Supernatural 100th Episode Spoiler: Who Will Die?

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While Supernatural fans wait for this CW show to return on March 25, we can at least give them something to chew on until then.

On April 15, Supernatural airs its 100th episode. What will take place during this milestone hour?

"A very important character will sacrifice themselves in a suicide mission,” executive producer Sera Gamble told Michael Ausiello. “We wanted to deliver something with real scope [on this episode]; it’s about the Archangel Michael. Crises will come to a head for Dean and Castiel. And you’ll see characters you never thought you’d see again.”

Cue the suspenseful music... Who do you think is headed for an early grave?

Jared and Jensen

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I still maintain after seeing "Dark Side of the Moon" after the revelation that god does not care, its breaking the moral of the boys and Cas, I think the only person who could bring Moral back to the boys is John Winchester, because technically "its a character we never thought we would see again" Well John Winchester is a character we never thought we would see again, and he is the only person who could rally the boys and give them some kind of hope, some pep talk, that and the fact that Ash couldn't find John Winchester, or their mother, (Though the mother made an appearance.) I still think its an illusion made by Zack to move the boys apart and to make them lose more hope, and than Joshua is testing the boys faith. Now they are on the verge of breaking and John Winchester is the only one who could rally the boys to take on ALL and with 2 seasons (Two and a half) of him being in heaven he has had to been doing something there! Perhaps finding out weapons to kill angels. The Colt could kill any demon! What if there is a sword that could kill any angel! Also I think the Anti-Christ has a part to play, I mean seriously someone powerful enough to change things to what he thinks, it would be "I need you to think that this gun can kill anything, and I mean ANYTHING!" the boy believes it since they helped him to not go dark side or bright side because even the angels wanted him dead, they saved his life and showed him he has a greater life to live. I think he might be older and better, but if he thinks that the boys are invincible than poof they are! If he thinks that a gun kills anything including Lucifer, than Lucifer wouldn't fear it, and they shoot him BAM dead! just because he believed it. Or perhaps the Anti-Christ is the sacrifice (Because last time we saw him he gave up everything to not hurt anyone) he feels a kinship to the boys in some way, so that means something. But my bets are on John Winchester because only he could rally the boys, and give them hope. The sacrifice would be John giving them a way (Through research in heaven) to find a way for them to find an item that kills ANY angel. But it might come at the cost of his soul. But I still maintain I think Dean is the rebirth of Jesus (because Jesus comes back and rages war, he was tested by Lucifer, and this time tested by god, born of John and Marry, first son (They never mentioned if it was a virgin birth.) But I think the earlier mythology of season 1 and 2 lead towards the idea that Dean is Jesus and Sam Lucifer, yeah Michael is powerful, but or perhaps Dean is god himself but doesn't know it. Jesus had the powers of GOD but refrained from using most of them. And in revelations Jesus is not the all loving person of the new testament he is a warrior riding in on a horse leading an army (Hunters, he is the best) and he fights of the side of humans and in the war against Lucifer he strikes lucifer down with a single word. I would go into quoting scripture but lets face it depends on the bibles they refer to, if only i knew which ones they were basing revelations off of. But revelations is almost the same in EVERY bible. But of John Winchester it would be a suicide mission to give the knowledge of how to do "Something" because the wrath of heaven would befall him and it would be a great sacrifice for his part. I fully believe Sam, Dean, Bobby, they need something that links them together that will mean something to all of them, and to show Castiel why humans with all their flaws deserve to live, he said before "I believe in you Dean, I have followed you, turned my back on my brothers for you." So the whole Dean being born from a parents named John, and Marry (Biblical reference) John and Marry gave birth to Jesus in a virgin birth. I just think its to coincidental to not have a bigger part in it! But again, I dont see anyone (After all the hell and heartbreak they have gone through)being able to rally the troops like John Winchester can! whether it be younger john who appears (Though I really and by god hope! that it is Jeffery Dean Morgan), who has said he would return if the scheduling is right, and that he would love to especially if it is the last season and considering it is Kripke's last season and he plans to end it his way, yeah I expect that JDM would want to come back and help the boys. Come on we know he's out there somewhere, Ash couldn't find him, so where is he? He was strong enough to crawl out of a hell's gate! and than went into the life. Do you think he would sit idly by and watch the angels do this to their boys? I hope its John Winchester (JDM)because that is the only way I could see the boys gaining their fighting spirit back and again be rallied to take on the final days of the apocalypse. Anyone agree or disagree? And honestly it could be kept very well from IMDB and any other source easily, if they are under contract and the fact that the cast and crew loved having JDM on the show it would be a great surprise and a great way to finally resolve the issues with Daddy and to rally the boys for the final fight ahead. Do you agree or disagree?


it not bobby because if you look at and type in supernatural he is in the hammer of Gods but i think the surpize quest will die and i think the surpize quest will be bella who died at the end of season 3


its not bobby because if you look on imdb and type in supernaturl he is in the one after and it gonna be the surpise guess who we never thought would return i think it might be bella who died at the end of season 3 will return


I just hope it's not Bobby, Cas or Gabriel. They are the three characters I love who could possibly die!
Although most'll be Bobby...UGH NO! I refuse to let any 1 of those 3 die! And Bobby keeps getting the short end of the stick, what without walking and all!!! NOT COOL! And Cas is too awesome to kill! And Gabriel is the ONLY cool archangel and the only other angel other than Cas who's any good a character >:( Although I do like Zach for his nastiness sometimes :D


Its totally going to be boby, wait, is thier father alive, did i miss something


I hope it's Ash that comes back because he needs to tell Dean what he was going to tell him right before he died and I hope Sam doesn't say yes to Lucifer either! Congratulations to Jared Padalecki on his marriage to Genevieve Cortese.


I think Daddy dearest will help out in the fight


You know the more I look at it, and knowing the mythology of Revelations, I must state, season 1 and 2 set it up that Dean would be Jesus, I think that this could very well be the case still. As for the characters we thought we would never see again. I think its John Winchester who is going to come back (Jeffery Dean Morgan)because I read in an interview he wanted to come back to supernatural, as long as the timing was right he said he would. I havent heard more on it, but I wouldn't be surprised and besides WHO ELSE could rally the boys for the final showdown against both angels and demons? I mean seriously? Its going to be the father ^_~


I hope it not Bobby but that who I think it is going to be :(....I hope Dean and Sam dont say yes to Michael and Lucifer.... But whatever happens I have no doubt that it will be good...Cant wait for new episodes and I am so excited that it got picked up for a 6th season....YAY!!!!!


i think its bobby. it cant be castiel noooooooo. they say some people will come back who u dont expect who

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