Glee Review: Saddest. Hour. Ever.

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An episode of Glee does not have to be full of cheer in order to be full of quality, that's for sure.

But my goodness, "Home" made Dead Man Walking look like Happy Gilmore!

There were no numerous ballads, no big song and dance numbers, and no use of some of the show's most entertaining characters: Emma, Puck, Rachel and even Jesse.

Kristin Chenoweth returned as April and, trust me, you'll have difficulty finding a bigger fan of this adorable, talented actress than yours truly. However, this character was thrust into the spotlight after months away, featured in a whopping three numbers, none of which were especially uplifting.

Great Duet

It was a lot to handle.

In many ways, episodes of television shows are only allowed to have a set number of dramatic scenes. Otherwise, they begin to feel heavy-handed and overwrought. By the final tearjerking moment, viewers are often left numb.

This installment fell into that trap. There was Quinn bonding with Mercedes; Kurt complaining to his father; Finn pleading with his mom; Finn arriving a truce with Kurt's dad; Will and April sharing their loneliness with each other.

It was all too much for a single hour. Heck, Brittany and Sue were limited to just a couple hilarious quotes each!

Moreover, I adore Kurt and Chris Colfer's performance as this troubled teen. Yet this was the first time (I hesitate to say) I flat out didn't like a character on the show.

Kurt's dad has been nothing but supportive. The episode that featured these two most prominently, "Preggers," might be my all-time favorite. But what exactly was Kurt asking of his dad this week? To not be himself? To treat Kurt like someone different and special?

Burt Hummel's stance is simple and admirable: I love you, son, no matter who you are and what you do. I won't try to change you, please don't try to change me, and we'll be a regular father/son.

Isn't that what all kids want from their parents? I understand Kurt felt left out when his dad watched sports with Finn, but I took exception to Kurt actually making him feel guilty to his face.

Enough negativity, though! The episode featured a number of top-notch performances. I'm trying to decide if I liked "Home" or "Beautiful" more.

I also LOVE the fact that Sue's Down Syndrome friend is a recurring character on the show. That makes her more than a prop to make Sue seem more human. It's great that Sue treats her just like any other Cheerio, too.

As I outlined above with Kurt and his father, isn't this the goal of such a relationship? To just be treated like everyone else? Equality for all, says Sue Sylvester! Well, unless you're fat.

What did you think of the episode? Am I being too harsh? Or did you also yearn for at least one fun dance number? Check out a few quotes from "Home" below and sound off on it:

April: I haven't had a drink in 45 minutes. | permalink
Burt Hummel: I hate Duke like I hate the Nazis. | permalink
Sue: On assembly days, I arrange for the rest of the school to be fumigated, so the gym is the only place with clean air. | permalink
Santana: Weren't roller rinks outlawed in like 1981 for being totally lame? | permalink
April: I'm gonna go get myself a bikini wax. And I'll see you tomorrow. | permalink
April: Will Schuester?!? I just had a sex dream about you. | permalink
Brittany: I'm pretty sure my cat is reading my diary. | permalink
Sue: I will no longer be carrying around photo ID. Know why? People should know who I am. | permalink


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why does every one hate this episode? i thought it was very good, and just because it was set in a more serious tone than usual, doesn't mean it's any less greater than the other episodes. It showed a lot more depth to some of the characters and actors and it was very good. i cried.


Jeez...I always thought I had good taste, lol. Apparently everyone hates this episode, but I loved it. Looking back I definitely see how much of a cliche and after-school special-ish Mercedes' plot was, but I really responded to it. I used to be overweight and really, really depressed about it. When she sang "Beautiful," it made me cry. Then there's Kurt's storyline, which I thought was heartbreaking and wrenching at the same time because I wish Kurt would realize Finn won't ever be with him. I feel like Kurt's jealousy over Finn and his dad's connection is totally truthful...whether or not it's right, it's honest. For some reason, I can't seem to give a damn about Will and Emma, but if it was Will and April, or even Will and TERRY, I would love him more. I have no idea why. I think April is one of my favorite characters on the show ever, just because she's torn between being an alcoholic whore and an empty, lonely person who just needs some love. By the way. Anybody see Santana and Brittany link pinkie fingers during Kurt's serenade to Finn? Then Santana put her head on Britt's shoulder. PROOF. :)


Great episode! I agree with the heartwarming comment, there were some lovely moments. I'm glad they went with a more low- key episode especially after the blockbuster that was last week. Kristen Chenoweth is awesome and I reckon April and Mr. Schuesters duets were some of the best so far. They sound great together. Kurts solo was perfection. They really dont give him enough of the spotlight. Mercedes as always was fabulous. Nice to see some of the other characters and more depth was given to their home lives. Loved it!


i don't really agree with this review. i just watched the episode and i wouldn't call sad so much as heartwarming. it was a beautiful display of emotion. i loved mercedes' storyline. she let someone else's expectation change her thoughts and feelings about herself which we all do from time to time. i thought that was handled beautifully. will and april's duet was absolutely splendid. i so glad they brought back kristen chenowith. if any white woman was going to sing "home" from the wiz, i'm glad it was her. and kurt...oh kurt. fantastic. love his voice, love his story. he has the most amazing dad ever. love it. and finn, what a heartbreaker. good stuff. great stuff. can't wait for next week!! :)


My least favorite episode so far. I love Kristin Chenoweth, but I think the episode could have done with a little less of April. I want to see more unfold with Terri and Emma. Two love interests are enough for him. And Idina Menzel's character is too! Way too much. Why haven't we got a descent Puck scene since we've been back? Finally a good Quinn scene, which I loved, but Puck and Quinn are main characters and are treated the same as Brittany and Santanna since we've been back. Actually I think Brittany and Santanna have had more screen time. In an episode that was refreshingly light on Rachel they needed to bring out the other important storylines. However, we better get some good Rachel stuff next week with Finn.


is a puck/quinn scene to much to ask for?? they are gonna be parents for god's sake


And, even if you're not gay (which I'm not,) if you've ever been in a situation where you feel like your father connects to one of your friends more than he does to you over common interests, especially when you already feel insecure about not having those common interests, it can really sting from a teenager's perspective. But, in the end, Kurt let things go, even though it still stung.


I think we all need to accept the fact that these characters are younger high schoolers, and that they are flawed, immature, and often times act out in ways that it would be hard for an outsider to understand. However, if you've ever been in a situation when you were younger where your mother or father started dating someone other than your dead (or divorced, as was the case with me) father or mother, and you saw them trying to get over them, it is really difficult. And often times one finds themselves, if they are a teenager in that situation, acting out in unfair ways. It's immature, but since when haven't sophomores in high school been a bit immature. I was just happy that both Kurt and Finn (grudgingly) pushed past, or at least learned to deal with, their issues.


This week's ep was...(Oh please don't let this become a Tl;Dr moment.) We'll say...Dissappointing. Call me yuong and out of tune or whatnot, but the musical choices ranged from old to awkward to cliche, the storyline wobbled around, and at it's worst points felt more like an after school special than the show that made me squeal with joy every time it came on. The long short of it. Eh. The Mercede's cliche fest and the Schu/April stuff came in second to me (As a raging insane Kurt/Colfer fan/ overanaluzer.)Everything that involved Mercedes made me want to hit someone, the Sue stuff was, well, Sue. and while that Shapril things were interesting and depressing, it still fell flat. As for Kurt's bits though, (And I wasted a lot of time thinking about this. Why.) I think it's more than just jealousy and whatnot. I had a feling that Kurt see's things in a very straight line. He's clever, and doesn't expect things to deviate from his set plans. Yes, he was correct that His father and Finn's mother would be a good (pun) mash-up, and he would get to spend a lot more time with Finn. That's where things forked. WHile in Kurt-land (I imagine) Finn was somewhere between happy or accepting that he was getting a new beau/Brother-in-law, and that his father doesn't dig much deeper into 'family' than a new relationship with Finn's mom, Chemistry mixes and everything goes to poop. THe Parent's just don't -like- eachother, they LOVE eachother. Kurt's dad, a denim-wearing, Deadliest-catch watching football fan, finds some common ground with a young high-school sports hero without a dad. Kurt, lost and confused as to how things got this way, panics. Finn isn't reacting how Kurt want's him too, and not only embraces something different, it's the muddled middle ground that Kurt and his own father could never really get sure-footing in. And then of course, at the point where everything s going to hell in a handbasket, nothing his father said could have been right. The conversation could have gone "Hey, we're getting married and Finn says he loves you and they're moving in and you two are going to share a room down here and we won't bother you and here's a credit card and a scented candle." and Kurt still wouldn't have been happy. (At that precise moment anyway.)When Kurt saw his dad talking so easly and with such clarity with someone that wasn't only him, but with someone he really, really liked, it screwed him up. And so. Jackassery. Confuseion. Mayhem. Incredibly sad music playing as he stands outside the window watching the two male figures he looks up to in life bond and knowing that not a single thread of interestest connects him to them. So I feel he has a right for these feelings. It can only get better from here. :3


I find it sad that this episode is getting so much negative feedback. One of the main reasons why this episode feels so "emotion overload" is because the writers HAD to jam pack it all into one episode due to the "Madonna" episode (IMO). However, I didn't really feel like ti was overload. The beauty of "Glee" is that it doesn't always have to be "happy-go-lucky" with flashy dance numbers. The story lines that happened last night are real and so many of the audience can relate. Episodes like "Home" help to really humanize the series and contribute to its success. Can I also just point out Puck's reaction when Kurt started singing to Finn (Are you gay?) ? This KILLED me, it was so spot on!

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Mercedes, your vocal chords have had more fantastic runs than a Kenyan track team.


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