Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Sympathy For the Parents"

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Welcome to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table, in which our esteemed panelists discuss hot topics and some burning questions from Thursday's episode.

Topics for our "Sympathy For the Parents" Round Table include memorable Grey's Anatomy quotes, kids (current and future), family members and much more ...

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?

M.L. House: Two baby-related Grey's Anatomy quotes from Dr. Yang tie this week in my book: 1. Cristina: (to Teddy) "You want to have kids?" Callie: "You don't?" Cristina: "Have you met me? No!" 2. Cristina: "I hate men, they're stupid." Meredith: "Derek asked me to have a baby with him this morning." Cristina: "Really stupid."

Mrs. Northman: Bailey: "If you are going to wait for the perfect time to have kids - you're never going to have kids." This quote speaks volumes! I couldn't agree with Bailey more.

L.J. Gibbs: Mrs. Northman's chosen quote was going to be my choice as well, since it was recently true in my own case! But in the interest of mixing it up I'll borrow from Meredith:

"You can waste your whole life wondering, but the only way to find out what kind of parent you'd be is to finally stop talking about it and just do it." Amen, sister.


2. Mark and Teddy together: Fan or not a fan?

L.J. Gibbs: I recognize the whole angle with Mark wanting to settle down and all, prompted by Sloane's entry in his life, but I'm not really feeling all that much chemistry here. It feels like a diversion from the tension under the surface with Owen, but maybe that's just me?

Mrs. Northman: Not a fan! Really, the writers should try to find someone new for both of them. I even think they aren't too into it either. Both seem to be just doing it for the kicks.

M.L. House: Not a fan. I want her to myself!

3. Will Owen get the help he needs?

Mrs. Northman: I hope so! I really like Owen and think he's a pretty stand up man. I really hope he doesn't cheat on Christina! I'd rather them break up than cheat on her.

M.L. House: If he keeps snapping at Cristina like he has been, he's going to need some, otherwise this relationship is headed for an ugly, emotional end. Hopefully it won't...

L.J. Gibbs: As we said in our review, what a tangled web this guy weaves. He clearly needs some help talking about things bothering him mentally and relationship-wise.

4. Did you like meeting Aaron? What Grey's Anatomy character's family member or members would you like to see next (either ones we've already met, or have not)?

M.L. House: Mark Sloan. The mother who raised that guy must be a real character. As for one's we've met already, I wouldn't mind Cristina's mom making another visit.

Mrs. Northman: I liked Aaron! He played the doe eyed brother really well. It explained so much about Alex and why he is the way he is. I would love to meet Derek's family - we really don't know all that much about his history besides Addison and Mark.

L.J. Gibbs: How about Derek's? Last night's Private Practice notwithstanding, there's still so much McDreamy back story to explore, and he's my favorite character.

Karev vs. Karev

FAMILY REUNION: The Karevs come to blows.

5. Besides Sloane Sloan, which character will have a child first?

L.J. Gibbs: Here's an out-of-left-field theory: Cristina. Maybe I'm influenced by the supposed pregnancy spoiler going around, but I think after last night's discussion, it's the last thing we'd expect. She can still have children after the miscarriage, right?

M.L. House: Callie and Arizona. Okay, probably Mer and Der, but I'd love to see a scene in which Calzona argues over which of them will physically carry the child ... and/or over who the biological father will be. Something tells us Mark would be down!

Mrs. Northman: It will have to be Meredith, unless April does something wicked to her. Gosh, that chick really grinds my gears!

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I'm loving all the stuff going on - crossovers, new cast and couples - I actually like the chemistry now than in the beginning - other than losing George - I LOVED George - soooo sweet. Alex is becoming a really complex character who I am really enjoying. BUT what is up with the huge lag between new episodes!?!??!?! Don't they see that they are losing viewers with the huge spaces between episodes?? It just seems like bad business - the show is fantastic - and it's like they are letting it go on purpose! Keep it coming Shonda and Co. - We're loving it!!!


Thank you Anuflas, I'll try to watch this weekend!


ah, someone remembered the Alex Izzie potential babies that are frozen embryos somewhere, presumably at SGMWH. There needs to be a legal decision as to what happens to these possible babies. Shame she's not coming back, but this maybe the only chance iz will have of becoming a mom in the future?


1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode? Would say quote but my favourite scene was Mark and Callie and the pound cake, Mark I pounded her cake, she pounded my cake. Loved it, it was so funny. 2. Mark and Teddy together: Fan or not a fan? I like Mark and Teddy but not as a couple, Mark and Callie were great together, Mark and Lexie really cared about each other. But if Mark had to be coupled with someone Teddy is mature, and I think given the chance she'd be really good for Mark. 3. Will Owen get the help he needs? I hope he does, his PTSD could be dangerous if left untreated. He could be fine one moment then snap the next. 4. Did you like meeting Aaron? What Grey's Anatomy character's family member or members would you like to see next (either ones we've already met, or have not)? Loved Aaron and all the goss he gave to Bailey about Alex. Other family members I'd like to meet:- Derek's other sister's Kathleen and the yet to be named sister, Meredith's Aunt, Cristina's Stepfather, Bailey's Cousins who informed her father of her upcoming divorce, Alex's sister Amber, give Meredith and Lexie some cousins around there age, so they have to be Thatcher's nieces and nephews, so we get to meet more of the Grey family. Bring Molly, Laura and Molly's husband back from Iraq, his tour of duty should be over by now, have Lexie introduce Molly and family to the hospital staff, have Molly give Meredith a big hug. Barman Joe, did he and Walter adopt the twins? nothing was ever mentioned after Addison examined the mother after she complained of heart burn, then later Addison delivered her twins. 5. Besides Sloane Sloan, which character will have a child first? I would love it to be Callie, or maybe Bailey give Tuck a baby brother or sister, or maybe it's Alex who finds out there was a stuff up with Izzie's embryos and they were accidently implanted into a surrogate mother, so ready or not Alex finds out he and Izzie are going to be parents sooner than both of them wanted, now that they are divorced who will fight for custody of the baby once it's born, it will open it up for Izzie to return or not?


@mfcgal, One of Derek's siters, Amelia, just joined PP (if you can, watch PP's Eyes Wide Open) and she was being all mean about Derek and her sisters, but mostly Derek. Our discussion here it's speculation of Amelia's resentment towards Derek, which goes from professional jealousy (ironically, she chose Neurosurgery as a specialty too) to many other theories. :-)


Help! What happened in PP that everybody is questioning Dereks sister? What did she say? I am confused!


I feel a crossover coming up. Maybe that's why they are on a hiatus? They went on a hiatus for the last crossover which was a dud, (except Maddison, and then it broke my heart. D:).


I'm interested in the Amelia stuff, I don't watch PP. I always assumed that all 4 of Der's sisters were married with kids. Amelia must be very close to Mer's age. Amelia must resent Der and have some sort of loyalty to AdMark. Has Der worked out she knew about the affair, and he hasn't forgiven Amelia yet?


The two possiblities of Amelia finding out about the affair (kissing beforehand or when they were having an affair after Derek left), they are weighed equally. We don't know what happened and I for one can't wait how this turns out. Grey's is back!:D I wonder if Amelia will tell Derek...


@smileyglen, I honestly never thought that Amelia might've taken Mark as the older brother, instead of Derek. That'd explain it. She has more loyalty to Mark (her "brother") and Addison (her "sister") than Derek (her "father") and the other sisters (her "mothers"). That same comment made me wonder how long were Mark and Addie having an affair before Derek found out. Supposedly, when Derek caught them was the first time they slept together. I think that Amelia caught them kissing or something and didn't say anything prior to Derek catching them. I honestly hope I'm wrong here because I don't know how many more punches Derek can take about this. My other theory is that Amelia must have been talking about the time when M/A stayed together after Derek left for Seattle. That is some twisted mind, that one of Amelia. And an ungrateful one, for that matter. About the nieces and nephews comments. I always thought of Derek being the middle child. That'd make Nancy, Kathleen, and perhaps the unnamed one, have 4/5 kids each. Perhaps they live a less hectic life than Derek and Amelia do. I believe that he is close to Kathleen, since she was the one that told Nancy about Meredith and her relationship status, the panties, divorce, the trailer, etc. I want to meet her!

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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

Christina: I hate men their stupid.
Meredith: Derek asked me to have a baby with him this morning.
Christina: Really stupid.

Mark: Come on code for something dirty right like she eats your pound cake and you eat her pound cake.
Callie: No.
Mark: Oh please tell me its something that is dirty because otherwise that was the most boring conversation ever.