Sister of Derek Shepherd Cast on ... Private Practice

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We met Derek's older sister, Nancy, on Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy. Now we'll meet his little sister, Amelia. That's right, we have Little Grey, now Little McDreamy is coming!

To Private Practice.

Seriously, it's true, as odd as it might sound. Caterina Scorsone (Crash) is joining the Private Practice cast in the new, recurring role of Dr. Amelia Shepherd, EW reports.

Of all the hospitals ...

Caterina Scorsone Picture
The Interim Chief

Amelia Sheperd, sister of Derek, is coming to Private Practice!

Scorsone joins the Private Practice cast in Episode 19, which is slated to air in early April. She is not going to be heading to Seattle Grace, according to reports, at least not yet.

On Private Practice, her character gets a job at Oceanside Wellness.

According to Fancast, Amelia is "purposely flying under her venerable brother’s radar" when she brings to a somewhat volatile medical case to Oceanside Wellness Center.

So bold is Amelia’s endeavor that Addison is tempted to tell Derek, only to have her former sister-in-law insist she's no longer a “wild teenager” but a peer deserving of respect.

There are no plans yet for her or her brother (Patrick Dempsey) to cross over ... but come on. He has to right? They do these crossover things at least once per season anyway.

Besides, why cast her as the sister of McDreamy if there isn't eventually plans for the Shepherds to interact in some way? What do you think of this surprise casting move?

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I'm sooo excited! I really enjoyed watching Amelia:D


i would love to see derek in los angeles
derek wanted a family with addison but she wasnt ready imagine his face when he sees her with lucas MUAHAHAHAHAHA
i always was and will be on team addek i know this will never happen but come on guys ok he love meredith bla bla
but hell no a post it wedding? addison was his WIFE his REAL wife and she was the love of his life fine maybe things were really bad in seattle but NOBODY REMEMBERS THE GOOD TIMES IN NEW YORK!!!! -.-" that realllyyy sucks but anyway i´m glad amilia shows up in private practice i hope shes like nancy and not like her stupid mother


Neyla, In 2x04, I believe, when Addie served divorce papers to Derek, she confronted him about the 'love of his life' and Derek said he once thought she was but things change. Honestly? I never really thought he loved her, at least in the all consuming love he has for Mer. I'm dreading the crossover but hell, any backstory I can get on Derek is fine by me.


Correct me if I'm wrong -Addison- but didn't Derek tell Mer she was the love of his life? He never told Addie that on Grey's, just Mer. Come to think of it, he never told Addie he loved her, forgave her or even put on his wedding ring. Gee, I'm thinking someone is going through an extreme case of reshaping facts, wishful thinking and denial.


Ugh...I could care less about Shonda doing another CHEAP crossover. Each one is worse than the one before. They are horrid and I think even she knows it as now she's being vague and saying she's not certain if she'll do another crossover this or next season even. She DOES want to "reunite Addie & Mark" though & I think that rocks. It will be nice to see Derek take his wife Meredith to California though. I want ot see Mer meet Der's sister & I want Addison to finally see what a "mature" relationship looks like and quit sc*wing every friend and male character on that show and as Sheldon said to her "grow the h*ll up"


i think tht dereks sis should gop to greys instead of PP. becuz she hasnt met meredith. and she should meet her new sis in-law!!! dereks other sisters should come on too... mer hasnt met her sis in-laws so she should. its not fair tht derek gets to c Lexie manly every day. she should meet her sisterinlaws and he should meet his other sis inlaw, Molly...


i definetly gonna love this season and episode.. i wonder what would be the reaction of derek on her sister going to her ex-wife clinic.. and work there.. i love her sister... and whats its gonna be with addison??? will the relationship will be good? and what kind of sister does derek have?? and would derek go to L.A. to see her sister and the love of her life??? what would be the reaction of meredith? hhmmm.. but one thing i know addie is better off w/o derek.. shes good with pete and im sure there gonna make it!!... i cant wait what Phd does she have? probably the same as addie as Ob-gyn... let see and find out!! and never miss this episode.. shonda really knows how to twist the story always have surprises and love it..


What kind of doctor is Amelia Shepherd? It's not an unusual occurrence for a family to have a zillion doctors, nurses, teachers, etc.


Shonda Rhimes said there will be no crossovers for the rest of this season for Grey's or Practice, so for this season at least, Derek will not be going to California to see his sister.


"cpaloa Says:
March 10th, 2010 2:14 AM Well, I would love for Derek to cross over to Private Practice, without Meredith." *************************************** OMG! Everyone on here has been nice and decent about the characters on GA-PrivPactice, and their comments. What's your problem? Stop acting like a 5 year old and quit hating! So immature!

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