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We met Derek's older sister, Nancy, on Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy. Now we'll meet his little sister, Amelia. That's right, we have Little Grey, now Little McDreamy is coming!

To Private Practice.

Seriously, it's true, as odd as it might sound. Caterina Scorsone (Crash) is joining the Private Practice cast in the new, recurring role of Dr. Amelia Shepherd, EW reports.

Of all the hospitals ...

Caterina Scorsone Picture
The Interim Chief

Amelia Sheperd, sister of Derek, is coming to Private Practice!

Scorsone joins the Private Practice cast in Episode 19, which is slated to air in early April. She is not going to be heading to Seattle Grace, according to reports, at least not yet.

On Private Practice, her character gets a job at Oceanside Wellness.

According to Fancast, Amelia is "purposely flying under her venerable brother’s radar" when she brings to a somewhat volatile medical case to Oceanside Wellness Center.

So bold is Amelia’s endeavor that Addison is tempted to tell Derek, only to have her former sister-in-law insist she's no longer a “wild teenager” but a peer deserving of respect.

There are no plans yet for her or her brother (Patrick Dempsey) to cross over ... but come on. He has to right? They do these crossover things at least once per season anyway.

Besides, why cast her as the sister of McDreamy if there isn't eventually plans for the Shepherds to interact in some way? What do you think of this surprise casting move?

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Heard on the E show on Sirius radio today that it is most likely that Meredith will go with her husband for the crossover, but that SR would not even confirm if there wiwll be one for sure and that there will be NO MORE crossovers this season And I for one think that will be a great story. BTW..Addison & Derek broke up like four seasons ago, and it would make no sense that Derek would not take his wife.


Well, I would love for Derek to cross over to Private Practice, without Meredith.


"If" Derek makes a crossover visit to Private Practice to see his lil sis, then why is nobody thinking he won't bring his wife Meredith? Makes perfect sense she would go with him. Ellen Pompeo always says she's really not too needed for the crossovers and now I think Shonda has found a way to actually include her in a trip to California! Derek, his wife Mer, her meeting little Shep and sunny California could be fun for a crossover, plus a nice get away for some MerDer romance!


Well if Derek stays as Chief I don't think he will be able to go to LA for a crossover, probably his sister and Addison would come to SGMWH, just like the crossover in season 5.


Oh, wow, she's gorgeous, and she even looks a little like Derek. She could be believable as his sister. Can't wait to see how she interacts with Addison, and hopefully she'll turn out to be less annoying than Nancy ("McBitchy!"). I love when we meet the Grey's cast siblings...George's brothers were amusing, Alex's brother will be interesting, Lexie has become a character in her own we just need to meet Callie's sister, Aria, Kathleen, Derek's psychiatrist-sister, and his other mystery fourth sister.


I like PrP's core 8. I definitely do not want PrP to turn out like Grey's and have bunch of doctors. I bet they'll hook her up with Dell.


With 5 doctors in the family why not introduce the rest of Derek's sisters, bring Nancy in occassionally as a consultant, same with Kathleen consulting with Violet on a case, and the fourth sister what is her PHD in?. Just because there's a divorce in the family doesn't mean the in-laws still communicate. Just imagine 11 years of Birthdays, Easter, and Christmas' in the Shepherd household 6 doctors, an ex-Navy nurse and a storekeeper, that would make interesting dinner conversation. Here's a thought why not give Meredith, Lexie and Molly some cousins, what's stopping Thatcher Grey from having a couple of brothers and sisters. Just because Meredith hasn't meet them doesn't mean Lexie hasn't been close to her cousins growing up. Cousins can also be born the same year, so they could be the same age as the girls, and one family could have more children then the other like Thatcher has 3 girls, his brother could have 3 boys and 2 girls, the other brother could have an only child who was the best of friends with Lexie and Molly, and pops into the hospital for a quick visit. We have met Callie's father, let's meet the rest of her family, her uncle Burto and her mother.


"How many of the Sheperds are doctors? this isnt very realistic.... I mean sure a lot of doctors kids become doctors themselves, but just as many "find" themselves as artist or something else their parents dont approve of....And were his parents suppose to be doctors? i forget, but if not its very unbelievable that 3 went on to be doctors " You'd be surprised. There are a huge number of people in med school who come from families where their parents were doctors, and almost all their siblings are either done with med school or entering it. Very common and believable, if you've been around a significant number of med students/pre-meds.


MerDer4Ever: Do you seriously want more people? Grey's already has-
Reed Its enough


Ooooh little sister haha, maybe she could just have a guest appearance on Grey's and stay over at PP. It bugs me that I don't know all the other middle sister's name!

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