Gossip Girl Round Table: "Inglorious Bassterds"

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Welcome to TV Fanatic's Gossip Girl Round Table, where our staff members assemble to review the events of "Inglorious Bassterds" and the developments to come.

The GGRT is happy to welcome back DANdy from his honeymoon with his lovely new wife. They had a great time and he only spent 3-4 hours a day online. Go DANdy!

Gossip Guy and Mister Meester join him in discussing Monday's Gossip Girl. On tap: Last night's top quotes, Chuck's shocking betrayal, diabolical Jenny and more ...


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote last night?

DANdy: Jack's stinging final words to his nephew: "Blair has seen the real you now. It's over. She could never love that. No one could." Man. And I thought marriage was painful!

Gossip Guy: Giving it to Blair, because no matter how many times she does it, referring to her minions kills me every time. "I invited my minions. It'll be like shooting fish in a barrel."

Mister Meester: Rufus: "Telling a woman you like her clothes isn't lying. It's self-preservation." Hopefully DANdy learns this one fast and lives until his one-month anniversary.

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2. Was Chuck's decision out of character?

DANdy: Yes and no, and that's the great thing about this character: he's multi-layered. In his most insecure moments, we're looking at one major Basshole. Other times? He's Chuck full of heart.

Gossip Guy: That's really tough to say, but lately, the guy seems to be obsessed with his hotel and mother, often pushing Blair away. It really didn't feel out of character for me to think he'd do whatever it takes to prove he's not the failure his father thought he was.

Mister Meester: Three points before I answer: 1. Ed Westwick is amazing. 2. They did a nice job setting him up for this fall for weeks. 3. As recently as Season 2, Chuck was a morally bankrupt, emotional basket case. All of those factors made his behavior seem very much in character last night, however I still can't believe he would sell out Blair. I just don't see it. Also, will someone please answer me this: Was this Jack's endgame all along? Did he really go to such extreme lengths for this alone? Did this whole story feel just slightly off, much like Jack's horrible new haircut and goatee combo? I'm dying to know what people think.

3. Will Chair survive?

DANdy: The Gossip Girl series finale (perish the thought, I know) will undoubtedly center around Chuck and Blair's elaborate wedding. So, yes, in time the couple will recover. But in a lot of time.

Gossip Guy: Oh absolutely. What couple hasn't had the guy try to manipulate the girl into sleeping with his own uncle to try and win back his hotel that got stolen by his estranged mother. Happened to a good friend of mine last week and he and his girlfriend are stronger for it.

Mister Meester: Forgive the side tangent, but since Josh Schwartz sort of lamely guaranteed they will, I just have to ask - is there such a thing as too much info before watching actual episodes? Photos, sneak peeks, etc., are great, but to me, when he gives interviews like yesterday's it diminishes the effect somewhat. Anyone agree or disagree?

Oh, Little J

With Jenny Humphrey, there's never a dull moment.

4. Do you like Jenny?

DANdy: I'd like to take her for a long walk on a short pier, if that's what you mean!

Gossip Guy: Absolutely. I mean, the bitch is pure evil. Trying to steal Nate from her own step sister while she planned an elaborate surprise party for him? Seriously? But that's why I love her. Bringing the Gossip back to Gossip Girl. What else you want the girl to do? Go back to having a boring fashion story line?

Mister Meester: So help me God, J. How long did it take you to think up the plan to steal Nate away, complete with your excuse for later of merely safeguarding the surprise? Five seconds? That obnoxious, eye-rolling attitude after you planted one on Nate and he pulled back?

Have you no shame at all? Watch your back, girlfriend.

5. Cutest supporting character: Eric or Dorota?

DANdy: Until Eric gets a bowl cut like Justin Bieber, it has to be Dorota.

Gossip Guy: Wow that is a tough one. While I was thrilled to see Eric back, I gotta give it to Dorota. Not only was the woman running around firing her pistol lighter, but her reaction to the proposal was adorable. Love this woman.

Mister Meester: Dorota's awesome, but they're laying it on a little thick with her lately. Eric has always been great, not just as a foil for J, but as a rare, semi-innocent voice of reason.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments!

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Mister Meester: Dorota's awesome, but they're laying it on a little thick with her lately. IKR?


Well, I gotta say those were the weakest questions EVER in Round Table. But let's go: 1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote last night?
The lines posted by the Round Table team were definetely outstanding. But I'll go with the one that reveals Chuck's true nature: "I can't let my feelings cost me all that I've built." That's an unforgettable sentence to me. 2. Was Chuck's decision out of character?
Considering what happened in the previous episode when he lost his hotel because he opened up to his mother, not at all. 3. Will Chair survive?
In real life, I think no couple could survive that. But we are talking about the show's favorite couple, so I suppose they will. But I hope they make justice to Blair by making Chuck go through a hard situation as well. 4. Do you like Jenny?
Never. 5. Cutest supporting character: Eric or Dorota?
Dorota was really cute. Forgotten Bonus Question: Rate Vanessa's Uselessness (01-10): Gotta be 11 (What a bitch, how could she do that to Dan?)

Kimberly anne

This episode was good in a sense that it kept me on my feet.
I hate the party because even though the idea was really interesting, I felt as though when they kept on showing little scenes of it was all a big waste of time.
Nate and Jenny are boring, I actually prefer Nate and Serena but then I like Serena and Carter better so I guess what I am saying is get rid of Jenny, and get rid of Nate and maybe even Serena too. Weird love triangle because I keep forgetting Jenny like only a junior in high school.
Dan and Vanessa has become a lost cost because they bored me to no end. Nobody cares if they are having issues with each others writing. Like come on, that is the best plot line the producers can think up with?
I am happy for Eric. He is the only other person I like on the ahow besides Chair, so I am happy he found someone. Elliot was the name?
OMG!!! The whole Chuck-Blair-Jack storyline kept me on my feet the entire time. I didn't even dare to change the episode even during the commercials. No matter hurt I was by the storyline, I couldn't help but admit that it truly was the best part of the episode. I am just sooooo relief that Blair and Jack didn't do IT. I was shaking the entire time when Blair showed up at the hotel to meet Jack. What I would have like more was Blair and Chuck publicaly humiliate him.
I can't believe Chuck!!! My baby has gone too far to get back his hotel. No matter how hard he has work for it, Blair should always be his number one priority like he is to her. He crosses the line and I can't defend him this time. He has to earn Blair's forgiveness. I flet like slapping him too when he used Blair's words against her in the end. I hated how he acted like he was giving up something and that only he was suffering. I love Blair's quote to Chuck, I think it went something like, "I never thought the worst thing you've ever done was to me." That brought tears to my eyes.
But Jack Bass is gone! Thank You!!! Although the way he exited didn't seem to settle so I have a feeling he will be back sooner or later. My wish is when he does, it will be of the last time as Chair will come together and take down the true devil.
Chair Forever.


MAYBE Chuck knew Jack wouldn't go through with it?


@Paulina: As much as it kills me to say it, Chuck did NOT know that Jack would stop. If he did, then the entire plotline goes away. This wasn't a bet between Jack and Chuck as to whether Blair would go through with it. It was Chuck saying to Jack: you can have sex with her (I choose my hotel over Blair!) and here's what you need to do to get her to agree--make her think she's going behind my back to help me. And I'll do my part to make it happen. Oh God his betrayal is so effing bad.


I was so shocked and hurt at the betrayl of chuck. But then again he is CHUCK BASS! I love chuck and blair! But since we know their the endgame (thanks JS! i would have loved to be shocked, but happy to know it) Blair can stand on her own two feet and care about herself for a change! We need the CRAZY Serena Back for Little J, because i don't think she has any idea who she's messing with! LOVE dorota and ERIC! Can't choose which one is better! Jack is plain EVIL if he came down to just ruin's Chuck's life. he's your FREAKING nephew!!!!


Q: Also, will someone please answer me this: Was this Jack's endgame all along? Did he really go to such extreme lengths for this alone? Did this whole story feel just slightly off, much like Jack's horrible new haircut and goatee combo? I'm dying to know what people think. A: I think so. I think the Jack's been obsessed with Blair since S2. More to the point, he's been obsessed with the fact that Blair rejected him in favor of Chuck. (God what I wouldn't do to see a NYE flashback as to how their night in the sack came about). Jack didn't just sabotage Chuck in S2--he also sabotaged Chuck's budding relationship with Blair. When Jack found out that Chuck and Blair were finally together and in love I think this drove him crazy with jealousy that Chuck had someone who'd rejected him. And Jack said something to Blair last night about wanting to take everything from Chuck and the hotel just wasn't enough because Chuck has Blair and Jack said that "I had to break that bond." So I think that it's not only that Blair makes Chuck happy, but also that Jack is insanely jealous that "the girl" for Chuck is Blair. In the end, Jack walked away from the hotel once he'd done the damage to Chair's "bond" He didn't need the money he made so his end goal had to have been to inflict damage on Chair.


One question! Did Chuck really sold out Blair to sleep with Jack, or he new that Jack will stop this whole thing after a kiss? I'm confused. But this was the saddest episode ever!


I must say that Uncle Jack is so freaking hot. Though he is a total jerk. Please keep him!



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