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TV Fanatic is happy to announce the debut of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest, a fun weekend tradition we began for Grey's Anatomy and Gossip Girl years ago.

This week's winner for the first ever TVD edition: atheart282.

Congratulations! The winning entry for this photo from "A Few Good Men" appears below. Honorable mentions go to Fred Whitley, Vampy Chic, and KelseyRemi.

We'll announce the winner next Friday. Good luck!

Alaric and Stefan

Alaric: So it's flashback season for the TV networks. I've had mine, you've had yours. Apparently we're all connected.
Stefan: I blame Lost.

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alaric: can we please go home?
stefan: no, jeez, i hate to say it over and over again: i don't wanna go home with you!!!


Alaric: No Stefan, i dont know why you dont have gittering skin like the vampires on twilight.


Alaric: fine, Stefan you can have ice cream before dinner.


Alaric: No...
Stefan: Are you sure?
Alaric: Absolutely.
Stefan: Your not saying that to make me feel better?
Alaric: [frustrated] Stefan, you're worse than my late wife. For the last time, NO, that leather jacket doesn't make your butt look fat. Ok?!


Stefan: Alaric, we must not smile, I can't let that camera person c me laugh, it will ruin my manly reputation and all of my fans will leave me for that darn Edward Cullen!
Alaric: But Stefan! *Rips off clothes and reaveals a lady gaga outfit* "I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me, papa- paparazzi!"....Now try not laughing!
Stefan: *Bursts into laughter* Why couldn't Stephenie Meyers have come up with a charcter like you? I might actually have a chance then :`(
Alaric: I'm sorry man, she just doesn't get our bad romance.
Stefan: Would you stop quoting Lady Gaga?! Alaric: Fine, you've left me speechless!
Stefan: Leave, now.
Alaric: Si, Alejandro


Alaric: You should really do something about that hair of yours.
Stefan: Says the man wearing a table cloth around his neck.


Alaric: Are you sure?
Stefan: I've told you four times! NO!
Alaric: Are you possitive? Because you really look like him.
Stefan: For the LAST time, I'm NOT related to Edward Cullen no matter what that pixie/vampire girl says!


Alaric: Where's the sparkle? Ya' know you're trying to keep up to date but without that you're just so 1800's....and the leather jacket just throws it even more off. Stefan: Sparkle? Alaric: Have you been hiding under a rock?


Stefan: Did you ever meet Isabels Mother?
Alaric: No... Why?
Stefan: No reason...
Alaric: Common Stefa, can't you tell we are going to be awesome buddies? We both hate damon, both are partners are get turned by him, we both have the same hair...
Stefan: What was that second last one?
Alaric: Oh nothing you'll find out in a few seasons...
Stefan: Ok well anyway, Me and damon might have gone out with Isabels mother... or grandmother.
Alaric: So you went out with Elena's Great Great something grandmother...
Stefan: Yea... and Elena is like her identicle twin.
Stefan: What?
Alaric: I'm reconsidering us being buddies.


Alaric : "How much would you pay for a picture of baby Elena naked in her bath ?"

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