NCIS Interview: Mark Harmon on Gibbs' Future

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NCIS executive producer Shane Brennan’s tease that Mark Harmon's Gibbs will be forced to make a “life-changing decision” this May has fans wondering what that entails.

Theories are in no short supply, but one of the more alarming is that Gibbs' actions, which “will impact every member of the team,” mean Harmon may be leaving the show.

Is there any legitimacy to that? The actor himself weighed in to EW.

“I don’t think so, but I don’t know for sure,” Mark Harmon said. “That may not stop them from getting rid of me, but I’m having a blast. That hasn’t changed since day one."

"I have no plans to leave. I have a contract with significant more time on it. That may not stop the producers from getting rid of me, but I have no plans to take myself out.”

That settles that, but still leaves the question of what crisis will befall his character at season’s end and how it ties into Rena Sofer’s lawyer/lover character, M. Allison Hart.

Gibbs on the Scene

What will the ramifications of Gibbs' big decision be?

“Whatever [fans are] thinking, they’re wrong,” Harmon says.

“It is never the obvious [thing] on this show. As always, these writers make you think something but it is almost never what you think will happen. I think that it's good to keep people guessing, especially after seven years."

“I think it is time to see these people away from their job and with their girlfriends or family. It is time to let out some of those nuggets. We’ve earned them. Fans come for the procedure but we have earned the right to break off another piece of the puzzle.”

Getting back to the big May season finale mystery, Harmon hints that although Sofer’s character plays a part, however “she is not alone. Others will play a part, [too].”

As for what brings another attractive Gibbs adversary, D.C. madam Holly Snow (Dina Meyer), back to NCIS? “Gibbs will use her in an investigation,” explains Harmon.

“She is an interesting ally, an odd ally, an uncomfortable ally in some ways. But the writers like what Dina did before. A madam character is really pretty fascinating.”

Any NCIS season finale theories? What's in store for Gibbs? Are you satisfied with how the season has been shaping up so far? Comment away.

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Don't make the mistake of starting shows about personal lives. That's what ruined CSI Miami and many other shows. Keep the action going. My fav is Mark Harmon and I can barely stand that idiot Michael Weatherly's character. Face it, if anyone of us worked with this guy we would have gotten him fired for his childish crap long ago. Is Abby getting to cute? Long, long ago. She is more of a distraction now than an intergral part of the show.


It's the best show on tv, also the best written. If it is changed (i.e., Mark or anyone else leavee) it won't be the same and you'll have lost me as a fan.


mark harman and all of the crew with mark harmon is what makes the show. if you get rid of any one of them. mark,tony magee,zeva,abby,ducky or jimmy or director vince. they are what makes the show that every one loves. if you was to get rid of any one of repace them with any one els i belive that most of the fans that watch ncis would not watch it any more. i know i would not watch ncis any moore. and i love the show very much. thaks to mt sister who is the one got me watching ncis. good luck to all the crew of ncis and GOD BLESS YOU EVERY ONE. LOVE YOU ALL SINCERLEY YOUR FAN ALLWAYS. GLENDA BONSHIRE.


This is a great show that has, incredibly, been able to keep the suspense going. The cast is fabulous and has been able to retain a wonderful chemistry - even after "Katelin's" death which was a huge blow. The episode which brought back her older sister was very comforting. Cheers to the NCIS team for bringing to our TV's a top notch thriller week in and week out. Bravo!


Mark Harmon is the main reason I tune in week after week. I'm not happy with them even insinuating that he's going to be out. I love the interactions between Tony and Tim, as well. The only character who has become annoying (and this is writing more than anything else) is Ziva. She's characterized as being a smart girl. A smart girl would have picked up on American idioms by now. Let that crap go. I agree, though, with what Mark Harmon says in this article. I've been dying for more than a glimpse at Gibbs' personal life. We've seen some of Tony's and Tim's and even a bit of Ziva's, but the personal world generally does creep into the professional, and I'd love to see some of that. Love the show! It's one of my favorites on TV.


This is the first show ever to keep my interest from beginning to end. All the main characters compliment each other. Every character greases the show's wheels run better. After years of sifting through actors and actresses, they finally got them right. You can't make "the perfect show" better.


please don't take any of the characters off. i love ncis especialy gibbs love him love him


one of the best shows on tv. how does this ncis ratein the tv ratings?


I prefer Mann for Gibb's girlfriend but am okay with everything the way it is. I hope that lawyer girl is gone for good.


The chemistry with all the team members is great. Gibbs should be able to take a vacation, but not leave the show forever. I prefer to see Gibbs with the retired Commander Mann. They have more in common and she understands his work. My second choice would be the Coast Guard Special Agent(cannot remember her name)

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