NCIS Interview: Mark Harmon on Gibbs' Future

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NCIS executive producer Shane Brennan’s tease that Mark Harmon's Gibbs will be forced to make a “life-changing decision” this May has fans wondering what that entails.

Theories are in no short supply, but one of the more alarming is that Gibbs' actions, which “will impact every member of the team,” mean Harmon may be leaving the show.

Is there any legitimacy to that? The actor himself weighed in to EW.

“I don’t think so, but I don’t know for sure,” Mark Harmon said. “That may not stop them from getting rid of me, but I’m having a blast. That hasn’t changed since day one."

"I have no plans to leave. I have a contract with significant more time on it. That may not stop the producers from getting rid of me, but I have no plans to take myself out.”

That settles that, but still leaves the question of what crisis will befall his character at season’s end and how it ties into Rena Sofer’s lawyer/lover character, M. Allison Hart.

Gibbs on the Scene

What will the ramifications of Gibbs' big decision be?

“Whatever [fans are] thinking, they’re wrong,” Harmon says.

“It is never the obvious [thing] on this show. As always, these writers make you think something but it is almost never what you think will happen. I think that it's good to keep people guessing, especially after seven years."

“I think it is time to see these people away from their job and with their girlfriends or family. It is time to let out some of those nuggets. We’ve earned them. Fans come for the procedure but we have earned the right to break off another piece of the puzzle.”

Getting back to the big May season finale mystery, Harmon hints that although Sofer’s character plays a part, however “she is not alone. Others will play a part, [too].”

As for what brings another attractive Gibbs adversary, D.C. madam Holly Snow (Dina Meyer), back to NCIS? “Gibbs will use her in an investigation,” explains Harmon.

“She is an interesting ally, an odd ally, an uncomfortable ally in some ways. But the writers like what Dina did before. A madam character is really pretty fascinating.”

Any NCIS season finale theories? What's in store for Gibbs? Are you satisfied with how the season has been shaping up so far? Comment away.

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I have been watching ncis for years now and love most of the characters. The only one that I find difficult to tolerate is Tony. I stop waching when he takes over as team leader. I also can't stand the way he refers to McGee as probie. When Mike Franks used to word for Giobbs, it sounded complimentary and endearing but when Tony says it to McGee it is derogatory and insulting. I just don't like his character at all nor is he a very good actor. He obviously wouldn't make it without leaning on the other characters. He can't even remember his lines.


I agree do not loose Mark Harmon (Gibbs) character the show will die. He is a wonderful person, honest, responsible, cares about the cast etc. Always look forward to the new episodes. It can't be easy like he says they put in a lot of hours every week. They all work off him you can see this every week.
Good job of having a star on the walk of fame. You deserve it.


I can not imagine living without NCIS. Please dont take any of the regulars off - but get the character of Gibbs more personal events -- like flirting with Jamie Curtis in one of the shows. She or others add to the character and spice of the Show.


I absolutely love this show. I have always liked Mark even in his other roles. They mustn't get rid of him he holds it all together.


I LOVE this show!! I accidentally caught one a couple of months ago and I've been watching it ever since. I have almost 90 hours of it on my DVR. I adore Mark Harmon's character but it's definitely a great mix of characters / personalities. The story lines are intriguing, but I would be thrilled if they would delve into the characters more. I think it would only make the show better, although I have no complaints. And I love "Tony". He's annoying in a lovable way, but he's capable and cares about his coworkers.


I had given up on the idea that anyone could produce a worthy sitcom like the good old days. Then I saw a rerun of NCIS about 3 years ago and have been an avid fan ever since. I agree with others who claim Gibbs makes the show but without the supporting characters, it would be just a good show. I think Ziva's character and background history really added some depth. The comments about Tony lack insight into human behavior. Get a group of people together at work, at play or in some organization you belong to and you will always find that one irritating individual... if it is a particularly bad mix, you may end up with several Tony's. Maybe you are a "Tony"? Bottom line is - the recipe is good; producers should not spoil the broth by trying to accent it with some unwanted seasoning.


NCIS is the best show on TV. Don't mess with the characters if any of them go so will your ratings.


Love the show,but id GIBBS goes so does the ratings. He is the show and all the others play off of his character, PLEASE don't mess the NCIS


NCIS is the only show I do not miss. I even watch all the re-runs. Keep all the characters the same, bring back the woman who played the colonel. She and Gibbs were good together. Tone down Tony, he isn't funny anymore. Also he needs to go on a diet.
Love this show


Funny How so many think they know who should be replaced. They have are gret crew now, the writters, camera men editing and the actors as a whole makes the show. It's not often you get a group of people that complement each other the way this group does. a few I can think of is Star Treck, STN,Star Wars, Hill street Blues in the beginning 90,91.Boefore that Mork and Mindy was great! there are others but I am speaking the cream of the crop. All the actors make the show. I quit watching T.V. in 91 then happened to catch a rerun of NCIS and watched it, and have not missed an episode since. Outstanding crew all the way around.

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