NCIS Round Table: "Mother's Day"

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Last night's NCIS was a bit more emotional than usual, and showed us a side of Gibbs we rarely see. Whether that's a good thing or not is being hotly debated by fans.

Check out our "Mother's Day" review for our critic's take on the episode. Below, our staff members delve deeper into Tuesday's NCIS in our weekly Round Table Q&A  ...

1. How would you rate last night's episode overall?

The Barnacle: Not quite up to par, but still good. Gibbs and the mother-in-law had some terse moments, but clearly both cared for Shannon. Love Palmer and Ducky too.

L.J. Gibbs: Personally I thought it was excellent. Not any more so than usual, but the same sharp writing and dialogue. Plus, more Gibbs back story is never a bad thing.

M.L. House: I wasn't a huge fan. There were definite high points, but the show can do better than this. The mystery was fairly bland and Gibbs' actions questionable.


2. Did Gibbs do the right thing letting Joann off the hook?

M.L. House: No. Despite what he says about what Shannon would've wanted, Gibbs let her get away with murder basically. More incredibly, Vance looked the other way too!

L.J. Gibbs: Yes. Loyalty means a lot to Gibbs, and despite what Joann did, throwing her in jail would accomplish little. Besides, maybe he is aware of things that we're not.

The Barnacle: An ethical gray area if ever there were one. Obviously Vance should have taken him off the case, but did you really feel like a "killer" got away? I doubt it.

3. Gibbs and Hart ... great chemistry or like watching paint dry?

L.J. Gibbs: I enjoy both characters, but I don't know if I see a future for them. Well, beyond her stonewalling him every time he needs to get a confession from a witness.

M.L. House: Their scenes are great when the legal sparring is at a fever pitch. Romantically, I don't see it yet. Maybe we'll be pleasantly surprised in the coming weeks.

The Barnacle: Rena Sofer is great, and I love the way neither of them seem to fully understand what their "relationship" consists of either. Ambiguity can be sexy, too!

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Even if putting his mother in law in jail would mean nothng he would be doing it illegaly. But when he almost did I thought it was sort of like he was trying to prove to Vance that he could in fact arrest her.


I have always admired the team's ethics. This show lacked ethics. A murderer was set free. The victim was involved in some illegal activities for which he should answer, but he was still a murder victim. NCIS let another person take the blame. Their rational was that if they couldn't get him on the drug charges, at least he's going to prison for something. The fact remains that he didn't murder this victim and this government agency is knowingly allowing him to be convicted of that crime. Are they working for the United States, or for Nazi Germany? I was extremely disappointed in this episode.


How would you rate last night's episode overall?
Not my favourite ever - it just lacked something, though I am not sure what. However, totally watchable, and obviously we still had some great comedy moments, primarily courtesy of Palmer this time! I miss Abby though - where has she been? For a season regular she seems to have had very little air time recently. I want her back. Did Gibbs do the right thing letting Joann off the hook?
It didn't feel quite right. Obviously the fact that the guy who took the fall was a bad guy meant that they weren't just letting a totally innocent guy take the rap for something he didn't do, but still, it left a bit of a bad taste. Gibbs and Hart ... great chemistry or like watching paint dry?
I think they have good chemistry, but I am a bit worried about where it is going. I think she's going to turn out to be Gibbs' downfall, as much as I don't want to believe it!


I was a little disappointed in one is above the law and he of all people knows that as a leader of his group. I just thought writing was a little less than expected.....but I wouldn't stop watching because of this show.......clean up your act, get back on track and go for it!!!

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