Private Practice Review: "Triangles"

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As you might expect based on the title, "Triangles," last night's episode of Private Practice revolved around a number of complicated, often contentious love entanglements.

Though it could have been called "Quadrangles" in Pete-Addison-Sam-Violet's case.

If you missed this week's Private Practice, our episode recap has all the plot details. Below, we attempt to sift through the romantic wreckage in our review of "Triangles" ...

Addison and Sam's new girlfriend, Vanessa, clash in this week's most dramatic pregnancy case of all time: A surrogate carrying triplets may very well die. Unless, well ...

Addison reduces her carrying capacity to one baby. Seriously, where do they think these things up? In any case, Vanessa suggests an alternative to keep all three babies.

Addison in Action

Can Addison be in love with two people at once?

It involves Sam doing risky surgery on a blood clot, but the couple is all for it despite Addison's objections. The procedure is successful, for now, but the tension builds significantly.

Later, when Kayla develops another clot, she codes and is able to be kept alive only through life support. Addison is right, although in this case, she'd clearly rather have been wrong.

It's a tragic story, and juxtaposed with Addison's personal drama. She's supposed to be in love with Sam and Pete is supposed to be in love with Violet ... but what about each other?

This quandary, especially after she sees Pete holding Lucas, makes her uncomfortable, but in the end, they kiss. And she tells Naomi about kissing Sam before. Naomi is very bitter.

Follow the jump for our take on the rest of the night's drama ...

Speaking of Nae, she's involved in quite the love triangle of her own, with a twist that certainly sheds new light on a medical project all three of the people are working on.

Fife has done a trial for an ALS antibiotic, which William wants to get human trials going on ASAP. Naomi is hesitant, but Fife takes her out to dinner to "present his case."

Smooth one, Fife.

William wants this project up and running so he's okay with it, despite Pete's suspicions that his reasons may be personal. He was right on: William admits that he has ALS.

Pete wonders if he’s pushing the project forward prematurely as a result, and with good reason. At dinner, Fife does a summary of the reasons they should do the ALS trial.

He wants to get the business part over with for obvious reasons. Later, Pete tells Fife about William, and Fife suggests to Naomi that maybe they shouldn’t rush the trials.

In response, Naomi asks Fife to raise his chair to the point where they are face to face. They’re close enough to kiss, and they do. Wow. We totally did not see this coming.

Finally, Cooper treats a young girl with an imaginary friend, and asks Sheldon for a psych consult. Last week, of course, Cooper had caught Sheldon naked with Charlotte.

He also tells Sheldon that Charlotte is just using him. The two of them actually get into an incredibly awkward fight while rifling for food in the kitchen. Very mature guys!

Charlotte catches them rolling around on the floor. She reassures Sheldon that what they have has nothing to do with Cooper ... anyone out there buy that for a minute?

As for the girl, Coop and Sheldon put their differences aside. Her dad fears if she's schizophrenic, she may commit suicide like her older sister, and that he's responsible.

He doesn’t want anyone to take her away, so Sheldon and Cooper tell him he can stay by her side the entire time. That's exactly what he does in a very emotional scene.

What did you think of Thursday's Private Practice? Comment below!


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@ Cindy: I partly agree with what you wrote.
Regardless of what I think about Pete/Addison (I've never liked them together...), I think it is admirable to try and be happy with someone you're not in love with, but who you care about and might someday even love. I'm sure they could be happy together at some point. But I also think that they would be much more fulfilled and happy if they were with the people they are really in love with. (Doesn't mean those relationships would run smoothly.)
I don't really care for Pete/Violet, but the deep connection between Addison and Sam is undeniable! He gets her like no one else and I think that it's something truly special which is worth fighting for.
Addison has been with so many men who didn't really understand her and her feelings, but Sam's different and I think now that Addison has found this special someone she should be able to be with him because what can be better than being with your soulmate? (I hate the term soulmate, but it describes the connection I see between them best.) I know that in real life people often are too scared or circumstances make it impossible for people to be with the person they are meant to be with. But this is a tv show and if anyone deserves this kind of fulfillment and happiness, it's Addison!


Hrm - I just really don't like Violet in a relationship. I love her quirkiness as a shrink, as Cooper friend but her with Pete, I actually NEVER understood or took a liking for. I'm not sure Pete and Addison are the right way to go, but I never got the Pete/Violet, my opinion. As for Addison and Sam, I can't seem to see these guys working - personally, because I see no chemistry between them. Addison is hot, yes. Sam is hot. But when they're with each other in their interactions, I can't seem to get beyond a brother/sister feel between them...


I hope Cooper and Charlotte get back togther soon. Sheldon is not Charlotte's type of guy. I don't look foward to watching anymore since Charlotte and Cooper are broke up.


What I really don't understand is why it's such a travesty for Pete and Addison to be telling each other could possibly fall in love with each other! Maybe I'm a cynic about love - but I get Addison and Pete. They aren't desperate, addison isn't using her guy friend... They are two people who genuinely care about each other, genuinely LOVE each other (even if it's not in love), and genuinely don't want to see the other person hurt. So the fact that they want to try and make it work isn't awkful or awful, I find it admirable. Addison can't seem to get over the fact that Sam is Naomi's ex and Pete gets that Violet is completely not ready of any kind of relationship. So instead of irrationally trying to fight JUST for this irrational feeling of being in love, they are trying to make it work with someone who they are comfortable with, and again that they love and care about. Sure, one could call it settling but I don't see it that way - not now, after Addison and Pete are making real steps towards each other. And if it doesn't work out, fine. I mean, realistically - Addison and Sam could get together and it could go terribly, same with a reunion between Pete and Violet - that could end disasterously. But this whole, X and Y should be together because they're in love is b*llsh**, because this whole 'in love' thing is just one of the many many many things to consider.


Makes my heart soar to read that more than a couple of people are missing Violet and Violet/Pete. Pete and Addie needs to wake up and realize that you can't force feelings that way, they either happen or they don't. If someone could choose who they could be in love with, then the world would be such an easier place to live, but that's not the way it's like in real life. And I love whoever said the thing about Addison constantly getting herself into triangles, cause it's so true (although I did cheer for her and Alex when that was going on). And whoever said Violet/Pete is the MerDer of PrP, I completely agree. Those two NEED to be together! And not just for Lucas' sake, cause it's perfectly possible to be good parents and not be together, but because they love each other.


Put Cooper and Charlotte back together Cooper and Charlotte are amazing together. This breakup has gone on too long. I miss them!


I miss Violet so much! I don't like Pete/Addison at all! I basically did my nails with the tv on during this episode... come on you can do better! Give us Pete/Violet/Lucas and try to find another good guy for Addison!!!


I can't wait for Violet to come back!!!! She is going to stir it all up! I love Violet, and can't wait for her and Pete to get back together! She is back in the next new one right? Isn't that what her twitter said? Yes, Addison is going to get burned, big time. She should go with Sam...soon! Before Pete crushes her. Well, actually, I would hope she could see that coming. All he talks about is Violet and how much he loves her.


first i must say that I miss Violet and I miss loving PP and being excited about this show!!!
and second of all...its a sing that things are bad on the show when the best characters from the episode are Naomi and Sheldon. seriously!
and now my opinion on the episode (yeah, I write long bibles lol) on the addison/sam/pete/baby/vanessa/crap, etc. I think Addison is playing with fire, she is acting wrong with all what she is doing!!
first of all she cant play mommy to Lucas and think about being a family with Pete and Luke. why? because Pete is not just a random dude she met and fell for, Luke is not the son of a random woman and her boyfriend...Pete is her friend's ex and Lucas is her friend's son!!!
and that "i'm maybe in love with you" you cant MAYBE BE IN LOVE!! that doesnt exist!! its love someone or you dont!! if you are confused or need to think about it or use the word MAYBE then you arent inlove!! Pete and Addison are desperate for love and a family and thats why they are together...and that doesnt make it right...actually it makes bad!!
then Addie and Sam...I dont ship them anymore, I just realized that they are wrong for each other, I mean they are cute and hot but they own some respect to Naomi and I wpould be an hipocrite wanting Addison and Pete to respect Violet and not wanting Sam and Addison doing the same for Nai. I completely understand Naomi's reaction...who wouldnt feel the same way??
I hope that makes Addison realize that she can mess with her friends men!! no matter how over they say are or how mentally damaged they are...your friends are your friends and just the thought of have something with their exes is BETRAY!! what happened with girl code???
like I said before Addison is playing with fire and she is about to get burn (just wait until violets come back) on Cooper/Char/Sheldon its obvious Charlotte is doing Sheldon to get back at Cooper!! I dont get how Sheldon being a psychriatist cant see it!! he is deffo on denial and COoper is way to inmature for Charlotte!! I want them together but I want Coopeer to grow up before that happens!! right now she is too much for him. I loved Nai and Fife!! they were adorable and that kiss was the best kiss i've seen on PP in a while! Im looking foward to that couple :) I loved the schyzofrania case!! I study psychology and Im a lot in to mental illness so I was truly happy to see a case like that on the show! i guess thats what made me like Sheldon on this episode!! his work as a therapist was great!! specially when he was interviewing the girl...the actor made it seem real, Its how its done in real life. points to sheldon for that...or maybe to the writers!!!
and the analisis he did to Addison was great!! I loved the psychological convo and how Addison was completely lost lol!!! and btw, Amy Brenneman said on twitter that Violet is comming back big time!! with a very important storyline and all thats happening right now will be solved with her come back and its a part of Shonda master plan!! Im excited about it and that gives me a little hope on Violet and Pete


I am hoping that now Naomi knows the truth about Sam & Addison that they will stop with this trying to move on with Vanessa & Pete and give into the passion and love that we all know they feel for each other. And no one looks more beautiful than Kate Wlash and Taye Diggs on screen together.

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