Grey's Anatomy Review: "Perfect Little Accident"

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A family legacy can a blessing and a curse. Meredith Grey knows this and so does Jackson Avery. Thursday's Grey's Anatomy brought them closer together as a result.

Meanwhile, a reeling Mark reverted to his old, hilarious ways and the complex dynamics between Derek and Richard and Owen, Cristina and Teddy became more so.

A very good episode all around. Click here for our official episode recap (plus quotes and music) from last night. Now, here's our review of "Perfect Little Accident" ...

THE HARPER AVERY: The man for whom the Harper Avery Award, which Ellis Grey won twice and Preston Burke won after he left Seattle Grace, if you recall, is named.

He is a total badass, and when he's rushed to the ER, Cristina cracks under the pressure. Moreover, we learn that "Jackie," a.k.a. our own Jackson Avery, is his grandson!

Harper wants Ellis Grey to perform his surgery, and with that obviously not happening, asks for Richard to do it instead. While he's awake during the procedure. Gulp.

A Key Consult

The team meets Harper Avery, surgical legend and grandfather of Jackson.

This puts Derek in another difficult spot but he relents. Richard, who's been taking drug tests and was hoping for a low-stress return to the job. Wishful thinking, my friend.

When complications arise, he's sure he made an error, and encourages Derek to let Bailey take over. But it was just an allergic reaction to sutures no one could've stopped.

It's amazing to see the Chief so vulnerable, but unlike previous weeks, Derek managed to be professional, compassionate and supportive to Richard, rather than combative.

When Richard wanted out, Derek wasn't having it. Bailey can assist, he said, but you can do it, because he's come so far in just two months. Way to have his back, Derek!

Also neat to watch was Jackson finding an ally in Meredith, someone who can certainly relate to the pressures of finding her individual path way in the family's lofty shadow.

A great moment came when Mer convinced Jackson he needs to make amends, and he introduced Harper to his friends, which everyone loved. Mature Meredith is amazing.

As for Meredith three years ago ...

ALEX KAREV: He's basically a Meredith clone emotionally, if you flash back to 2006. So observes Mer herself, and later Cristina - these two are totally sharing the same brain.

This observation arises because Lexie is developing feelings for him. Bad idea. Also a bad idea (for her, but funny for us)? Waiting for him, nude, in bed at Meredith's house.

Alex is doing his typical Alex thing, retreating into an emotional bunker, acting macho, getting booted out of the occasional OR for sleeping with people's significant others, etc.

Lexie insists it's all just physical. We'll see about that.

As for her ex, he's moving on in his own way, repressing feelings by sleeping with a drug rep. And a nurse. And a patient's daughter. In one day. Who is this guy, Tiger Woods?

It's not like anyone can accuse him of letting it impact his work, either. He performs a surgery and restores the patient's hearing. Again, Tiger ... well, minus the marriage bit.

He realizes, however, that where he really belongs is with fair Little Grey. Until he sees her and Alex most likely coming out of the on-call room, that is. Damn that Karev!

Crowen For Owen

Fittingly, Grey's Anatomy was at first going to be called Complications.

GIRL POWER: Arizona catches Teddy gazing at Owen longingly and decides that what Teddy needs is a friend. Arizona naturally volunteers herself, 'cause she rules.

Besides friends, Teddy also needs help with a young man who survived both leukemia and lymphoma, but whose lungs were damaged by his radiation treatments.

Teddy's initially reluctant to use rehabbed lungs, but Cristina manages to rescue them from disposal. You knew Yang could only go so long without being redeemed!

Teddy lectures Cristina about the dangers of ambition, and how it leads to bad judgment and priorities. But the patient wants the lungs, no matter Cristina's motives.

Cristina's second, far more important redemption comes in surgery, when she plays the role of mentor, in a sense, helping Teddy get through it. Awesome moment.

The patient is saved and Owen, having been encouraged by Cristina to be friends with Teddy, suggests they get a beer and celebrate. She's got her own plans though!

Complicated as things are, we're starting to like Teddy a little.

Perhaps with a bit more balance, she won't be as pathetic. The Cristina-Teddy dynamic is fascinating too, given Owen's role in both their lives. But can good times last?

Mer and Cristina join them on the softball diamond for beer and batting practice. Now that sounds like the ideal girls' night out. All's well with the world, right?

What did you think of last night's Grey's Anatomy?


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@mega Word Lexie is not bad ass, she is turning into a tramp. If she uses her bad assness for the right things I would be okay with her dye her hair blond, but she is using it to sleep with Alex. I wonder what Izzie is going to do when she finds out that Alex has been sleeping with Lexie.


im repeating myself but....alex and lexie...they have to STOP. its such a stupid SL. it makes no sense to me. they destroyed this "character development thing" alex hes back to his old self, except he is hurting because he send izzy away. stupid man! aaaargh. im a huge a/i fan, but right now I think they are getting divorced..its so sad:(


way too focused on the medicine, not much story at all except for Mark being an ass which was just plain obnoxious


Meredith and Derek had only a few lines together. Would like to see more of them and a little less of the rest.


Yes, all is well.... at least for now! ;-) I liked the optimism in this ep. The laughter, the happy faces at the end. That's a nice way to start the weekend (we're a day behind in Europe). Girlsnight did it! Well, and Arizona, as always. Is it okay to steal Cristina's quote and say "I'm in love with Arizona. I love her" ?! Second best: Callie telling Mark his behaviour sucks big time.
I mean, if he has to do it, at least do it in good way... with lesser clothes and more bathroom-steam - just kidding! ;-) So, thumps up for the happiness, which was a delight. But Grey's won't be Grey's without some tears, so alright, for next week: bring back the drama! ps. I also liked the editing. Was this a Chandra Wilson-ep again?!


I loved in this episode many moments.VERY STRONG QUOTES in this episode .Meredith and Cri are great,Meredith is amazing when she speaks with Jackson.Derek ,i like with Webber.Mark is returned the same Mark .Lexie i'm boring a little in this.Arizona is very sunny and the last scene is very amazing ,girls's reunion on baseball ground.I saw intensity,sensibility and the funny side in this episode


I liked this epi. I am annoyed with Lexie....just because you dye your hair and start sleeping with a married man does not make you a bad%#$. It makes you a tramp. Mark's look when he saw them come out of the on call room was sad. i would have decked Alex. I liked it when Callie yelled at Mark and told him he was being pathetic. I loved him trying to apologize to Alex...oops then Lexie comes. I hope he stops sleeping around and rises above. Lexie is a geek and I am totally over her. She is the one who broke up with Mark, so I am ot quite sure what she is moping around was her choice to end things. I love Derek as Cheif. I love Richard in this epi....I love Christina and Owen and Teddy is starting to grow on me. For once she was not chasing after Hunt and being annoying. Did not miss Izzie, but am excited for her to come lexie will stop sleeping with Alex....yuck!!


What is the song that starts when Lexie and alex discuss their relationship??? Thanks anyone?


LOVED the continuity and consistency in the storylines exhibited by the episode. it was all intensely emotional, with the grey's trademark comedy scattered around the place. all the characters became enjoyable this episode except for alex. oh poor alex, i wish shonda would do something already. bring izzie back sooner or whatever. cause his plot is getting bland. i know it's an ensemble cast and there needs to be ebbs and flows, but at least give him something to be happy about, even for a duration of time. his character is expiring just as heigl's, she is pulling him down. and please don't let that happen. i once loved izzie and alex even thought they weren't together, now they are just plain annoying. i apologize for the hatred, but i do hope a miracle happens asap. follow me,=)

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Meredith: You are a no feelings type of girl. Your heart lives in your vagina.
Lexie: My heart... does not live in my vagina!

Cristina: [to Lexie] You can't have feelings for Alex Karev. Emotionally he's like Meredith, three years ago.
Meredith: I said that!

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