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Getting Ready for a Fight
"Alex Annie Alexis Ann"

Sheriff Mills returns to Supernatural when she requires assistance with a vampire nest.

"Meta Fiction"

Metatron is trying to play God on Supernatural. How will he be stopped?

"Mother's Little Helper"

Misha Collins makes his directorial debut in this episode when Dean feels the after effects of the mark of Cain.

"Blade Runners"

Crowley is in need of an intervention when he becomes addited to human blood.


The Ghostfacers return when Sam and Dean investigate the death of a teenage girl whose final selfie revealed a ghostly image in the background.


Sam and Dean discover the Men of Letters bunker is haunted and their investigation leads them to a storage facility where they discover that demons have been hiding a very prized possession.

"The Purge"

Sam and Dean go undercover at a spa this week on Supernatural. That's pretty good work if you can find it.

"Sharp Teeth"

Garth is back on this episode of Supernatural. Sam and Dean then get a shock when they go looking for him.

"First Born"

In his quest to reclaim his place as the king of hell, Crowley ask Dean for help in tracking down the First Blade on Supernatural.

"Road Trip"

Sam and Dean return to face the devil with an all new episode on January 14th.