Linda Purl to Guest Star on Desperate Housewives

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From Dundler Mifflin to Wisteria Lane...

Linda Purl, who recently appeared on The Office as Pam's mother (and Michael's lover... ewww!), Helene Beesly, will soon appear on Desperate Housewives as another memorable mom.

As first reported by, the actress will guest star on an episode this spring. She'll play the woman who had an affair with Rex Van De Kamp a long time ago... bearing him a son named Sam (played by Sam Page).

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Sam initially surfaced a few weeks back, detailing his connection to Rex’s widow Bree, who quickly took him in.

Desperate Housewives returns with new episodes on April 18.

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Loved her in Happy Days


I wonder if she will make another appearance on the sixth season of The Office as Dwight's love interest. I can totally picture that happening. And it will be even more ewwww than if she was with Michael. - Arunabh Das


Hey idiot who writes this blog: What's with the EWWWW???? Linda Purl is LESS THAN 7 YEARS older than Steve Carrell. He's 48, she's 54. Ever heard of Courtney Cox and David Arquette? Or millions of other people with a wife 7 years older? Get out of your little-boy closet.


She was terrific on The Office as Pam's mom. Too bad Michael Scott treated her the way he did. - Arunabh Das

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