Grey's Anatomy Review: "Suicide is Painless"

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Thursday night on Grey's Anatomy, we got a closer look into Dr. Owen Hunt's past that made him the man he is today. In "Suicide is Painless," it was interesting that this whole flashback was triggered due to a patient selecting to die.

War is a scary place and being a surgeon who thinks he can save everyone, must do a number on your mental health. This explains why Owen has so much pain and anger left to deal with.

An O. Hunt Pic

Is it just us, or did you get the impression Owen still has strong feelings for Teddy?

Would you want him to leave Cristina and be with Teddy? Our opinion would be to keep Owen with Cristina, but we have a sneaky suspicion that Owen will cheat on Christina with Teddy. 

How do you feel about Teddy being with Mark? We don't like it one bit! It almost feels as if the writers had no one left to pair up together.

We miss the Chief being the Chief, but Richard trying to hang with the guys is pretty hilarious!

The best was when he tried to be cool and say, "I'd hit her." That was awesome.

Do you think that Callie and Arizona are going to make it even though they both have two different viewpoints on having children? We hope so!

It is strange that Arizona can spend her days saving children's lives, but doesn't want any of her own. As much as we do hope they can weather this storm, we find it highly unlikely.

Lexie was surprisingly absent this week. We loved Lexie with Mark, but there is something fresh and fun about having her be with Alex. Since Izzie is now completely out of the picture, maybe Alex will want to settle down with Lexie?

There also wasn't much going on with Bailey's love life. We love that the writers finally gave her some romance and a softer side to her strong independent character.

We leave you with a few of our favorite Grey's Anatomy quotes from last night after the jump!

Cristina: Owen, what are you thinking?
Owen: Nothing. Go to bed. | permalink
Callie and her patients: Napa! | permalink
Teddy: What is your problem? You go to Sheppard behind my back about a patient you don't even have any idea what she has been dealing with - the kind of pain that she is in. The kind of pain that will only be worse when I shove a tube is shoved down her throat because you are having some kind of problem with her exercising her legal right to die. So I want to know, what the hell is your problem? | permalink
Richard: I'm not the coach anymore, I'm a player. I take a shower like everyone else. | permalink
Richard: If I wasn't happily married - I'd hit her, I'd hit her hard.
Alex: Sir, I think you wanted to say is - I'd hit that. | permalink
Callie: You guys are hard core! | permalink

What did you think of last night's episode?


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Kevins fan

i agree with Karen, i read some comments and they say that Owen have feelings for Teddy but since she said to him that she was in love with him he said he was in love with Cristina. Even when Cristina said that he didn't have to stay with her he said he was with her because he loves her. Owen and Cristina are going to stay together forever.


My husband did a tour in Iraq, and he loves to watch Grey's with me... he really liked this episode. Stuff like that isn't commonplace in Iraq--for the most part, it's quiet these days--but the way that Mckidd pulled off those scenes was amazing. My husband and I were both glad that GA put a spotlight on PTSD. Too many people treat it like it's not real, or something that only happens to "weak" soldiers... that is so not true.




Owen and Cristina are so good for each other and I really really hope Shonda keeps them together cause me and TONS of other fans will not watch Owen and Teddy as a couple while Cristina is put on the sidelines again watching Owen and Teddy together! Owen and Teddy I don't think will ever happen Owen loves Cristina too much to even think about cheating on her I know that Teddy and Owen have a past but Cristina and Owen have even more of a past I mean I know they haven't known each other as long as Owen and Teddy but they have been through so much to just break up now! I mean there is the PTSD thing and then he choked Cristina and then they broke up for a bit and Cristina was heart broken and then she finally told him she loved him which we all know is HUGE for Cristina Yang! remember she couldn't even tell Burke that she loved him to his face I think she only said it like once! then they got back together and there was a little drama for them in the begining of the season and now they seemed happy for a bit so I think if they have survived all that in the time they have been together I think Owen and Cristina can get through this stupid Teddy thing! I don't even like Teddy shes annoying staring at Owen all the time! She needs to get over him! I think Owen is the best thing that has happend to Cristina I mean she even told him about Burke about what he did to her and how she was heart broken and she told him that she loved Owen more then Burke how could Owen hurt her in any way by either cheating on her with teddy or eventually being with teddy I don't think it will happen Owen loves Cristina way too much! I think Shonda really likes Owen and Cristina together to she seems to talk about them more then she ever talked about Cristina and Burke together! Well at least I am hoping that she loves Owen and Cristina together cause I seriously won't even watch the show if Owen and Cristina aren;t together! I almost gave up in season 4 when Cristina was put aside for every other story line! Soo Owen and Cristina should be together forever!!! I hope Owen and Cristina get married eventually that would be awsome!!! :D lol


Mark in my opinion is still in love with lexie,he doesn't love teddy at all,infact callie suggest him to invite her out,and in my personal opinion if i like a person i don't need the advise to someone else to hiok up this person;)Mark is changed with little grey,infact he doesn't cheats her,and he had lived with lexie,and also he asked to lexie to grew up his grandson


I love Teddy in this show-- she's smart, badass, independent, and beautiful. Any guy on the show would be lucky to have her-- hope Mark realizes he should snatch her up.


One could be accused of being nostalgic and wanting more of the past but the criticism to this season's GA is not just because George and Izzie are missing and the show is less centered on Merder. The major point is that these episodes don't glue to each other. There is no story line between the episodes and it became like watching E.R. (which by the way is running for many many years but it's definetely less popular than its beginnings). In GA people come and go without explanation. Examples:
- in the last episode we had a major thing - Bailey kissed someone - where was him this week? why didn't we have the follow-up of that?
- Charlie and April just reappeared after being away, for what, four episodes; where have they been? and Reed? gone in nature? Then the season started with a major event: the merger. This thing hooked us for one/two episodes and then it died. When the season started we all thought this will give a whole new perspective to the show. But then again it was just one event, and then completely absent. The lunch between the residents (Arizona, Callie, Sloan....) made me think that this season is not about our favorite interns (doctors to be)anymore but about the confirmed surgeons. This is fine but I believe that the adventures of those starting to be, fighting to grow up in the field was far more interesting. Somehow this enthusiasm of Mer for having a surgery made sense in old GA. Now it just comes from nowhere because it became all about the grown-ups and the medical stories are limited to one episode cases. We don't have this feeling of people growing and learning from one episode to the other. My feeling is that the writers of this season write the episodes separately without knowing what colleagues are writing for previous episodes. It's like there are no big story lines behind each character and they build them slowly episode after episode. It looks like each writer writes its own story that lasts just one episode and then puts just little pieces of what the writer of the previous week started....for this reason, I prefered GA before. I recall the problem of Burke's hand and how this made evolve his relationship with Cristina for an entire season; or the check Denny left to Izzie; or the presence of Addison and what that has done to Merder. This made us wanting to watch the next episode. In GA 6 if we miss episode, we don't miss much of the story.... I miss Izzie, true! and George! but I find the new actors also quite good: love Teddy and Jackson for instance. So for them I could keep on watching the show! But please, Shonda, make this show to have a true story again because it's becoming another E.R or Dr. House.....and this is not why GA fans watch the show!!!


I love people who come on these sites to talk about how GA is just not what it was. So why bother coming to a GA site? Go away and find another show that fills your needs on Thurs nights.


@Phobo: About the beginning of the episode, Owen going back to bed just before the alarm: I think they were implying he does this regularly. It was too thought out/ automatic, the way he went back to bed 1 min before etc, for him to have done it just this one time. It's very sad. He should open up. And Derek should have tried to find out what was up with Owen (as his boss, knowing about his PTSD etc). And Derek was a jerk in this episode. Making Mer feel like crap for being excited about her surgery just coz he was jealous. I liked the Mark/cheif exchange. And I liked the flashback where Teddy comes to rescue Owen. It was a beautiful moment and at least there's someone at the hospital who knows what he's been through (in a way - though I wonder if she knows he has PTSD...). ALSO - Although it was sad at the end that Owen didn't let Christina 'in', I think its amazing and a huge step that she actually tried to be let in! That was a sign of emotional maturity/ openness that she rarely shows.


@Karen, I couldn't have said it better myself! I also think that a Teddy/Owen relationship has all the ingredients of a new Izzie/George-kind of a situation: sleeping with your best friend means often the end of a beautiful friendship, with nothing left for in the place.

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