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for best quote of the night how has no one mentioned this:

Blair: Serena, you've done some unforgivable things, like sleeping with Nate when we were saving ourselves for each other or killing Pete Fairman. How far is too far?

Blair openly insults Serena, and Serena just gives her a "shit happens" look.

I couldn't stop laughing. As always, in my opinion, B has the best lines.

I agree that what Chuck did was disgusting, but really, why is everyone surprised? Chuck clearly does not have a firm grasp on reality. He sees his dead father talking to him, he's an alcoholic, and clearly has a drug problem. Prior to his obsession with Blair, he was already obsessed with pleasing his father. In his mind, the ends justified the means. By manipulating Blair he got to keep his hotel, and not be the disappointment his father always told him he was.

As for B...she should have slapped him harder.


@ Jules:

Thank you so much for your answer.

Now I'm totally devastated!:( When Josh Schwarz said that we all gona hate Chuck I couldn't belive that it can be possible. Well... it is!


i think mister meester speaks the truth...i agree with everything he says. i can see my gg love in him. true fan.
and yeah, i want to think jack isnt done yet...but i dunno, that was sooo weird, like he has nothing better to do in his life, not that i care unless he stops playing heartbreaking mind-games


Wait, what Josh Schwartz interview did I miss? Did he actually say there will be a Blair and Chuck wedding???


I usually never choose quotes in an episode, but this one from Chuck to Nate "I´m already dead" totally kill me, I think it pretty much says and defines everything inside of him and around him right now.

I mentioned in another article the reasons that I believe drove Chuck to do this stupidity. I agreed with the commentary about what Jack gets from all of this, I mean he did all of this only because he hates Chuck? Why does he hate him? It doesn´t seem to be about money anymore. I cannot relate his hate with the Elizabeth thing, to me is like giving him too much credit. There is something funny in his hate towards Chuck and I want to know what it is.

I don´t care that the producers revealed that C&B are endgame, but I do believe it could be a sign that they were a little scared of fans reaction.

I have no issues with Jenny other than the fact of acknowledging that what she´s doing is morally wrong, but I don´t know how it will turn out in the end, if Nate is young Jenny is even more so and could have other opportunities with Nate way more appropiate that steeling him from other woman that happens to be a relative. But I you have to admit that this episode showed that Jenny is skillfull. If only her skills were channelized to something positive.

Dorota and Eric are equally cute to me. I do wish for a haircut for him, and I admit that Dorota for one second was borderline pushing it with the toy guns, but overall that didn´t bother me.


4.) My opinion about her changes weekly. If the question were do you like Taylor Momsen I would have been able to give a much simpler answer. (No.) But I do think Jenny has the ability to be a good person. She is the underdog, and that has to make her work harder. All everyone sees is she's such a manipulative bitch or whatever but isn't EVERYONE on that show the same way? Was Vanessa not applying for Dan's writing thing behind his back? Is Serena not about to go see Carter and lie to Nate's face about it? Everyone should let their opinions of Taylor and Jenny be totally different. If someone else played Jenny I think people would like her more.


What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote last night?
"All I did was love you" heartbreaking but the delivery was sot on.
2. Was Chuck's decision out of character?
I agree with DANdy. Yes and no, with the full-of-heart Chuck we've seen recently its easy to say yes, but DANdy was right when Chuck is insecure he turns into an a**hole.
3. Will Chair survive?
Yes, it won't be easy for them to come back together, Chuck really needs to work and explain it. But at the end of the day they do love each other warts and all. I don't have an issue with how long before they get together, it could be the season finale or it could be season 4, I just want it to feel as if Chuck has made up for it.
The JS spoiler did take away a little from their finale scene, it probably would have been better if it was released after the episode, but at the same time it was comforting for a Chair fan to know this wasn't it.
4. Do you like Jenny?
This changes weekly. While I have never loved her, there are some moments I appreciate her character. Then there are others when I just want to toss her off the Brooklyn Bridge.
5. Cutest supporting character: Eric or Dorota?
I agree they are laying it on thick with Dorota so I would have to go with Eric, he is awesome. But please get a hair cut.


Jenny is the best most layered realistic character on Gossip girl! LOVE HER


Mister Meester: Also, will someone please answer me this: Was this Jack's endgame all along? Did he really go to such extreme lengths for this alone? Did this whole story feel just slightly off, much like Jack's horrible new haircut and goatee combo? I'm dying to know what people think.

I thought the same thing until I realized that Elizabeth changed Jack's agenda. He found out that choosing the hotel over her wasn't worth it and wanted Chuck to suffer the same fate.

Mister Meester: Forgive the side tangent, but since Josh Schwartz sort of lamely guaranteed they will, I just have to ask - is there such a thing as too much info before watching actual episodes? Photos, sneak peeks, etc., are great, but to me, when he gives interviews like yesterday's it diminishes the effect somewhat. Anyone agree or disagree?

I totally agree. I've been staying away from the behind the scenes stuff more than I used to because it's killing the actual episodes. And as much as I like knowing that Chuck and Blair will ride off into the sunset, I didn't want Josh to disclose that information. Now, whatever fights they have will be harmless because I know they'll end up together.

As for Serena, I think it'll come down to a showdown between Nate and Dan, and even though I'd hate to see Dan with anyone but Vanessa and Serena with anyone but Nate, I'm glad Josh hasn't hinted at this endgame, too.


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote last night?

"You know you can always come to me, right?"-Nate

2. Was Chuck's decision out of character?

YES. While he can be a basshole and a complete scoundral, this decision messed with two major characteristics of his that have been there since pretty much the beginning of the series. 1-his FIERCE sense of loyalty. He never betrays people he loves. While he often shuts people like Blair out, he values them and fights people who hurt them, he doesn't deliberatly do the hurting (unless its because he thinks they dont deserve him like in 1.13 or many other cases) 2-He worships Blair and respects her far too much to sell her out like that. Since when is he so confidant she'll stay with him? He's always thought he wasn't good enough and that he'd lose her. Plus, the thought of her and Jack was so repulsive to him the first time he could barely look at her. He would not let that happen again. He cares too much about her (and is too possesive) to ever let another man, especially Jack, touch her.

3. Will Chair survive?

Clearly yes because that was a spoiler. But a lot of the great aspects of Chair have been ruined this season and only live in memory. Hopefully they can be brought back to life.

4. Do you like Jenny?

I love Jenny. I find it really hilarious how her flirtation with Nate which, while underhanded, really doesn't break any rules, is making people more angry than when Serena slept with a married man and attempted to ruin his marriage. Mmmmkay. Not that I'm condemning Serena...I'm just saying that you can't criticize Jenny if you aren't criticizing her. Jenny really doesn't owe Serena anything and has so many reasons to want Nate. Although I do want Nenny to happen AFTER Serenate is broken up, I don't think Jenny is being evil or anything.

But yea, I love her because of so many reasons. She is strong and beautiful and feels things deeply and isn't afraid to change her opinion. She's assertive and goes after what she wants. She admits her mistakes....she's incredible. And yes, she's flawed. But who isnt?

Have you no shame at all? Watch your back, girlfriend.

5. Cutest supporting character: Eric or Dorota?

Cutest would be Eric. But Dorota is more awesome. There's a difference :)
I agree though that she's being a bit overplayed lately. I don't want her to become a caricature of herself.

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