Thorn in Their Side
Will Jenny steal Nate from Serena? How will this all play out?

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i actually feel nate and jenny are cute together.. butttt..stealing our step sister bf isn't cute at all..!! i feel like why they are trying to make us hate jenny's character.. i miss her when she was in season 1..d cutest and innocence character ever..=.=


I agree with you Serena and Nate are cute together but honestly they are just freakingggg boring, and the only thing that has made them the least bit exciting is Jenny so im actually kind of thankful for her. But if she did the same shittt to Blair and Chuck I would hate herrrrr. lol


Oh all of you just STFU.
The show is getting better now that Jenny is messing things up forr this "perfect couple" you all think is just cute. This show is NOT susspose to be all happy couples and unicorns. Okkay?
So just sit down and wait to find out what happens next.
I know I am. P.S. I lovee Jenny, but her extensions look REALY bad though. Hahaa.!




She's a thorn in their side and a pain in my ass. Little j is so pointless. Thank goodness she's leaving for a bit. I might start actually watching GG on a regular.


now THOSE are some crappy hair extensions.


Jenny doesnt need to scheme to break them up, Serenas doing it all for herself, yes Jennys helping Nate to realise it but if he didnt know about her lies how would Nate feel?? Also I think Nate has liked Jenny ever since they shared their first kiss x But Jenny was a bitch to Vannessa in season 2 x What i dont get is that Serena and Blair are bitches and he has been with them??? x Jenny deserves him if it wasnt for Vannessa they would of had a chance x Jenny spices the show up if not nothing would be happening apart from boring Dannessa and Chair x ( chair isnt boring but the show would be if it was JUST THEM ) x x Go Jenny!!!!!!!!! x x x x x x


I find Nate and Serena's realtionship abit boring. I agree with a previous comment that Nate should get with Jenny if he wants to. But i also think that he's been in love with Serena since the show started. And Dan and Serena? everbody seems to eb foggetting that those two are like on-and-of step brither and sister. So that would just be terribly rong.


I agree with Cass...i mean Serena and Nate made the perfect couple...they deserved each other since the very beginning and i was hoping for SERENATE since the 1st season ever. Pls do not disappoint their fans by breaking them up!! thats silly~ Jenny looks childish btw and she doesn't even deserved to be with Nate! Just hoping that more romantic scene on SERENATE instead of giving them so much affair. SERENARE FOREVER~


omg!!!! what's wrong with you people!?!? SERENA DESERVES NATE AND NATE DESERVES SERENA!! Nate's been trying to get serena ever since the show started.
and serena hasn't been with one decent guy that deserves her. Not even dan, he's ugly, too short, and judges her wayy too much.
If people wanted serena and nate to break up, at least get someone older, more mature, someone wayyy better looking. Jenny's still in high school for god's sake! and the rest of them are in college. wtf is jenny doing there??

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