Gossip Girl Episode Stills: "Dr. Estrangeloved"

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Gossip Girl is off next week. This is upsetting.

Fortunately, it's only a one-week layoff before Season 3 resumes, building towards what will surely be an epic finale. The April 26 episode certainly has us intrigued.

Serena's father visits, Nate and Serena continue to have issues, Dan gets upsetting news, Chuck attempts to stop Blair from moving on, and Jenny ... she's Jenny.

Share your thoughts and predictions for this upcoming episode with us below. First, click to enlarge GG pictures from "Dr. Estrangeloved" and see what you think ...

Danessa Pic
van der Woodsen Reunion
A Nasty, Conniving Little One
Thorn in Their Side
A Serenate Stare
Sad, Sad Serena
CJ Chat
Chuck and Jenn-ay
He Always Has a Plan
A Smiling Serena

We posted the first promo for "Dr. Strangeloved" last week (it was released really early for this episode), but in case you missed it, follow the jump to watch again:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/dr-strangeloved-promo/" title="Dr. Strangeloved Promo"] [/video]

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I want chair back togather she can and will forgive him,but he does need to do alittle suffering and pleading ,and some tears would be good...but chair belongs togather ok .....


I want chair to get back togather thats where they belong


wtf...why's it off???????????? they said no bloody off after that i-dunno-like a million months break!!! no fairrrr


I get exactly what you mean :)


@ lilmirmaide: then you´re not a real fan. don´t you understand that the storyline gets boring if they just keep being happy forever?
also, chuck and blair are two very complex characters, you can´t expect them to be nice and good all the time.


here's the youtube version of the new CHAIR promo. FINALLY Chuck is fighting for Blair (but possible screwing some skanks too). Blair's plans to make Chuck jealous are never that great, this one better work http://www.youtube.com/watch?v...


@Queen Blair Bass- OMG! im excited


where the hell is blair?

Queen blair bass

It would seem that Little J's and Chuck's scheming doesn't work. The pictures for the following episode show Serena, Nate and Blair together while Jenny and Chuck are together in another photos. Yay, finally Jenny's meddling is blow up in her face. Don't fret, I'm sure Blair will be in the episode. Maybe she is the one to tip Serena off about Jenny and Nate?

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