Supernatural Season Finale Spoiler: The Death of Bobby?!?

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Jim Beaver has recurred on Supernatural since 2006.

The actor (a very nice guy, as we found out ourselves in an August 2009 interview) has appeared sporadically on The CW series in the beloved role of Bobby Singer.

But might that run soon be coming to an end? How else should we interpret the following Tweet, which Beaver posted after reading the season five finale script?

Jim Beaver Tweet

Supernatural returns with new episodes on March 25. Enjoy every shot you see of Bobby for the rest of the season. Sadly, it's hard to know which might be his last.

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I also cried over 'Death's Door' for Bobby. They ended the episode as they did to create suspense/momentum for the hiatus return. Killing Bobby will definitely give Sam and Dean the fire they need to hunt down Dick. I really hope, however we do not lose Bobby because I will also be heartbroken.


I for one do not think the boys can take another hit like this one. Dramatically, it sort of works to kill Bobby, especially with such a strongly acted episode--but the Winchesters' are already so broken,and are so alone in this would be a supreme cruelty to finish things like this. Of course, there are a large number of teenybopper fans who only watch for the cute boys, sadly, so we will see what happens later this season...


It's sad I'm so depressed that we lost such a good character in the show and he hasn't had a death scene so maybe he will return what's dead on this show never stays dead for long he may return to help dean and Sam dean says some funny things too and it will be a struggle but as fans we just gotta bare with the tragedies and hope some good will come out of it all.


I cried like a baby lastnight watching the episode where Bobby may have, or may not have died all I know is I will NEVER forgive the supernatural writers/anyone if this is the end for Bobby. He loves his boys and that was heart wrenching. He is the rock and family center that keeps those boys from teetering off the edge. He may as well have been their dad. Without him the show would be so different..I'm hoping he isn't dead.


If bobby really dies, I wont watch the show any more. He is the family center and comic relief, keeps the show from being to serious and without him it will be like charmed , or angel, or even buffy. he is an important part of the story line and without him it will be all sam s emotional crap and deans inability to deal with stuff and some monsters they wont know how to kill without bobbys help.
I hope he isnt really dead cause I believe it will kill the show. he is needed to keep everything balanced, n I just love his personality :)


Oh, and I believe the original post is about when Sam dies, and the show was on plans to end at season 5. "The unthinkable has happened". they only came back due to demand and ratings, the show was actually planned to end at season 5


they have to make some sort of deal, or else they wouldn't have ended that episode the way they do. that and bobby cant die he is all they have left, if he dies I assume the series will be ending soon. and deans new "why do I even do this" attitude. could be close to a closing


This comment is for Jay Yes Castiel dies but god brought him back then the leviathans wouldnt let go of castiels body then they blew the bejesus out of him thats the second tym he dies i have a good idea what gonna happen in the next episode dean makes a deal with death or summons him to help bobby


I don't understand people have to die to create ratings. What happened to good plots, climaxs and story writing. The idea idea of killing people like cas now bobby has ruined my favorite show of all time. If you need a better story line I have a few great ideas!!!


@Jay wat you mean cas died and comes back he never died

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