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@ana114: Thanks! :)
Well then, I honestly have no clue what game-changer this season's finale can offer, but I have faith that the writers can still pull something shocking (hopefully in a way)...
And the more I think about it (yeah, I'm thinking about this instead of writing my freakin' thesis...LOL), the more I'm convinced that April will try to do some harm..I mean it's obvious that her feeligs towards Derek are totally one-sided; Derek barely notices her, so I think Shonda came up with something else, something better, something creepier regarding April's SL.


Derek won't cheat on Meredith besides he can't live without her, if you think about the times that she has been there for him and helped him, for example the woods thing she made him come back, and he said in the elevator all of the things.

In season 4 he told mark that he could'nt stop thinking of Meredith when he was with Rose. I think april might make a move but derek will not take it he is too hung over on this baby news.
That is my theory lolxxx



Read news that most of the cast are signed up for the next two season so I don't think anyone will be leaving apart from KH this season, unless is a mercy western.


April is definitely creepy. But if they actually go down this fatal attarction road, this thriller-like atmosphere would definitely be something unusal and new to Grey's, and I think it COULD work if it'd be well-written. Who knows, maybe it even has something to do with that oh-so-big "game-changer" thing that Shonda is twittering (or whatavering) about...because seriously, what can be a game changer after everything that happened the previous years, especially last year?? I hope April is there for a good reason, cause otherwise, bringing her back was just pointless and frankly, she's just toooo annoying to be on the show without any GOOD reason.

BTW, does anyone know whether there is someone else leaving the cast this year? Cause if I remember correctly, then the contracts with the original castmembers are for 6 technically, they could be released after this season. An news on that? Or am I totally wrong here?


I have full confidence that Derek will NOT cheat on Mer.
But I'm scared for April. She looked kind of creepy when she was staring at him. I hope it doesn't go overboard! D:


I've disliked April from the start and this is not doing anything for me. I thought she was just a lusty resident until I started reading stuff on here - now I'm very scared for MerDer!


MerDer4EveR: I agree with you anuflas. Derek is definetly not cheating on Mer! Shonda even said that on twitter!
April is annoying and I think she is going to do something to Der or Mer..

Do you believe to what Shonda says on twitter? :D I remember reading there that Katherine Heigl is on maternity leave, she's definitely coming back and fans should stop asking about that all the time. I dont's trust her anymore and I would be worried :)


Yeah, some people do that. I just noticed it. :P It's not weird to me. I noticed that (maybe coincidence) all of me and my brother and sister's names are famous. Alexandria, Darwin, Victoria. (I'm Alexandria. xD) I'm named after my grandpa (lol) on my mom's side, Alfredo. I love my name because it sounds exactly like me. I can be sweet at times but I'll kick an ass if a guy gets too close to me. (tries to look angelic) :)


In the last scene between Mer and Der ,that Der 's saying:"If anything should happen to me..." it worried me,if that mad-woman of April does to the damage to Derek,i'm thinking,or if she takes her with Mer this is a cliffanger...April in those conditions she is dangereus that's game-changer.I think that she want to kill Mer so she stay with Derek,one of two remain seriosly wounded ,perhaps Der and in the sametime Mer is pregnant.As somebody of you said fatal-anatomy.All this ,i'm scared,naturally Lexie must speak of this to Derek...This was a great-episode.I like Alex-Mer friendship,Cri and Owen don't go there's shade-teddy.Sloa-Sloan again,at times return.


I am really tired of the Little Sloan situation. But I do like Mark with Lexie. Still not liking Teddy too much. April is irratating but I think something scary could happen with her. Pep up the show a bit. I notice reading different ratings that GA's have been going down this week only 9.5 million. I really want Callie and Arizona to be together forever. The two actresses have great chemistry and C/A are MFEO. But I do read SPOILERS and it doewn't look too good.

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