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Meredith and Derek are in bed when Derek brings up having babies - or a baby - and Meredith freaks out. She goes to talk to Alex when he is showering.  Derek comes in and informs them that Alex’s brother is downstairs.

Alex is highly surprised given that he hasn’t seen his brother in seven years. It turns out that his brother, Aaron, has a massive tumor. Aaron gets checked in pro-bono.

Callie and Arizona have a strange run in with Mark standing on the sidelines. Apparently Callie and Arizona have yet to come to any resolution about having or not having children.

Mark tells Callie that he slept with Teddy and it was mind blowing  - the same goes for Teddy telling Arizona that the sex was great. Teddy also informs Arizona that she knows something is wrong with Owen and she can’t do anything now that he is in a relationship with Christina.

A police officer lady comes in screaming she took down three men. She was on duty and didn’t follow orders so her chief told her that she would be suspended if not fired for her actions.

She goes in for surgery and Cristina accidentally sets off a bullet that was lodged by her heart. Owen freaks out on her telling her that she should have followed orders like a soldier should do.

Teddy tells Cristina that it is her fault and Owen’s for speaking in short army tongue. Cristina tells Teddy that this isn’t the first time Owen’s acted like that. Teddy urges Christina to give him time and he will work it out because he loves her.

The police officer makes it out alive, but they had to do an impromptu hysterectomy to save her life. This makes Callie realize what she also would be missing out on without having children.

The chiefs patient, Alison, came in for a routine surgery. Lexi goes to get her husband, and when they get back, Alison, will not open her eyes.  She filled out paperwork not requesting to be kept on life support.

Lexi talks to Mark about her patient and asks him how to not care. He tells her that he is still learning.  At the meeting with Alison’s husband Lexi catches April giving Derek bed eyes. She chases April out to the hallway and confronts April about what she saw. April admits that she has feelings for Derek.

Alison doesn’t wake up after Lexi pulls the life preserver. He husband is left all alone.

Aaron tells Bailey and Meredith about Alex’s childhood. Because their mom couldn’t take care of them and their father left it was up to Alex to provide. He stole and did shady things for the sake of his siblings which landed him in juvenile detention. 

Aaron gets accidentally educated about Alex’s life in the last seven years - including his marriage and impending divorce to Izzy. This causes an outburst between the brothers.

Alex goes to visit his brother after the surgery. Aaron asks him why he left - especially because when they were younger they were so close. Alex tells him in a way he did it for them. So that he can provide for them.

That night, Meredith and Alex are sitting on the couch and Meredith tells Alex that he is nothing like his father. Alex tells Meredith the same and that she would make a good mother.

Cristina walks in on Owen cooking her dinner when he snaps again. He tells her that he thinks he should start back his meetings with the shrink.  Cristina tells him that he is not alone.

Derek brings up having babies again and Meredith finally agrees to start trying to concieve.

Mark and Teddy are naked in bed when Sloan unexpectedly shows up in labor.

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Cristina and Owen have no chemistry. She's such a great character but this relationship is so far fetched - that she seems lost. Would love to have Izzy back with Alex. And Mark with Lexi. Let something else happen between meredith and Derek besides another triangle - enough of that already....


i hate mark and teddy. maybe the relationship between them is just a bad joke and i´ll wake up soon and mark&lexie are back together i hope sooooo much T.T


alex bro is handsome,april is stupid and she has any chance with derek...i liked the idea of merder having a baby!!!I love the hot mark scenes but he needs a prettier girlfriend...sloan is back??? can't wait for the mext episode....


I'm going to kick Aprils ass if she tries anything with Derek there has been enough drama with first Addison then the whole Christina wedding fiasco ending with rose. But I hope they finally have kid. Alex's brother was really hot nut Izzy needs to come back. I hope Sloams daughter fixes what she broke between Mark and Lexie


I liked this episode for the most part. I loved learning about Alex's background. However, Alex fighting in the hospital with his brother without any repercussions was ridiculous. I loved the whole baby topic, especially Cristina's line, "have you met me?" That was classic. I do not like Cristina and Owen together. He's like a monster and she's fading into the background. Bring back Burke! Callie and Arizona got on my nerves. They've been together how long, and Callie is all, "I want children." So ridiculous. Teddiy and Mark together is cool, but I almost cringed when I saw Sloan Sloan again. I thought we were rid of her. Her role is so annoying on the show. Surprisingly, I found Lexie to be the most interesting in this episode. Her trying to open up to Mark, the crazy chick that crushing on Derek getting busted, her blabbing to Alex's brother...it was both funny and said. Alex and Merideth's relationship has evolved. "I need you to be a girl..." That was classic as well. The the main medical story with the guy who's wife's cancer can back was just not that interesting. The bullet thing was cool though. Overall...it was a pretty interesting story. I hope next week brings better medical drama though.


i think that this episode was great!! some of the lines that they had like christina going
"you wanna have kids?" to teddy
callie saying "you dont?"
and christina repling "have you met me?" and if april keeps on making friken googoo eyes at derek, ill like kick her. good for lexie stiking up for mere and tellin april off and alexs bro.. it totally brought out the past that alex has kept revealed. i absolutly loved this ep!!!


Did anyone watch this episode? I missed it and tried to watch it on my dvr but the cast's voices are not audible. was the show premiered this way or is something wrong with my dvr?


anyone know who the actor playing aaron is?


In Finland we'll have to wait for this episode (as well as 6.18) till next FALL!! Grey's just went off for a break and I have no idea when it's coming back, but I believe it's not until late next fall..... :(


Finally we will learn more about Alex! :) Can't wait to watch this. And I sure hope it won't be a disappointment.

Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

Christina: I hate men their stupid.
Meredith: Derek asked me to have a baby with him this morning.
Christina: Really stupid.

Mark: Come on code for something dirty right like she eats your pound cake and you eat her pound cake.
Callie: No.
Mark: Oh please tell me its something that is dirty because otherwise that was the most boring conversation ever.