Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Hook, Line and Sinner"

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Welcome to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table, in which our illustrious panel discusses hot topics and burning questions from last night and beyond.

Topics for our "Hook, Line and Sinner" Round Table Q&A include memorable Grey's Anatomy quotes, Calzona's future, Derek's decision, April's role and more ...

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?

L.J. Gibbs: I loved Derek's response to Mark lamenting that he's losing his child: "Sloane's your child. You're not going to lose her." Rather than tell him he was being ridiculous or overreactive, Derek cut straight to what really mattered.

M.L. House: Three-way short, simple tie: "I'm a cardiothoracic whore." - Yang. "Learn how to fish yourself." - Richard. "I shave my legs ... sometimes." - Mer.

Mrs. Northman: Derek: "I can't staff this office because she is Hunt's friend and your flavor of the month. I think Derek is making a fine chief. I am happy that his first choice wasn't Teddy and was the better choice for the hospital."


2. Did Sloane (the younger) ultimately make the right decision?

L.J. Gibbs: When Mark said she's a good kid with good instincts, audible laughter emenated from our sofa. That pretty much sums it up ... adoption can be a good thing.

M.L. House: Yes, although it was interesting that they did this story line because I actually know adoptive parents-to-be who this recently happened to - the birth parent changed her mind in that 48-hour window. Doesn't that seem unfair?

Mrs. Northman: I am having a hard time with this one. Much as I believe that the adoptive parents would be the most rational and responsible choice - I also believe that there is nothing in this world like the bond between a biological mother and child.

That is why there are so many adopted children that go searching later in life for their "real" parent. It would be one thing if she was so certain, but it seemed like Sloane was hesitant. In the end, I do think Sloane was nowhere near ready to be a mom... so I guess it was the right decision.

3. Did Derek make the right decision for the cardio position?

L.J. Gibbs: It's not that I'm on Team Evans, it's that I'm on Team Der. Much as it sucked that Teddy was his second choice (and I'm not upset she ended up getting it), it says a lot about Derek's character and how much he values his responsibility as Chief.

M.L. House: Yes. No offense to certain other characters, but Evans clearly stood out. Giving it to the Teddy Bear just because of personal connections would be unprofessional.

Mrs. Northman: Teddy was his second choice. Evans was his first. Yes, I think his choice in Evans was correct.

4. Will Callie acquiesce to Arizona regarding the baby issue?

L.J. Gibbs: You can it's eating away at her. I don't think Cal should acquiesce necessarily, but maybe give it time. They haven't been together that long. Just enjoy each other.

M.L. House: Nope. This is going to drive them apart. Maybe they'll get back together eventually, maybe even with a baby, but this season, I can see this ending in a breakup.

Mrs. Northman: Well - aren't we using 10 pt words! I hope Callie doesn't. She would make a great mother someday and it doesn't seem like Arizona will budge on this one for Callie - so why does Callie have to be the one to make the sacrifice?

U.S.S. Arizona
Dr. Calliope Torres Picture

BABY BRAWL: Team Arizona or Team Callie?

5. Will Lexie end the season with Mark, Alex, or neither?

L.J. Gibbs: With a nod to recent Grey's Anatomy spoilers suggesting Mark's hookup with Reed ultimately drives him back to Lexie, I don't know if that means right away. This season might end with an Alex, Mark and Lexie cliffhanger love triangle.

M.L. House: Lark. Slexie. Call 'em what you want ... just bring 'em back!

Mrs. Northman: I am hoping she stays with Alex. I am interested in seeing where their relationship goes.

6. Will April be a game-changer?

L.J. Gibbs: Great question. They've done a nice job planting the seeds for something with April ... otherwise why would she even be back on the show? There's a difference between a crush and acting on it, though ... what could she really do?

M.L. House: No. Maybe she'll come on too strong and overstep her boundaries and Derek will have to let her go, but I can't see anything truly "game change" worthy.

Mrs. Northman: If you read my Grey's Anatomy review, then you know where I stand on this one. I definitely think April will be the game changer. It has been building up very quietly over the last few episodes - from her going into Meredeth's closet to get some clothes to her confrontation with Lexie... I bet she is going to at the very least try to do something that will change the lives of one or many on the show.

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Callie and Arizona blow me away each episode. They just keep getting better and better. They are tackling these deal-breaker issues and it's great to see a couple actually struggle over something like this instead of having to do with emotionally driven cheating. I think this is a real issue and it's nice to see that they are having such a hard time just breaking up over it since they are so in love with one another. I'm pulling for them in the end, one of the best parts of the show in my opinion!


Interestingly enough we learnt more about Mark in this episode. He said his mother is dead and that his father isn't gonna get off the couch anytime soon, he has no brothers or sisters, Sloane Riley and her son are all he has as a family


I'm just gonna talk about Callie/Arizona for now. I don't honestly see them getting over this, at least without one character compromising herself. They both love each other but have different views on what they want to do with their lives, which is really unfortunate but it happens in real life all the time. This is heartbreaking but I'm glad the writers didn't make Arizona just go "Oh my gosh, Callie, you're right, my brother HAS been making me weird about babies!" because I was kinda skeptical because Arizona doesn't seem all that damaged to me at all. I'm also glad that Arizona didn't let Callie just give up. I really want Calzona to work but it doesn't look good. And I don't think you need to be damaged to not want kids. Some people don't want the responsibility - kids make them uncomfortable, or their lifestyles aren't capable of fitting a baby in. You shouldn't have to compromise who you are just because society expects you to have children. So even though on one hand I really want Arizona to just appease Callie, I applaud her for being strong and willing to admit in a child-crazy world that it's not something she wants or is interested in.


1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?
There were so many, they all had good ones this time! I have to go with Arizona, cause I'm totally with her (the woman is always right, it is almost annoying. Almost!). But then it's still hard to choose, cause I loved her Mr. Midlifecrisis speech (touché) and her "don'ts" made me cry (not really a quote though).
But alright, the best one: I'm not broken. I'm not some psychodrama. My lack in interest in not having a child is not some pathology that you can pat yourself on the back for having diagnosed. I like my life. I like it the way it is and I don't want it to change. A line a lot of people can steal from her. Cause there doesn't always have to be a big, dramatic reason for not wanting kids. Glad they pointed that out! I also loved the lunchscene and the one in which Derek talked to Mark about Sloane. Other good ones I haven't seen here yet: Callie: Sangria? That's why I don't get a kid? So I can make you a frickin sangria?! Derek (about Yang and Evans): You think she's gonna drewl on him?
Mer: I think she is! Alex (about Lexie): Dude, it's like working with Forest Gump. Bailey: I'm doctor Bailey, I know everything. 2. Did Sloane (the younger) ultimately make the right decision?
Hell yeah! I've done some research on adoption and it doesn't always work out well, but in this case I'm pretty sure that not giving him up would definitely had caused problems - now at least he has a chance. Sloane is not ready (am wondering if she'll ever be). 3. Did Derek make the right decision for the cardio position?
No, he should have hired Teddy in the first place. Evans might be a rockstar, but Teddy is a pretty good surgeon too ánd a great teacher as well. 4. Will Callie acquiesce to Arizona regarding the baby issue?
I really don't know. I know I'm scared for them. No, not scared, terrified! There is no solution here and they know it as well. It's one thing to give up your dream, it's another thing not blaming the other one for it the rest of your life. Is Callie be able to handle that as well? And is Arizona able to accept this effort (don't think so, according to that last scene) or can she herself make such an effort?
And if they both can't and give up: are they able to live without each other?!
This story isn't over, that's for sure. I love it though, although it's heartbreaking, cause it's such an interesting dilemma (and Sara and Jessica are both nailing every scene about it)! 5. Will Lexie end the season with Mark, Alex, or neither?
Lexie and Mark should be together, BUT if that takes too long and Alex is really falling for Lexie, than I might want to give them a chance instead. Cause they're cute too and you know, one heartbroken guy at the time! 6. Will April be a game-changer?
I thought so, but now I'm not that sure anymore. I think she's just a silly girl, who's there for de comic relief.


1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?
many good one but I'll pick a funny one:
Mer to Cris: "I thought teddy was the love of your live"?
Cris: "she is. "I love them both,I am a cardiothoracic whore"
I LOVE cristina! don't know if I would watch it without her.
Also loved:
- Bailey giving lexie that speech
- Lexie standing up to alex
- AZ harsh and heartbreaking 'I am not broken'speech. leading to the don't don't don't. 2. Did Sloane (the younger) ultimately make the right decision?
Of course she did. she is not mature enough to raise a baby. Like Callie said she is still a baby herself. And it made for some good drama for Mark. Although I have to say I was not impressed by dane's drama performances. 3. Did Derek make the right decision for the cardio position?
Evans was his first choice but he didn't want the job. I guess he made the right decision. I don't like that derek didn't value teddy's teacher qualities. I liked Cristina trying to save Teddy's job. And Owen you are getting worse and hypocritical each episode. Cristina deserves so much better then him. Someone wrote that Teddy and Cristina should make out already. LMAO but you know there is chemistry there....:P(more than Owen/Teddy) 4. Will Callie acquiesce to Arizona regarding the baby issue?
I think Callie wants to bend because she loves AZ so much.The last scene just broke my heart where Callie is trying to convince herself she doesn't want kids if she loses AZ because of it. But I don't think AZ will allow Callie to give her dream up for her( because of the "don't don't don't"). So I hope AZ will act selfless and let Callie go. Only to discover that she can't live without Callie and that maybe having a child is something she wants.I totally get AZ. I don't want kids either and not out of irrational fears. Love to be the cool aunt but I just don't want children of my own. But I really hope AZ will bend to Callie. Callie deserves to finally be happy after all the crap she has been through in previous relationships. Besides I think she will be a great mother. Hope they can work it out. I love them! 5. Will Lexie end the season with Mark, Alex, or neither?
Well we know Mark is going to hook up with Reed and Lexie won't be happy about it. So I guess we will go down the slexie road again. But I think Alex is truly starting to care for Lexie after that amazing speech she gave him. Loved that. you go girl!Anyway Alex is still affraid to fall in love after what Izzie pulled on him. So maybe Alex and Mark will fight for Lexie. Who knows? One thing I am sure of, Lexie won't be without love/admirer. 6. Will April be a game-changer?
Ugh let's hope not. Such a waste of airtime. Merder won't break up anyway come on. Also I see this drama more as comic relief wich I am sure isn't the writers intention.
I am not a big merder fan but I don't hate them either. They're alright in my humble opinion. Although I have to say that mer trying to talk sexy made me want to vomit. It sounded very slutty. Sorry....


1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode? I shave my legs.. sometimes. LOL!!! 2. Did Sloane (the younger) ultimately make the right decision? I think so. 3. Did Derek make the right decision for the cardio position? Yes. Think so cause Yang loves Teddy and she is a good mentor for Yang. 4. Will Callie acquiesce to Arizona regarding the baby issue? I think Callie should cool it with the baby issue. Face it...Callie has never had anyone to love her like AZ does. And if she keeps up with the baby issues she might lose her. Although I did think that AZ might have seen how important the issue was for Callie in the last scene when they was in bed. Maybe AZ will change her mind. I am still believing Shonda that they aren't going to break up. That this is just the bumps in the road that Jessica Capshaw talked about in one of her interviews. She said there will be bumps in the road and they almost break up and then get back together. 5. Will Lexie end the season with Mark, Alex, or neither? Mark! 6. Will April be a game-changer? I think she is a little to obessed with Derrick. She is almost scary.


i say go go go go go go go go go go GO AWAYYYYYY APRILLLL!!!!


1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode? Not so much a quote but the whole scene, Lexie giving her speech to Alex, and how he maybe damaged and she'll keep her legs closed, just loved it. 2. Did Sloane (the younger) ultimately make the right decision? The scenes with Sloane and her baby just showed how young she is and she is not ready to be a mom, natural instinct would be to soothe the baby she just laid there like a stuned mullet doing nothing. 3. Did Derek make the right decision for the cardio position? In the end Derek had to give the permanant contract to Teddy because she was the only one left that wanted it, Derek should tell Teddy how close she came to losing her job. 4. Will Callie acquiesce to Arizona regarding the baby issue? Sadly yes I think she will only because she really loves Arizona. Arizona says she's not broken, but to feel that passionate about not wanting a baby, something happened to her, was Arizona forced to have an abortion, she says she was a lesbian from high school, did something happen to her that she blocked out, like she was raped at school and the trauma of the rape and finding out she was pregnant lead to her having the abortion and then deciding she can trust women better then she does men. Could explain why she thinks she not broken, she only remembers being happy when she is with women. 5. Will Lexie end the season with Mark, Alex, or neither? I think yes, neither, the way Alex has been treating her, I think Alex realizes he is starting to have feelings for Lexie, he treated Izzie the same way in the beginning, he is being the same old Alex pushing people away when they get too close to him, it's his coping mechanism. And Mark is suppose to be hooking up with Reed Adamson, so Mark and Lexie not going to happen this season but Groan will be back - Grey + Sloan = Groan as in orgasm ooooooooo rrrrrrrr awwwweee [sex groan noises can't spell those oh's and r's]or if you use MerDer for Meredith and Derek, LexMar should be Lexie and Mark, CriOwe for Cristina and Owen. 6. Will April be a game-changer? Not sure she is too stalker like and she's not trying to hide her feelings from Meredith anymore. Can't wait to see what happens on May 20


Wait no one picked the one where Jackson was making fun of April? Hahah.
"I'm pretty sure they said fish hook, Chief Shepherd. But if I'm wrong you can spank me. Oh, Chief Shepherd, I do hope I'm wrong." Okay that answered question 1. :) 2. Did Sloane (the younger) ultimately make the right decision? Yes. But it was so heart-breaking seeing Mark give his grandkid to two other people right after he was talking to him about being a Sloan. D: D: D: But Callie was there and I sense something coming from them. I don't know but I've seen way too many people around me (and in movies/shows) and the signs of... something more than friendship is obvious. I'm a romantic by heart. :) 3. Did Derek make the right decision for the cardio position? I have my fave ships and Crowen is definitely one of them. Evans seems like a cool guy and all but I love drama. Which is why I watch this show. But I don't want them extending this love triangle too far. D: And like I said above about having like another sense, Owen is finally (NO) realizing that his feelings for Teddy are not what he expected. 4. Will Callie acquiesce to Arizona regarding the baby issue? I love CALZONA! Don't break them up please! D: I totally avoided the question because I want to say NO! D: But I'm not sure how long Callie will wait to have her baby. She really really wants it. Quoting her (this is my fave line from her):
"You know that story or whatever and there's a bear and it's really hungry and it looks at a table and the table turns into a delicious turkey with lines of deliciousness coming off of it."
She really wants this baby. 5. Will Lexie end the season with Mark, Alex, or neither? I tolerate Slexie (sorry) they're cute and all but I have my ship and you have your ship. :P I really hope Alex finds some love. I really love Mark and Alex and so I hope they find someone that they love and can love them back. :) 6. Will April be a game-changer? It's possible but I don't think so. She's got a crush on the teacher. :P


I know some people think Arizona is forcing Callie to bend for her, but if you really think about it, Arizona never asked Callie to give up her dreams of having babies. She never tried to "fix" Callie. And she never ever questioned Callie's choices. I think Arizona knows the baby issue is gonna cause a lot of tension, but i dont think she ever tried to "change" Callie. I think when she said "I thought I like having you in my life. I hope I'm not wrong" she was saying it because she felt like Callie was "judging" her because she doesn't want kids. She probably felt insulted (even though that wasn't Callie's intention). In the last scene, i think it was just Callie unilaterally deciding to bend for AZ. She doesn't want to risk losing her. But judging from AZ's response, i dont think she wants her to do that. I don't think that was ever her objective. She did specifically say "don't" when Callie offered to bend for her. I guess AZ just didn't know how to deal with this fundamental difference, hence the pound cake and lotion talks. Anyway i really hope Callie and Arizona are going to stay together! They obviously love each other a lot.

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