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The Good Wife Review: "Hi"

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After this week's outstanding episode, CBS may need to change the show's title from The Good Wife to The Great Investigator.

It was a joy to watch Kalinda work on "Hi," as she first got to the bottom of the firm's murder mystery and then helped Peter out with her smooth testimony at his hearing.

The show has done an excellent job of slowly building up this character, creating just enough doubt about which side she's on so that it was a pleasant surprise to watch her taken down Childs in court.

Overall, this series keeps getting better and better. It's smart, it's intelligent and it treats its fans with respect. Take the example of Cary on mushrooms.

How many other shows would use this as a lame attempt at random shenanigans or distractions? Instead, Cary's altered state simply served as a sidenote and (very) occasional source of humor. It then led to a nice moment between Alicia and her supposed nemesis, as they admitted they actually liked each other.

Titus Welliver on The Good Wife

This is the final new episode until March 2. But it left on quite the high note, giving us insight into various characters while setting up a fascinating premise: Peter living at home again.

Wasn't it great to see Will test the boundaries of the law?

He asked Alicia to swipe items from his client's apartment, an action that was perfectly legal, yet morally questionable. Will made the decision with a realistic moment of hesitation, as the glimpse of him banging the phone against his head was the kind of small moment in which The Good Wife specializes.

We could also have watched Childs question Peter for hours. Titus Welliver and Chris Noth play off each other with the perfect amount of hostility and intensity, while Noth brings the same charm and sly smile that made it impossible to hate him as Mr. Big.

What will happen now that he's home? We have no idea. But we can't wait to find out.

Can you?


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I thought this episode was great. I loved the fast pace. Cary on 'shrooms was hilarious. I liked seeing Will push things a bit. It makes other people's opinions of him a little easier to understand than when he's just being great and caring to Alicia. I'm not really ready for Peter to be home. It seems too soon. I'm curious is this will pull them closer together emotionally or push them farther apart though.


I cannot wait!!!