Jesse Williams Confirmed For Grey's Anatomy Season Seven Cast

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A Grey's Anatomy rep confirms that Jesse Williams, whose character was introduced in the current sixth season, will be back for the following season (2010-11) as Dr. Jackson Avery.

“That is good news,” the star told TV Guide upon hearing the news. “I did not know. I mean I had fingers crossed. They said, ‘We feel great about you.’ It was everything but the word.”

Jesse may be surprised, or just very modest, we are certainly not. Since arriving as a Mercy West transplant and shaking things up, he's emerged as an intriguing character this year.

“I can’t pretend I didn’t notice the amount of time and energy they invested in the character,” admits Williams, who has already had some substantial story lines. “I’m totally excited!”

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Jesse says he intentionally avoided discussing his potential future on the show with his colleagues who play the other three Mercy West newcomers – Robert Baker (Dr. Charles Percy), Nora Zehetner (Dr. Reed Adamson) and Sarah Drew (Dr. April Kepner).

At least two of those three will not be back this fall.

“I was only guaranteed to be in a couple of episodes, so we’ve been playing the cards we’re dealt every week,” the actor tells TV Guide. “We’ve had an allegiance to each other."

"I’m sure we’re all thinking about (the future) because it’s a terrific job, but there’s no discussions, like, ‘Say, did you hear anything? You around next week?’ What’s the buzz?’ That would drive us nuts because the last thing you want is one person’s success to be another’s downfall.”

Are you excited to have him back for Season Seven? What story lines (particularly on the romantic front) can you see him being involved in? Discuss in the comments!

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He is so cute!! I saw him in this new coffee table book called About Face. Black and white photo of him shirtless!! Pretty awesome!!


built the love team of Jackson and Lexie..;)


Jesse Williams definitely has charisma. I'm glad he'll be sticking around. I think the show got too large with all the Mercy West folks so I'm glad they've decided to cut down. Love the original cast and would like to see more of them.


I'm definitely excited! I like him, and he's pretty cute!


Definitely excited! And he's definitely not bad to look @ either!


It was so obvious shonda had plans to keep Avery in the mix. He was chosen partly for his looks. Another site has already started speculating on what a lex and Jackson relationship nickname. I like Grevery, or even Gravy I am encouraged to see Ellen is staying to S8, is Patrick signed up til then too? More MerDer I say,please.


Lexie and Jackson sitting in a tree...
Cause are Mexie might be killed...
But I love that he's joining the cast and I definitely see something between him and Lexie!


Just want to wish Jesse Williams a big congratulations on scoring a recurring role on Grey's. Can't wait to see what the writers and Shonda have in store for our young Dr Avery. Hope we get to see more of Dr Harper Avery, that would be interesting.


Love him!! he's way pretty to look at


I'm happy he's joining the cast. I love his character and I think I could totally see him with Lexie.. maybe cause of their interaction on the patient that wanted his arm and he told her to not be mousy and all. Anyway, he's pretty :)

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