Gilles Marini Joins Brothers & Sisters Cast; Luke Grimes Dumped

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If you like Sarah and Luc on Brothers & Sisters, you're going to love this.

If you like Ryan and ... well, if you like Ryan at all, you're probably not.

Gilles Marini, who plays Sarah’s French beau Luc Laurent, will be returning next season as a full-time member of the Brothers & Sisters cast, according to EW.

Show-runner David Marshall Grant confirms the permanent addition of the popular love interest for eldest sib Sarah, who fittingly just received his green card.

But this wouldn't be Brothers & Sisters news without another shakeup that's slightly less uplifting - Luke Grimes has completed his run as half-brother Ryan.

Luc and Sarah Picture

Luc and Sarah have something new to celebrate - Gilles Marini's contract!

That's just as well, as Ryan's character never really seemed to jell with the rest of the cast, having followed Emily van Camp's similar introduction as Rebecca.

News of the casting tweaks comes as the ABC drama prepares to write off Rob Lowe ... and possibly others? Grant says no more departures are planned.

“There may be an episode or two that some [characters] might not be in,” he says, “but aside from Rob [and Luke Grimes], the [entire] cast is returning.”

Brothers & Sisters wraps its fourth season on May 16. Will you miss Ryan? Are you happy Luc is coming back for good? How will Robert die? Sound off!

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I think LUKE is sooooooooooooo HANSOME,FINE,SEXY all the above!!but i think Sarah a PLAIN AND TALL!!!!! I think shes sooooooooooo plain looking nothing at all is atractive about her.
I watch Brothers and sisters Because I love to look at LUKE.
I ALSO LOVE the cast.not sarah though she seems boring.


Luc is too good to be true which makes him incredibly wonderful to watch but not terribly believable.


Luc is an amazing addition - please keep the story interesting and not predictable between him and Sarah.
The show needs a major bolster over last season!
I think he should tell he wants her to move to Europe after she springs on him that she is pregnant - can you imagine the family drama especially while Rob Lowe's eulogies are in play.
Please re-invigorate the season and unwind the family whining with more DRAMA!


COME ON!!!!i want Robert.. if he dead, i will not watch this show...


Am I glad Luc is coming back? Absolutely. But come on - a character like Luc would Never fall for a Sarah. Have you seen him? I find their relationship a stttreeettccchhhh at best. Remember the dancing scene with Luc and Rebecca? I'm just sayin'.


Ryan was a creepy character - didn't have any kind of decent relationship with any of the characters - glad that he is gone forever!


I am glad Luc will stay for good. About Ryan, well he wasn't a captivating character at all, but it is a shame they are wasting a character that could bring ineresting developments to the show if well used.
As for Rob, the clues were given. If he dies, I guess it will be at war not because of his heart condition.


Well he was not dumped. He quit because he was absolutely miserable with the show. He deserves better. -Someone who knows from his hometown


I am so glad that Luc will be a regular on the show I really like the relationship between Sarah and Luc. Luc always leaves me wanting more, he has such a caring warm down to earth personality, he is honest with his feelings towards the family and I love that about him. Please keep his deep love for Sarah and life.

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