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Greek Review: "Your Friends and Neighbors"

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In the latest installment of Greek, titled "Your Friends and Neighbors,"  viewers are beaten over the head with themes of post-grad uncertainty and angst.  Transitions are tough - we get it - we're ready for some resolutions!!!

We know that Cappie is afraid to leave college. We know that Rebecca is afraid of commitment, despite her feelings for Evan. We know that Ashleigh and Casey and everyone else are moving in different directions. Do we need them to talk about it endlessly? And then talk about how they'd rather not deal with their problems and just live in the now? You know what's a better way to live in the now - actually living in the now, and not worrying about not being prepared for the future - this viewer wants less realism, more shenanigans, pronto! That's this show's bread and butter, after all.

Casey vs. Ashleigh

Even the silly part of the episode (college professor moving next door and becoming honorary fraternity pledge) delivers a strong message: You can't go back. Things are just never the same, and all you can do is move forward.

So that's what we'll do - we'll just move forward to the next episode of Greek and hope for the best. See what you missed in this week's episode in our recap and check out all our favorite quotes!

Some gems from this episode:

Cappie: Our Mardi Gras party is next week which means Ma and Pa Poopy-pants are going to be pooping on our party. | permalink
Beaver: I had sex with Rebecca Logan. I'm sorry. I broke the bro code. If you want to hit me, I understand.
Cappie: Wait, wait wait, is this like last year when you had sex with wonderwoman?
Beaver: I'm still not convinced I didn't.
Cappie: Remember all the rope burns when the guys were teasing you with the Lasso of Truth?
Beaver: Yeah, ok, but I'm still 75 to 25 percent sure I had sex with Rebecca. | permalink
Casey: Maybe some people should be around your entire life, and other should just make an appearance. | permalink


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I totally agree about needing more fun and a little less drama. After last weeks fantastic Valentines Day episode (best this chapter IMO) I was hoping for some more like that. Loved Beaver this episode though.

Greek Season 3 Episode 16 Quotes

Maybe some people should be around your entire life, and other should just make an appearance.


Casey: Katherine has really smart advice. She's already gotten into Yale law and she knows what the admissions committees are looking for.
Ashleigh: But does she know you? Cause I gotta tell you, when I think of Casey Cartwright, I'm not reminded of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.