Big Love Review: "Next Ticket Out"

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Last night, Big Love was able to keep us in suspense for next week's season finale episode.

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"Next Ticket Out" did leave us with so many unanswered questions:

  • We still don't know why Marilyn is so anti Bill and her reasons for her personal vendetta against him, but one thing is for certain she is out to uncover the truth. What is her deal anyway? She'll always be creepy Carrie to us.
  • What was that moment between Barb and Tommy? Is there something more here that is left unsaid?
  • Margene is full of surprises. Why did she all of a sudden decide that marrying Ana's fiance would be a bad idea? Does she have more romantic feelings for someone other than Bill - again?
  • What ever happened with the Greens? They were noticeably not even mentioned in this weeks episode. One would think that after chopping off a mans arm someone would be around to seek revenge. Why are we left in the dark about them?
  • Alby was being questioned for Dale's suicide, but the writers didn't show us the end result. It cut to a dramatic scene with Alby going pretty crazy. What happened at the trial? How was Alby able to get out of it without confessing his romantic ties to Dale?
  • If the cats out of the bag about Joey killing Roman, why is JJ still so strange with regards to his sister? What is his whole M.O.? 

All things considered, this episode definitely makes us anxious to see all the craziness that will happen next week. It's kind of like the feeling you have right before you are about to kiss someone for the first time - the butterflies, and the anticipation of whether it will be good or be a total plane crash.

We love this feeling and that is why we rated this week's episode 4.5 stars. What did you guys think? Can any of you answer our questions? What unanswered questions did you have after watching it? Let us know below!

We leave you with a couple Big Love quotes from last night:

Marilyn: I know some and I am just getting started. | permalink
Barb: You know Bill -it's like the wind! Always changing. | permalink
Alby: (to Nicki) Groveling like a common indecent whore. | permalink
Nicki: It's true - I love Bill. | permalink


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Mmmm... Adam Beach.... I hope Barb goes for that!


I was going to say that Margene did make it clear to Barb that her change of heart was because she didn't want to repeat her past mistakes (unlike someone else ::coughs:: Bill!) The scene at INS suggested this idea, strongly. NOTE: Of course she feels that way! Have you seen Goren?!?! I have to disagree with most reviews I've read. I LOVE the intense drama that this season is packed with! Counting the days til Sunday...


Who wouldn't get the hots for Goren, he makes me want to go to whatever country he is from. I dated a Romanian once, cute, but not as cute as that. mmhmm. The problem with having so many wives is that you can't pay attention to them all. I think all of the wives thought they could share Bill (I mean, who doesn't wish their hubby had someone else's nerves to get on sometimes), but now that they see they don't and can't have his attention, they've all in turn turned elsewhere to get it. I don't think they understand that men don't want to give you that attention unless they're having sex with you. That's where men and women realize they're just cut from a different cloth, not condoning, just accepting that difference!


I have seen the fire between Barb and Tommy since the ep. with the sweat lodge and may alittle before. I would like to see it happen I mean come on she is only a woman with real emotions and feelings that Bill choses to neglect as well with his other wives. Maybe if Barb gets her needs filled somewhere else maybe Bill will wake up and realize what a fool he is by expecting more of his wives than he is willing to give himself.


Long time listener first time caller. Just wanted to point out a comment made by Margene, she told Barb (when Bill and Goren were having their tetherball/manhood match) I don't want to repeat my mistakes. I think she was referring to her and Bill's affair. Maybe she is getting the hots for Goren.

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I'm not going to stop changing just because people can't deal with it.


Nicki - Wow!