like hell, seriously. He is a class A con artist and will bleed you of everything you have if you let him. Make no mistake about him...he is the last person you want anything to do with. He's a liar and a scam artist and a thief, and I wish I'd never laid eyes on him.

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