Grey's Anatomy Review: "Sympathy for the Parents"

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Last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy it was all about children. Everyone in one way or another was connected by either being a parent or the potential to becoming one.

The best way to sum it up is through Meredeth's very own insightful words:

Meredith: It's the most important job in the world. You probably should need a license to do it, but then most of us wouldn't even pass the written exam. Some people are naturals. They were born to do it. Some have other gifts. But the good news is biology dictates you don't have to do it alone. You can waste your whole life wondering, but the only way to find out what kind of parent you'd be is to finally stop talking about it and just do it. | permalink

Since each character had to go through their own path, let's dissect "Sympathy for the Parents":

  • Meredith and Derek: The episode began with Derek asking Meredith how she felt about starting a family with babies (then he quickly changed it to a baby - obviously Derek sensed the shock in Meredith's body language). Because of a patient dying, it made Derek realize that he did not want either of them to be alone when the other kicked the bucket. Meredith, thanks to her new BFF - (BTW - how great is Alex and Meredith as besties!? So cute!) she realized that she will be nothing like her mother and agrees by the end of the show to start a family with McDreamy! All together now: Aww!
Family Rivalry Brewing
  • Alex and Aaron: With Aaron's arrival we got to learn so much about what made Alex the man he is today. He basically was the father in Aaron's life from the time he was just a little kid himself. Having to handle such grown up issues and such a young age really makes you a different person. We get now why he has so much pent up anger and how scary it must be to even think of becoming a parent. It was good for Meredith to be there for him and let him know that he is nothing like his father. We heart Alex!
  • Callie and Arizona: It is like the big pink elephant in the room that neither one of them wants to discuss. The whole episode, Arizona basically wanted to talk about everything under the sun, but kids. Callie on the other hand, really weighed the pros and cons about being a parent. And thanks to Miranda and her ridiculously cute story about Tucker, she was able to conclude by the end of the show that she definitely wants kids.
  • Owen, Cristina, and Teddy: Our favorite love triangle that no one wants to own up to. Teddy is still very much in love with Owen. Owen wants to one day have children, possibly with Cristina, and Cristina never wants kids. Period. What a tangled web they weave! There's been a couple times now where we've caught Owen glancing at Teddy in a more than best friends kind of way. Will this be the feather that breaks the camel's back? Will Owen leave Cristina or worse, will he cheat on her? We hope not! We liked the way it ended with Cristina offering her hand to Owen. There is definitely something special there.
  • Mark and Sloan: She's back! We know how much Mark wants to have a family and raise children. So much so he has been willing to change his ways and actually court Teddy (we still do not like them together). Now that his daughter is back with baby in tow, will she stay for good? If so, will that take the pressure off of Mark to want to be a father?
April and Lexie

We thought there were plenty of touching storylines on last night's episode. But one part that was rather annoying would be April's obsession with McDreamy! What is that? Thank God Lexie saw it and confronted her about it, but she didn't really do anything else.

C'mon Lexie! Stand up for your sista!

So our question for all of you out there: Do you think Derek will ever cheat on Meredith?

What did you think of last night's episode?

Don't forget to check out our favorite Grey's Anatomy quotes after the jump!

Derek: If anything should happen to me, I don't want you to just be you.
Meredith: Well we would make pretty babies.
Derek: So you're thinking about it?
Meredith: Oh, I'm thinking about it. | permalink
Bailey: If you are going to wait for the perfect time to have kids - you're never going to have kids. | permalink
Teddy: Don't tell him what to do, just tell him how you fell. | permalink
Lexie: How did you do it? How did you learn?
Mark: I'm still learning. | permalink
Owen: When you're commanding officer tells you to stand down, you stand down.
Christina: I'm not in the army and you're not my commanding officer. | permalink
Cristina: (to Teddy) You want to have kids?
Callie: You don't?
Cristina: Have you met me? No! | permalink
Bailey: So what happened after jouvey?
Meredith: Dr. Bailey, I don't think Alex -
Bailey: Mind your business. | permalink
Cristina: I hate men, they're stupid.
Meredith: Derek asked me to have a baby with him this morning.
Cristina: Really stupid. | permalink


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@McShip I noticed all the A names,doesn't seem so strange to me, I know of a family in real life all there names start with J, father John, mother Julie, daughters Janet and Jade and son Jonathan. Maybe the Karev's just prefer the letter A, big question would be what are mom and dad's names.


@ Ana-I see your point how Izzie underappreciated him I really do, I actually believe that for the entire relationship that Alex loved Izzie a bit more than she loved him,Izzie took that for granted and she paid the price by Alex figuring it out(it makes me extremely sad but it's true) Oh well Izzie's never going to get back together with Alex but who knows she may come back for one episode (in the far off distant future) Because of this episode,what he went through, and who he is NOW I


Now that I know how horrible Alex's childhood was, it pissed me off how Izzie under appreciated him, Alex is a gem of a man, and Izzie never saw it. I know he was jerk a lot of the time, but Izzie could've made a effort to break down that wall that Alex has built. I mean she did in season 5 a little but even then it wasn't enough. It could've been an awesome storyline.


After I was reading the comments, I can't help but think "Fatal Attraction." Agree with anuflas, Fatal Attraction with a scalpel. I agree with everyone that hates/ thinks April is scary. She's really scary, when I saw her staring at Derek. It was really... creepy. (shudders)
Love their friendship. Loved the shower scene (Lol, that sounded wrong?) or bathroom scene, whatever, and the end of the episode scene. :) Alex is one-of-a-kind and he is NOTHING like his father. And Meredith is NOTHING like her mom. She's going to be good, once she gets to know it. (McBaby... Aww...!) Mark/Teddy
Not a big fan but I want to see where this goes. I like Mark and Lexie, I did not expect that scene between them, but lets just give both of them some time to breathe. I'm glad that they are trying to move on (both of them with no accomplishment). The sight of Sloane at the end of the episode REALLY made go, WTF?! Cristina/Owen
She has a right to be scared and I'm glad she's scared. (?) It's more realistic. I love how she's there for Owen, even after the choking incident. Now that his PTSD has flared up again, she has a right to be scared. O: "Are you scared of me?" Long pause... C: "I don't want to be." Hold hands! Aww...! Meredith/Derek
MCBABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


Totally of topic but did you guys notice they all have A names? (Alex, Aaron, Amber) LOL!


smileyglen, Yeah, I thought that too. I bet April did something to that patient so she can be close to Derek. I'm guessing that the sides of next episode have to do with this. Fatal Attraction with a scapel. Not good.


I hope Derek will not leave Mer,, but in some ways i want something new to Mer's character..(I know its because of Ellen's family)But i want to see Mer more on the show and some story about her.. Btw, love the mer-alex scenes..^^


I loved this week's episode. Alex/Meredith
I'm so happy that Shonda has not abandoned the bond Alex and Meredith began in Season 2 when he confided in her about his failing the boards. I love how they support each other; they understand each other and they really bring out the best in each other. I love Meredith and Christina - don't get me wrong - but Meredith has grown in ways that Christina has not and at times she's unable to truly support her in a way that Alex can. When Christina remarked "really stupid" after Meredith told her about Derek's baby request, did it ever occur to Christina that Meredith has the ability to be a better mother than Ellis? I'm glad Alex saw it and told her so. Please Shonda keep Alex and Meredith's bro/sis bond growing. It's truly wonderful. Richard?
Wow, I think April killed the patient and I kept wondering why Richard didn't bring it up again. Richard used to be the Chief of Surgery; yes, he's been drinking but his skills and intelligence is not gone. Hello? Why didn't he figure out what happened? It can only mean that this man will eventually bring a lawsuit against the hospital after realizing something went terribly wrong. After all, Lexie did tell him that the surgery went well. So, where's the Richard we all know and love? April
Ok, she's scary and Lexie is stupid for not telling Derek about it. I can understand her not wanting to upset Meredith but Derek and Lexie have a bro/sis bond too and she can talk to him. I guess this means that April is going to go nuts and spill all to Derek and maybe even hurt him? If that's how it's going down (April goes nuts and gets violent) I hope Derek is hurt and we get to see how Meredith supports her ailing husband. We've seen the reverse and Derek is wonderful at supporting her. Let's see Mer shine as a wife - she's got it in her....and let's see Alex be her main support because Christina runs from these things. It could be a great episode. Anyone here see the ER episode where Carter and Lucy got stabbed by the crazy patient? JUST AWESOME. Brilliant episode. Alex
I agree with Bailey - if a man who lived his life can still become a pretty good surgeon, I'm impressed! Christina/Owen/Teddy
LOVE that Christina is scare of Owen. It would be so unreal if she wasn't especially after the choking incident. It's easy to forgive but not necessarily easy to forget. Besides the PTSD, I think Owen does all of the giving and Christina does all of the taking. Although she made that speech about Burke a few episodes back, she did all the taking there too and Burke couldn't take it anymore. I really wish Meredith would help her see this. I don't know why men enjoy having a relationship with her. Teddy annoys me though I want to like the character for being honest about her feelings but trying to respect everyone's lives as they are despite it all. I'm not a big fan of Kim Raver - she was annoying on Third Watch and more annoying on 24. All of her characters are whining and teary-eyed. Maybe it's not the actress but the characters I don't like, don't know but it's all closely related. I don't like Teddy with Mark - yuck. And I'm not happy that she's still visibly pining over Owen. No one's feelings go away over night but he didn't choose you; even after Beth. Yes, it's clear he loves you but he hasn't chosen you ever....let go. Move on and find someone who will choose and cherish you. It's definitely not Owen (at this point anyway).


April scary is an understatement, I rewatched the episode, Richard Webber is examining his cancer patient and he turns to Kepner and asks tell me exactly what happened. In her words she said she was weaning the patient off the ventilator, then she resets it back to it's orginal settings. The patient has a brain hemorrhage, I believe Kepner caused this hemorrhage because the patient wasn't ready to be weaned off the ventilator. She is still killing patients and no one sees it, that is scary and her obsession with Derek, I hope she doesn't try something with Derek, like seduce him in his office or scrub room, hope Kepner keeps her promise to Lexie and never shows her feelings for Derek again.


Lexie with Blonde hair?? Not bad lol

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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

Christina: I hate men their stupid.
Meredith: Derek asked me to have a baby with him this morning.
Christina: Really stupid.

Mark: Come on code for something dirty right like she eats your pound cake and you eat her pound cake.
Callie: No.
Mark: Oh please tell me its something that is dirty because otherwise that was the most boring conversation ever.