Gossip Girl Round Table: "The Unblairable Lightness of Being"

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Welcome to TV Fanatic's Gossip Girl Round Table, where our staffers have gathered to review "The Unblairable Lightness of Being" and preview developments to come.

DANdy, Gossip Guy and Mister Meester take on last night's top quotes, whether Chuck should be forgiven, Jenny's shadiness, Dorota's wedding and much more here:


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote last night?

DANdy: Elliot is "tight" with Dorota because they "talked about The Vampire Diaries in the elevator on Friday?" That's amazing and hilarious. I'll forgive the blatant CW plug because the show in question is so darn good.

Gossip Guy: With out a doubt Chuck for calling out Serenate's biggest problem, "whose hair is more shiny?" I have got to find out whatever product those two are using.

Mister Meester: Tie: 1. Jenny "I hate to be the one to tell you, but Serena left with Carter." Yeah, I'm sure you really hate that, you conniving little ... 2. Eleanor's name-dropping of Bing. LOL. There's no way Eleanor Waldorf knows what the eff Bing even is, let alone uses it to look up wedding venues ... or says it OUT LOUD.

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2. Should Blair have forgiven Chuck?

DANdy: Yes. She's denying who she is, don't you think? There's no proper definition of a healthy relationship, so while Dorota and Vanya may have something special, so do Blair and Chuck. Just B yourself, B. Stop pretending.

Gossip Guy: Absolutely, because as Blair said, it was just as much her fault. I don't care if Chuck was trying to trick Blair into sleeping with Jack... she said decided to go ahead with it before she even knew. Gross. The better question is, should Chuck have forgiven Blair? Either way, in order to keep the millions of Chair fans out there from revolting, I'll go with yes.

Mister Meester: Chuck's kidding himself if he thinks Blair going up there willingly absolves him of responsibility. He said it himself: He made the deal. Whether Blair ever forgives him is unclear, but as a wise man once said, proof that he is sorry will not come in the form of words, but in the form of actions, over time. Let's just hope Chuck doesn't nail 15 cocktail waitresses too.

3. Shadiest character of the night: Carter, Jenny or Lily?

DANdy: Jenny is acting shadier than the apparatus that covers a lamp's light bulb.

Gossip Guy: Impressively enough, I'm going to give it to the character who never even appeared on screen: Lily Humphrey. Or is it Van Der Woodsen? Bass? Rhodes? Hochberger? Much like Rufus, we're having a tough time keeping up with this shady character.

Mister Meester: Carter should have told Serena what he knew right off the bat, and when is Jenny not asking for trouble these days? Still, I'm giving this one to Lily. She is married to Rufus. She lies constantly. There is no upside anymore.

Dorota and Vanya

Dorota and Vanya tie the knot.

4. Basing an episode around Dorota's wedding: Cute or boring?

DANdy: Cute! They could base an entire series around Dorota and I'd be excited. Possible titles for it: Dorota the Explorer; Vanya? I Hardly Know Ya!; and Maid in Queens.

Gossip Guy: I've been a big Dorota fan, but this is getting ridiculous. Giving a minor supporting character the primary story line? At least the writers found a way to nicely integrate Chair's story into it. Plus, any excuse to bring back Cyrus and get him so excited was okay with me. So boring, yet salvaged by a talented writing staff.

Mister Meester: I can do without some of the lines that feel like Borat quotes, but Vanya and Dorota are pretty much the cutest ever, and the episode did tie into the other characters' story lines fairly well, so it didn't feel too gimmicky to me.

5. Who would you rather see hook up, Nate and Jenny or Dan and Blair?

DANdy: I'm sorry. Can you give me a few minutes to answer? I need to go wash the vomit out of my mouth at the idea of Nate and Jenny hooking up.

Gossip Guy: Is there an option C, none of the above? I love Chair and Serenate is simply too good looking to mess with. But if you're holding me at gunpoint, I'll go with Dair. I'm not sure why, but there'd be something hot about these two frenemies getting together ... Jenny is much too young to keep being statutory raped by these older gentlemen.

Mister Meester: Jenny and Nate. Not because I think there's some great chemistry there, but because I want to see some serious $h!t go down before the end of this season. If those two characters started full-on hooking up, I think we'd be in store for that.

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I'm confused...didn't previous spoilers already say that Chair is always going to be in the forefront of the writers' plans? So why is this a topic for debate as to whether they belongn together or not? Obviously, the writers will recreate their relationship in a way that convinces the viewers that they are perfect for each other. Regarding what's already happened, the storyline of Chuck's mother (she isn't, she is, he gets a DNA test and she definitely is, she says she isn't, then we find out she is) is completely implausible. But if I thought that was ridiculous, it was nothing compared to the Uncle Jack/Chair storyline. I find it very hard to believe that a grown man with a company to run on the other side of the world finds it convenient to drop in on his teenage nephew and wage war on him and his girlfriend by trying to commit statutory rape. And then the fallout from that results in Blair realizing that she doesn't like the person she is with Chuck--a realization that seemed to come out of NOWHERE. Dan and Blair will probably get together *shudder* and then Blair will realize that she needs Chuck, and after Chuck bangs a few prostitutes, he will realize that he needs to fight for Blair, and these revelations will conveniently occur at the same time, and Chuck will propose in the season finale! (some of that was wishful thinking, I concede :D )


Jeez. This is like the worst round table ever. How could Gossip Guy think it's Blair's fault!?! And if I ever heard that Jenny's too young to get it on with Nate again... fugfugfug. She's a year younger than he is. WTF is wrong with you guys!?


1-When Blair tells Dan she became the person he thought she was
2-No, I loved Chair until that, this proved Chuck doesn`t love her.
3-The shadiest character was Chuck, manipulating Blair with her feelings for Dorota, not regretting anything and flirting with that girl in front of Blair, as she meant nothing.
4-I thought it was going to be lame, but I enjoyed it.
5-I want to see Dair for a while,i liked them since a saw a fanmade film in youtube


1. What was your favorite Gossip Girl quote last night?
Serena: You know how Carter is. He convinced his fourth-grade class that Barneys was named after the dinosaur.
hilarious just because i was told the same thing when i was 5. 2. Should Blair have forgiven Chuck?
No. Regardless whether she went with Jack on her own a good BF never pimps out his GF to his creepy uncle w/ a moustache. 3. Shadiest character of the night: Carter, Jenny or Lily?
Neither. 4. Basing an episode around Dorota's wedding: Cute or boring?
BORING! I'm starting to hate Dorota, so effing annoying. They should really had left as it was; Blair's helpful maid who had to listen to B complain about her life. 5. Who would you rather see hook up, Nate and Jenny or Dan and Blair?
Dair4life. Jenny is just like a little teenage girl who falls head over heels for the first guy who expressess unrequisited interest in her, wasn't she claiming Damien was the love of her life like 2 eps. ago? D&B have chemistry and if the writers don't fuck it up (which we know they will) they have a great chance at becoming an epic couple. C'mon who doesn't love a good 'ol love/hate relationship?


Blair's intentions were good; Chuck's weren't but--Chuck was also naive to think that their relationship would not suffer from his actions. He has an immature view of what love is about; the kind that teens have--you and me against the world, and nothing can stop us now! Yes, they are endgame but--none of us, not on TV and not IRL, get to the endgame without a winding, bumpy road. Both Chuck and Blair are learning--and will continue to learn--from this experience. They both may know (as we do!) that they are 'destined' to be together but, Blair is the first one to find out that they have some growing up and introspection to go through, before they realize that destiny. Chuck will figure that out, as well, although he's going to have a harder time of it, methinks. Also--being a cute couple doesn't mean that people are right for each other (ie: Serena and Nate or Nate and Jenny or Serena and Dan, etc).


"The better question is, should Chuck have forgiven Blair?" *FACEPLAM* Please, please please be joking. If you are not joking then maybe you missed the part of the episode where he you know tricked her and manipulated her into sleeping with his uncle for his hotel back. But sure, I know if that ever happened to me, I would be apologizing to my poor boyfriend who did it in the first place. Poor thing (in case you havnt noticed i am using sarcasim)


People need to remember that this is a television show based on the lives of fictitious characters, not actual people. For instance, those rooting for Dair want to see Blair in a normal, drama free relationship. Really? Is that what you honestly want to see on a television series? Sure, that might work for a few episodes, however it becomes boring after a short period of time. That's what makes Chuck and Blair perfect for each other on a show like Gossip Girl. As soon as they start to become boring something comes up and shakes their relationship. Because of their relationship circumstances, such as the games and conniving which makes them "them", it's interesting yet not too out of the ordinary. Dair would be the complete opposite. Sure Dan's on screen relationship with Serena (and Vanessa) worked, purely because their relationship was cute and made most girls hearts swoon. Blair's character is different. She's manipulative and difficult (in the nicest way possible) and needs that drama to thrive off to make her interesting. Hence the reason why Chuck and Blair's characters hit it off from the beginning. Dair for the moment? Sure, give it a few episodes. Chair in endgame? Most definately!


I´m a big CHAIR fan, but I also think that it is a great thing for their story line the breakup part, both are great characters, and some of their best OMG moments have been when they were not into a relationship.
So, as long as their together by the end of the season it will be ok whatever happens in the next episodes. I have seen a glimpse of OLD BASSTARD CHUCK. Should be interesting. We want the hotness back!


whatever man.
this episode sucked and from the looks of the promo..the next one is going to suck even more. please bring back the old season 3...cuz this part sucks :'(


The better question is, should Chuck have forgiven Blair. *FACEPALM*

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