Grey's Anatomy Review: "Sympathy for the Parents"

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Last night's episode of Grey's Anatomy it was all about children. Everyone in one way or another was connected by either being a parent or the potential to becoming one.

The best way to sum it up is through Meredeth's very own insightful words:

Meredith: It's the most important job in the world. You probably should need a license to do it, but then most of us wouldn't even pass the written exam. Some people are naturals. They were born to do it. Some have other gifts. But the good news is biology dictates you don't have to do it alone. You can waste your whole life wondering, but the only way to find out what kind of parent you'd be is to finally stop talking about it and just do it. | permalink

Since each character had to go through their own path, let's dissect "Sympathy for the Parents":

  • Meredith and Derek: The episode began with Derek asking Meredith how she felt about starting a family with babies (then he quickly changed it to a baby - obviously Derek sensed the shock in Meredith's body language). Because of a patient dying, it made Derek realize that he did not want either of them to be alone when the other kicked the bucket. Meredith, thanks to her new BFF - (BTW - how great is Alex and Meredith as besties!? So cute!) she realized that she will be nothing like her mother and agrees by the end of the show to start a family with McDreamy! All together now: Aww!
Family Rivalry Brewing
  • Alex and Aaron: With Aaron's arrival we got to learn so much about what made Alex the man he is today. He basically was the father in Aaron's life from the time he was just a little kid himself. Having to handle such grown up issues and such a young age really makes you a different person. We get now why he has so much pent up anger and how scary it must be to even think of becoming a parent. It was good for Meredith to be there for him and let him know that he is nothing like his father. We heart Alex!
  • Callie and Arizona: It is like the big pink elephant in the room that neither one of them wants to discuss. The whole episode, Arizona basically wanted to talk about everything under the sun, but kids. Callie on the other hand, really weighed the pros and cons about being a parent. And thanks to Miranda and her ridiculously cute story about Tucker, she was able to conclude by the end of the show that she definitely wants kids.
  • Owen, Cristina, and Teddy: Our favorite love triangle that no one wants to own up to. Teddy is still very much in love with Owen. Owen wants to one day have children, possibly with Cristina, and Cristina never wants kids. Period. What a tangled web they weave! There's been a couple times now where we've caught Owen glancing at Teddy in a more than best friends kind of way. Will this be the feather that breaks the camel's back? Will Owen leave Cristina or worse, will he cheat on her? We hope not! We liked the way it ended with Cristina offering her hand to Owen. There is definitely something special there.
  • Mark and Sloan: She's back! We know how much Mark wants to have a family and raise children. So much so he has been willing to change his ways and actually court Teddy (we still do not like them together). Now that his daughter is back with baby in tow, will she stay for good? If so, will that take the pressure off of Mark to want to be a father?
April and Lexie

We thought there were plenty of touching storylines on last night's episode. But one part that was rather annoying would be April's obsession with McDreamy! What is that? Thank God Lexie saw it and confronted her about it, but she didn't really do anything else.

C'mon Lexie! Stand up for your sista!

So our question for all of you out there: Do you think Derek will ever cheat on Meredith?

What did you think of last night's episode?

Don't forget to check out our favorite Grey's Anatomy quotes after the jump!

Derek: If anything should happen to me, I don't want you to just be you.
Meredith: Well we would make pretty babies.
Derek: So you're thinking about it?
Meredith: Oh, I'm thinking about it. | permalink
Bailey: If you are going to wait for the perfect time to have kids - you're never going to have kids. | permalink
Teddy: Don't tell him what to do, just tell him how you fell. | permalink
Lexie: How did you do it? How did you learn?
Mark: I'm still learning. | permalink
Owen: When you're commanding officer tells you to stand down, you stand down.
Christina: I'm not in the army and you're not my commanding officer. | permalink
Cristina: (to Teddy) You want to have kids?
Callie: You don't?
Cristina: Have you met me? No! | permalink
Bailey: So what happened after jouvey?
Meredith: Dr. Bailey, I don't think Alex -
Bailey: Mind your business. | permalink
Cristina: I hate men, they're stupid.
Meredith: Derek asked me to have a baby with him this morning.
Cristina: Really stupid. | permalink


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I think Kepner will have issues. She had that note book of things to make her believe in herself, how to work with patients. Now we see her trying the hair flick trying in vain to attract a man who is clearly unattainable, and regards her as one of his staff. It's probably going to end in tears.


i seriously think that april will hurt mer cause why would she want to hurt the man she has a crush on??


Wow! This is scary, very good and very scary posts.....
I am with "Eva", loved the mark & lexie moment. Good they are growing, hope that they realize they are with Teddy and Alex just to try and forget. Hope Lexie weights if she rather not have Mark than raise Sloanes baby. I hope she goes back to him.
I am also with "justafan" Teddy is a very good person and friend, she truly loves Owen and I believe deep down he loves her too. Is it a coincidence that all his nightmares flared up when Teddy decide to move on and try dating Mark? I am sorry for Cristina but I really think Owen and Teddy belongs together. Cristina is afraid of him as it is.
"anuflas" you and many others are right, never thought about April as psycho but yesterday changed my mind. She has the looks, the manerisms, the "storyline" of someone that can snap any minute now. Like you said she may look up to Derek for hiring her back and then helping her after the day she broke down and this infatuation in a show like GA can't be good, you know damn sure Shonda has her there for a reason. She will snap at the season finale and do something to either Derek or Meredith. I think t will be him because he will turn her down. This will be why she won't be back next season. I mean they can "fire" most the MW at once, right?
Now, I was pretty much scared as everyone seem to know April is going to snap, again that is what we think but now that "jude" commented on other deaths makes me realize this is what Shonda does, she gives very subtle, hints about things. We have the patient that died when she was fired, she made a "mistake", then not too long ago she broke down because of another "mistake" (correct me on that one if I am wrong), and then last night she made another "mistake" and they only mention it like something in the passing (Richard asked her and that was the end of it, never heard it again). I mean can a doctor be so stupid or clumsy? I don't know I think Shonda is preparing us for something and when it happens we are going to go ahhhhhh! that's why!
Bruna - I apologize as I am always mispelling Cristina's name as well, I will try and notice it!


I'm feeling a little bit uneasy about Kepner. Her crush on Der, another patients death etc, not good. I think it's a sign of things to come that we know that 2 MWers are leaving and Avery is staying. The silence regarding Kepner makes me think somethings gonna happen with her, and it's not gonna be good.


*sorry I mean him*


Ana-Denny was sweet and kind to her and Alex was a jerk back then and she didn't understand why or even try to understand she just wanted to be treated right(and interestingly enough the tables have turned on who deserved better S2-Izzie thought Alex wasn't good enough for her which was true @ the time. S6-Alex said Izzie wasn't good enough for her and deserved better on how he treated her which I grudglingy agree was true based on her actions this season)


@sofi Yes Izzie didn't know much about Alex back in season 2, but she dumped him for Denny someone she knew even less.


This is one of my top episodes of S6. I love Alex now (except him with Lexie I want him with a new character who will love him) and I finally understand why he is the way he is it's depressing to hear all the stuff he's been through and hurt he's felt. Ana- Izzie dumped Alex in S2 because she didn't know who he was and didn't know much about what he went through except his dad's abusive relationship with his mom. Now if you asked about why she left him in S6 that's more understandable Derek would NEVER cheat on Mer and becasue of what went down this episode I am NOT a fan of April. I want a McBaby too but both Meredith and Derek have to be ready for it. I love this episode and can wait 3 weeks for the next one


I'm impressed with Kim Raver's portrayal of Teddy- she has managed to convince me that Teddy belongs with Owen. And I liked Cristina with Owen. Alot. Who wouldn't, with those opening episodes of their explosive meeting?! But 'Teddy's' (Raver's portrayal!) nobility in a difficult situation, generosity with Cristina (personal and professional), insight and compassion for Owen make her a pretty formidable human being.. not just a plot device. It'll be interesting to see in what direction S.Rhimes decides to take this story line-- I also enjoyed learning more about 'Alex's' childhood. I've always liked 'Alex' and Alex's friendship with Meredith. I still surprise myself with how much I like the show- I've never watched a 'soap'/series like this before..


i LOVED the mark/lexie moment. i wasn't expecting it at all, but was so glad to see it!!!!!!!! XDDD

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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

Christina: I hate men their stupid.
Meredith: Derek asked me to have a baby with him this morning.
Christina: Really stupid.

Mark: Come on code for something dirty right like she eats your pound cake and you eat her pound cake.
Callie: No.
Mark: Oh please tell me its something that is dirty because otherwise that was the most boring conversation ever.