Supernatural 100th Episode Spoiler: Who Will Die?

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While Supernatural fans wait for this CW show to return on March 25, we can at least give them something to chew on until then.

On April 15, Supernatural airs its 100th episode. What will take place during this milestone hour?

"A very important character will sacrifice themselves in a suicide mission,” executive producer Sera Gamble told Michael Ausiello. “We wanted to deliver something with real scope [on this episode]; it’s about the Archangel Michael. Crises will come to a head for Dean and Castiel. And you’ll see characters you never thought you’d see again.”

Cue the suspenseful music... Who do you think is headed for an early grave?

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NoNoNoNooooo! NOT Castiel!!! And not Bobby either! But especially not Castiel!!Pleaseeeee not Castiel!!! i sure hope the sacrifice-doesn't-mean-disapperance theory is true. Characters return as a surprise, maybe Jesse the Anti-Christ will return?


My guess is that it's Gabriel. Only another angel would have a legitimate shot at killing Gabriel, and seeing how easily Michael fried Anna, it would be a suicide mission. Gabriel's always had a soft spot for the boys, and his role's been too important over the course of several past seasons for his story to end with Changing Channels. And, since Sera Gamble says we'll being seeing "characters" (plural), I'm guessing Ash will be around ... and a strong second candidate for getting himself ganked.


Just remember, self-sacrifice and even death does not mean disappearance from the show for Supernatural! That said, does it have to be Bobby or Cas? Maybe Gabriel?


Oh man I hope it's not either Sam or Dean.... or Bobby.... or Castiel! NO!!!! They can't kill off anyone! I think either it's gonna be Bobby or Dean will say "Yes" to Michael. Oh God, I hope they don't make Sam say "Yes" to Lucifer....


I have a bad feeling that it will be Bobby. Who else could it be?


It has been said that this episode is very Dean Centred and so perhaps it's Dean who has to make the Sacrifice.. Perhaps his sacrifice is to say "Yes" to Michael in order to keep Sam, Bobby and Castiel etc. Safe...


I hope its not Bobby but who else would they kill off


NOOO!!!! i think it might be bobby... or i mean... castiel could die again... :( I dont want anyone to die! (well the good characters) i wonder... AWWW NOOOO! :(




God I hope it's not Bobbt but who else could it be?

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