Grey's Anatomy

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Greys anatomy
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I'm in love with Teddy. I love her.


I got a free 20 minutes. Wanna go not have feelings somewhere?


If you can't handle being used for sex, tell me. So I can find a guy who can.


I like you and you're a great time in bed, but don't go tell your ex we're together so you can make him jealous.


That is how a Chief does things. Take note.


Charles: What happened to Mercy West forever?
Jackson: That was never a thing.

I'll go. He's got serial killer eyes.


All of this ambition of yours, it means your priorities are off.


Getting out of bed and not wearing sweats all day is a sign of moving on. Sleeping with the nurses? Not so much.


You had a dinner table? I didn't know world class surgeons had dinner tables.


Lexie: I do not have feelings for Alex.
Cristina: I do not care.

Teddy: I don't care about awards.
Cristina: Only people that never win any awards say that.

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