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White Collar Review: "Vital Signs"

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Last night, White Collar may not have given us any clues into the whole Kate, Fowler, and Neal triangle - but "Vital Signs" proved this show is great even without the main storyline.

Cool guys wear shades

A couple things we loved about this week's episode:

  • The interaction between Elizabeth and Peter. Finally we get to see a little emotion here! The end could have been steamier, but at least it felt authentic with the whole non-jealous - jealous emotional interplay.
  • The tricky way they got the doctor to believe he was starting renal failure - bigger clothes (check), rash all over his body (check) and blood in his urine (check)! Great plot. I loved every second of it!
  • The complete trust that Peter and Neal share with each other. Granted, Neal was all doped up, but you can tell there is a bond between these guys. It gets me feeling all warm and fuzzy.

There is no doubt in our minds that Neal is not a bad guy. He has proven time and time again that he is choosing to do the right thing. The only thing that keeps him from the righteous path is Kate.

It will be interesting to see what happens next to our anti hero. We can only hope that next week does bring us one step closer in finding out! Until then, here are a couple White Collar quotes from last night:

Elizabeth: There are some dishes to be washed - Mr. Magic Hands. | permalink
Melissa: We may have a few slots available - you boys willing to get your hands dirty? | permalink
Neal: You're the only one.
Peter: The only one what?
Neal: The only person in my life that I trust. | permalink


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Did anyone notice that the word "Initiative" was spelled incorrectly in the top page of printed-out lists of doctor names at about 9:30 of the episode? Everyone in the cast "speaks" the word as "in-i-tia-tive", but the spell-checkers messed up re the printed list that Peter holds; left out 3 or 4 letters in the word after "Doctoral Global...."; if there was no space for the entire word "Initiative", they could have reduced the font or used the word "Doctor" instead of "Doctoral" (which would have made more sense); but I think it was just a typo. Only bothered me because I'm a proofreader.