The Vampire Diaries Review: Into the Tomb!

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RIP, Grams Bennet.

While we don't like wishing harm on any characters - especially any characters that "protect their own" and do more for the positive image of witches than the Broadway production of Wicked - the passing of Bonnie's grandmother was a necessary outcome this week for two reasons:

  1. It raised the stakes for Bonnie. How will she react to this death? Might she blame Elena for getting herself involved with Stefan, a relationship that started this chain of events?
  2. Grams was too powerful. Any show that deals with creatures or people with special abilities must be careful. Give any of them too strong of a power and any storyline can be resolved by simply having this individual do something. Case in point: How do we get Bonnie and Elena out of captivity? Grams will conjure up a locating spell!

But it seems as though producers were aware of this potential for a plot device, which is why "Fool Me Once" was yet another example of why The Vampire Diaries is an exciting, well-paced show that delivers answers and surprises every week.

We gotta start reviewing it by discussing Damon. If you didn't cry over his realization that Katherine is alive and wants nothing to do with him... well, you might wanna get your tear ducts checked. Ian Somerhalder has had a blast playing this manipulative, fun-loving character. But he's clearly capable of a layered depth, as well.

While so many other shows struggle with how to turn an evil character into a sympathetic figure (we're looking at you, Heroes/Sylar), The Vampire Diaries has slowly given us more and more on Damon, making him into a tragic villain. Could you really blame Elena for giving him a hug at the end?

Damona with Elena

Stefan, conversely, is showing a dark side. For the second time in a few weeks, he violently committed a murder. Were both the victims vampires that were threatening members of the Gilbert family? Yes. But it's worth taking note: Stefan is far from a boy scout.

Even Matt and Caroline were cute this episode. We loved her speeches to him, each planned, mature and showing that she's really trying to make this relationshp work.

What other thoughts do we have on the installment? And what rating did we give it. Keep reading...

  • Have we heard the last about Katherine? Probably, for awhile at least. It would be frustrating for the show to continually think of new ways to keep her and Damon apart, so let's hope they place his search for her on the backburner.
  • After all, there's at least one new vampire to deal with then the series returns on March 25. His name will be Harper and he'll be played by Sterling Sulieman.
  • Pssst, Harper: if your first victim is Tyler, we won't be upset.
  • It's interesting that Jeremy is curious about the mysterious happenings around Mystic Falls now... but a search for "vampires" in general? Not sure what that broad term would deliver. Probably a lot about Robert Pattinson these days.

A pair of Vampire Diaries quotes from the hour perfectly summed up Damon's good and evil sides:

I mean this sincerely: I hope Elena dies. | permalink

I didn't compel you in Atlanta because we were having fun. I wanted it to be real. I'm trusting you. Don't make me regret it. | permalink

Which is the real Damon? Both. That's what makes this character so fascinating and well-written.

We'll turn it over to our readers now: What was your favorite quote from the episode? Is Anna gone for good? Which questions stand out the most from "Fool Me Once?"

And what the heck are you gonna do on Thursday nights until The Vampire Diaries returns?

Fool Me Once Review

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The Vampire Diaries Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Damon: I mean this sincerely: I hope Elena dies.

All I can remember is hating you. There may been a time when that was different, but your choices have erased that.