Search For Katherine Continues on The Vampire Diaries

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She wasn't in the tomb, but Damon's search for Katherine is far from over.

But are we going to see Katherine on The Vampire Diaries anytime soon? The show pulled a fast one with the huge tomb reveal turning up empty - or at least devoid of Damon's one true love - in "Fool Me Once." But his century-old quest to find her is still so on.

According to E! Online, the tomb vampires are going to keep infiltrating Mystic Falls and with Katherine out of the loop, Pearl is in control and is playing hardball with Damon.

Either he quits supplying the town's anti-vampire council with vervain and joins her revolution or she won't lead him to the girl he claims to no longer love ... that's hardball.

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Damon Salvatore: Brooding, undead man of mystery.

Of course, we all know he loves her. What he does about it is another story. Do you think he'll take her up on the offer, or continue his quest alone? Will we meet Katherine?

Leave us a comment with your theories on this and all things Vampire Diaries. And for more on this topic, follow the link for two sneak previews from Thursday's new episode!

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I am sure she will turn up in the show just like she is in the books. In the books Damon is not as obsessed with her as he is in the tv series, although he seems to be getting closer to Elena now and gettting over his crazy Katherine obsession. Which is great.




damon didn't take pearl up on the offer. I am kind of happy that he didn't.


I don't know if Damon will take Pearl up on the offer, but we deffinatly be seeing Katherine again, whether it's in this season, or the next. I've read the books, and alot of its storyline is centered around her. She becomes a large problem. I think she'll come back to Mystic Falls herself, eventually.


what happened to the round tablwes


I think Katherine will have to appear at some point, otherwise the entire plot line would have been pointless and for the fans it will just seem like a fade to black, albeit an epic fade to black, which won't make for a happy fan-base. But I don't think she will appear until the season finale.


Oh, he will definitley take Pearl up on it! I can't wait for him to find Katherine. I'm sure it will be the season cliff hanger. Can't wait!

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