Big Love Review: "End of Days"

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Last night was the fourth season finale of Big Love.

We weren't sure how everything would end, but one thing was certain. We were greatly surprised that Bill won the State Senate seat!

End of Days Scene

"End of Days" had many shocking, but extremely truthful moments. We've put together a list of our favorite ones:

  • Margene admitting to Ana and Gorin her feelings for Gorin. They really looked like one big happy family. It was odd that Ana was so accepting of it, don't you think? What will happen with the state now that Margene admitted that she is really married to Bill? Won't Gorin have to leave the county and wouldn't they both be arrested for lying about their marriage?
  • Tommy making Barbara admit her true feeling about her polygamy lifestyle. We only wish she would have admitted to Tommy her feelings for him. You could tell she was really broken up about Bill running them out of the casino.
  • Barb confessing to Bill that she no longer wants to be apart of their marriage, while Nicki tells the other wives that she no longer wants to share Bill.
  • JJ's weird and highly disgustingly incestuous way of getting Adaleen pregnant. He used his sister's egg? That was so gross! Then he wanted to impregnate Nicki again? Eww. We were happy to see them killed by Adaleen in the end (also a very strange ending to that tale). At least Carolynn will be happy living permanently with Nicki (we see something blossoming between Carolynn and Ben).
  • Finally, Bill telling the whole wide world the truth about their polygamy lifestyle. It looked like each of the wives were in pain to be standing next to him. The only wife that actually seemed happy was Nicki. 

We were happy that many loose ends were tied up, but one thing is certain, next season will be filled with all sorts of craziness! We can't wait to see how all of their lives will change now that the cat is out of the bag!

What did you guys think of last nights season finale episode???

One last thought, why on earth did Alby cut his first wife's face? That was very strange and never really brought up again.

Until next season, we leave you with a few of our favorite Big Love quotes after the jump!

Barb: I've needed you for twenty years and I don't think I need you anymore. | permalink
Marilyn: And you're religion I think is bulls**t - just another excuse for f***ing around. | permalink
Nicki: That idea just popped into your head - my foot - you tramp. | permalink
Nicki: What a tangled web Margene. | permalink
Marilyn: At least my sins are my own, I don't use God to justify them. | permalink


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The main thing this show has going for it is all the politics sewn throughout it. The temporarily alliances, double-crossing, backstabbing, using, etc. I will probably watch Season 5. I do have to say, though, there's a too common theme of "I didn't tell you because I wanted to spare your feelings, but it blew up in my face." (again..? Really?) Or, when one plan is going very well, someone has to do something stupid to mess it up, etc. This show also has a great number of awesome villains, good bad-guys, bad good-guys, downright dirty folks, and all in all great character development.


It made me sick to see the looks on the wives' faces when he called them out like that. That might be the last time I watch the show. I was hoping they'd leave him, all three of them.


Did anyone else notice that in the final shot the three wives were wearing red (Barb) white (Nicki) and blue (Margene) mirroring Bill's red-white-and-blue tie? I wondered too about Alby's cutting his wife's face. Was that related to the notion of "blood atonement"? Except the doctrine of blood atonement involves dying, according to wikipedia.


I just hope there'll be more Marilyn. I love Sissy Spacek, and I love the scenes between her and Bill. INTENSE!

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