David Anders, Romantic Damon and More: Photos from "Under Control"

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What should viewers expect on this Thursday's new episode of The Vampire Diaries?

David Anders shows up as Elena and Jeremy's uncle, John. Stefan tries to control his new thirst for human blood. And a full moon causes serious problems for Tyler.

As always, we'll recap "Under Control" and review it in depth soon after it airs. You can sneak a peek at the official CW promo for the episode now, and check out a slew of photos from it below:

Uncle John and Damon
A Growing Bond
Stefan, on Blood
Confronting Uncle John
Alaric and Jenny
The Romantic Side
Elena at a Party

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Wow I don't know why Elena is so blind and can't see what he feels about her but they look good toghtether


Below is a picture with Elena and.....ISOBEL!!!


i think that elena and damon should definetely hook up , they look so cute together. elena doesnt deserve stefan! hes way too hot!! >:)


damon & elena another story 2gether, I wish to see them always like that.


i just wanna see what happens, who cares about the couples? j/k but if i could chose.... stefan/bonnie
or the other way around...
damon/bonnie all rock!!!


Delena 4ever♥


Delena 4ever


Elena seems to be a little down, maybe she's getting confused! I HOPE SO! DELENA FOREVER♥


i like dalena, they are so cute. but i think stelana need more time together.

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