Grey's Anatomy Review: "Hook, Line and Sinner"

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Last night Grey's Anatomy returned following a three week long hiatus - and we must say we weren't that impressed with the episode!

Okay, so we know that not every episode will be filled with crazy drama between the main characters (especially since we're winding down the season), but we just expected more!

The Family Sloan

"Hook, Line and Sinner" did provide at least a little closure for Sloan's situation with his daughter and grandson. Throughout the entire episode we weren't sure if Sloane would give him away or not - but we have to say, we were a bit sad that the baby won't be around.

We know that Sloane's choice to give him away makes the most sense logically, we just loved the idea of Sloan having a baby!

There are still so many loose ends to tie up before the season finale. Here are a few of our ideas on what will happen:

  • Arizona and Callie are going to break up. Arizona pretty much made it clear to Callie that she doesn't - and will never - want children. The scene where Callie tries to pretend that she is okay with never having kids is really heart breaking. We think that this is bigger than religion in deal breakers. Do you think they can overcome this huge obstacle?
  • Owen, Cristina, and Teddy are going to have a three-some. JUST KIDDING! Seriously though, it is pretty clear that Owen is starting to realize his feelings for Teddy are stronger than just feelings of friendship. The question is would Owen cheat on Cristina or break up with her to be with Teddy? We doubt it. We think that this is the couple that will surprise us all and last!
Teddy and Owen Talk
  • Alex and Lexie are going to continue their situation until next season. The way that Alex looked at Lexie while she was sleeping clearly shows that he has feelings for her. That doesn't mean he will stand outside her window with a boom-box playing the song In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel anytime soon. Alex still has plenty of Izzie baggage that he needs to work out before hopping into another relationship - and really, the same goes for Lexie and her Sloan baggage.
  • Sloan and Callie are going to get back together. Yeah we know that this is coming from left field, but the way she held his hand as his grandson was being taken away really shows how much she cares for him - and they do have really great sexual chemistry! Wouldn't it be something is she did a Lindsay and went back to men?
  • Meredith will be preggo with Derek's baby! Yes and almost all of Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital will be ecstatic - almost all except...April. 
  • April is going to be the game changer. Shonda has definitely given us plenty to think about with the upcoming season finale. We think that April will continue to be uber creepy up until the season finale. Meredith will even warn Derek about how crazy she thinks April is - and Derek will shrug off the warnings saying that April is normal and fine. April will then do something to harm Meredith and Meredith will lose her baby. This will cause a huge strain on their marriage and Meredith may not be able to forgive Derek for not doing something sooner about his fatal attraction.

Okay so these are our ideas on what will transpire in the upcoming episodes. One part that we wished this week's episode showed more of is Bailey's blossoming relationship with Ben! He is super cute and we love seeing Bailey get all nervous and happy about him.

What did you think about last night's episode?

Was it all you wanted it to be? How do you see each of our beloved characters ending this season? Follow the jump for a few of our favorite Grey's Anatomy quotes from last night!

Meredith: As doctors we have an arsenal of weapons after any. Antibiotics to kill infections. Narcotics to fight pain. Scalpels and retractors to remove tumors and cancers - to eradicate the threat. But just the physical threat, for every other threat - you are on your own. | permalink
Bailey: You are probably not wrong you are probably right. Why do you want to hand your big save over to Kraev who will walk around this hospital like he put it together? You are handing your power over to a boy because he is giving you sex.
Lexie: I'm not - I'm...
Bailey: I'm Dr. Bailey and I know everything. | permalink
Meredith: I shave my legs - sometimes. | permalink
Cristina: I'm a cardiothoracic whore. | permalink
Sloan: You're my kid and I am so happy that I get to know you Sloan. I am so happy about that. | permalink
Arizona: I'm going to say this once. And then I am not going to say it again. I'm not broken. I'm not some psychodrama. My lack in interest in not having a child is not some pathology that you can pat yourself on the back for having diagnosed. I like my life. I like it the way it is and I don't want it to change. I thought I liked it with you in it. I hope I am not wrong. | permalink
Cristina: Wow! It looks like you barely operated at all. It's perfect.
Evans: Well that is the goal Dr. Yang. That is the goal. | permalink
Callie: No it doesn't make any sense. Everyone wants kids and you of all people wear roller skates for shoes, I don't get it.
Arizona: You know what I don't know. Maybe there's something wrong with me. Because its not natural, its not womanly, maybe I am cold and heartless and dead inside.
Callie: I am not saying that.
Arizona: Yeah, but you are. | permalink


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agree...lexie should be kicked out, she is such a....argh. I just hate her charakter, shes like a little girl and complains all the time. shes whiny and immature.
maybe its because shes a poor replacement for izzy (for alex). i loved A/I so much and now im upset about all this^^
she annoyed me with her george-love, she annoyed me with her "intern crap", she annoys me with alex. the only thing where she doesnt annoy me is when she was with mark o0 sry for my english...


MerDer were dreamy as always!!! Alex deserves a far better woman than L who STILL stays at Mer's house, lives her life and is so annoying with Mer's friends. had sex with Alex although she knew he was married to Izzy and very sick.She should be kicked out of the show.


i dont think meredith will get pregnant. i definitely HOPE so... but i dont think it will happen.


I really doubt April would cause Meredith to lose her baby (even if she was pregnant - long shot) because *SPOILER ALERT* that's basically what happened on the season finale of Private Practice last year. *END SPOILERS*


Mark and Callie? Gross. i actually didn't think Arizona was being a b*tch..she's always been strong and assertive. She doesn't let people push her around. Yes she did come off as being a little mean but then again she prob felt insulted that Callie is under the impression that if she doesn't want kids, she has to be damaged/broken. I guess she felt like Callie was being too presumptuous and a bit patronizing. But at the same time, we can't really blame Callie either. The girl's just trying to understand her girlfriend better - she doesn't get why some people wouldnt want kids. There's no clear right or wrong here. Anyway, i think towards the end when Callie cried, Arizona realized that she was probably being a little too harsh. I think she knows Callie is contemplating of giving up the baby dream in order to be with her, and i think her "don't don't don't" response means "don't cry and don't give up your dreams for me". It's a big dilemma, but you can tell they totally love each other. That bed scene was amazingly, heartbreakingly beautiful! Callie and Arizona really do have great chemistry together. Callie and Mark? Nope..that's just wrong. Mark's still too much of a kid (mentally at least)...Callie needs someone stronger, more mature, and more rational. And Arizona is clearly it. I'm sure they'll get through this baby drama somewhere down the road!


I totally agree Callie and Arizona are breaking up, I didn't expect Arizona to act like that, not at all. Okay, she doesn't want kids, but just try to understand your girlfriend, don't tell her that you want her with a bikini drinking a sangria!


The last prodiction about April going crazy and causing Mer to miscarrige would seem logical, except it is crazy similer to last years Private Practice finale.


Yeah really, what is such a big deal? No need to take things so personally...everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I, being bisexual, don't think that Mrs. Northman said offensive. Lindsay is more of an offense to the gay community. She's not really gay, bi, whatever - she is just looking for public attention any which way she can get it.


@justanotherfan - I am sorry I offended you with my comment about Lindsay - she has been quoted time and time again saying that Sam was the only woman for her - so I think you are wrong about her being bisexual.
Don't take things so seriously. I never said I think Callie is Bi - or not - all I said was I think it would be interesting to see her back together with Mark because they both really care about each other. Actually, this was a review - I was able to put forth my predictions for what will be from what happened this week. I also stated that this episode didn't hold much luster. It felt more like a filler episode before all the drama that will take place in the upcoming season finale. Throughout all of my predictions, I used actual scenes from this week's episode. I don't see how my review doesn't meet up to your review par. We encourage all the readers to give their reviews and opinions. Thank you for yours.


tvfanatic – this was not a review of hook line and sinner, it was a bunch of predictions, but that’s not even the biggest problem with it. “did a Lindsay and went back to men�? relationships for bisexuals are about who you love, not the plumbing, and the shallowness of that statement is disgusting… G.A. (& Shondra) has done a wonderful job of bringing diverse sexualities into the mainstream media, too bad your (this) site is not following the lead…

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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 20 Quotes

Callie: No it doesn't make any sense. Everyone wants kids and you of all people wear roller skates for shoes, I don't get it.
Arizona: You know what I don't know. Maybe there's something wrong with me. Because its not natural, its not womanly, maybe I am cold and heartless and dead inside.
Callie: I am not saying that.
Arizona: Yeah, but you are.

We're doctors - we're trained to care for human beings and we're pretty sure we know what to look for.


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