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A Growing Bond
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The relationship between Elena and Damon continues to evolve. Might they actually end up together?

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    hope elena and damon end up together, s is soo lame. i love damon


    Damon and Elena should be together. Stefan can go date a hobo. haha^^


    The books are okay but I like the TV show much much more. Elena is blond in the books and she's not the same as the Elena in the show. Damon and Elena do spend a lot time together in the book "The vampire diaries. The return: shadow souls." And since you haven't read it yet I won't spoil it for you. But just to warn you, the books' and the tv show's story is very different. And I hope they keep it that way. Even though I wouldn't mind Elena ending up with Damon. Watching Stefan and Elena together is somewhat boring... The part where he gave Elena a rose is in The return Shadow Souls.


    how is it in the books? are they together at some point of the story?


    i forget which book he gave her a rose in!!! this is killing me that i forgot!!!
    anyway, LOVE LOVE LOVE them together!


    I love Stephan and Elena as a couple but I love Damon as a person - he is more fun, more everything but I think it'd be weird if Damon and Elena got together! I think Stephan and Elena are more of a couple!


    if they hookup will stefan go nuts?? I love them btw, her and s are just boring..


    damon: 31 or 32
    aww he gives her a rose. like in the book. ther sooo meant 2 be.


    How old are they?


    :) love them.