Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "Sympathy For the Parents"

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Welcome to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table, in which our esteemed panelists discuss hot topics and some burning questions from Thursday's episode.

Topics for our "Sympathy For the Parents" Round Table include memorable Grey's Anatomy quotes, kids (current and future), family members and much more ...

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?

M.L. House: Two baby-related Grey's Anatomy quotes from Dr. Yang tie this week in my book: 1. Cristina: (to Teddy) "You want to have kids?" Callie: "You don't?" Cristina: "Have you met me? No!" 2. Cristina: "I hate men, they're stupid." Meredith: "Derek asked me to have a baby with him this morning." Cristina: "Really stupid."

Mrs. Northman: Bailey: "If you are going to wait for the perfect time to have kids - you're never going to have kids." This quote speaks volumes! I couldn't agree with Bailey more.

L.J. Gibbs: Mrs. Northman's chosen quote was going to be my choice as well, since it was recently true in my own case! But in the interest of mixing it up I'll borrow from Meredith:

"You can waste your whole life wondering, but the only way to find out what kind of parent you'd be is to finally stop talking about it and just do it." Amen, sister.


2. Mark and Teddy together: Fan or not a fan?

L.J. Gibbs: I recognize the whole angle with Mark wanting to settle down and all, prompted by Sloane's entry in his life, but I'm not really feeling all that much chemistry here. It feels like a diversion from the tension under the surface with Owen, but maybe that's just me?

Mrs. Northman: Not a fan! Really, the writers should try to find someone new for both of them. I even think they aren't too into it either. Both seem to be just doing it for the kicks.

M.L. House: Not a fan. I want her to myself!

3. Will Owen get the help he needs?

Mrs. Northman: I hope so! I really like Owen and think he's a pretty stand up man. I really hope he doesn't cheat on Christina! I'd rather them break up than cheat on her.

M.L. House: If he keeps snapping at Cristina like he has been, he's going to need some, otherwise this relationship is headed for an ugly, emotional end. Hopefully it won't...

L.J. Gibbs: As we said in our review, what a tangled web this guy weaves. He clearly needs some help talking about things bothering him mentally and relationship-wise.

4. Did you like meeting Aaron? What Grey's Anatomy character's family member or members would you like to see next (either ones we've already met, or have not)?

M.L. House: Mark Sloan. The mother who raised that guy must be a real character. As for one's we've met already, I wouldn't mind Cristina's mom making another visit.

Mrs. Northman: I liked Aaron! He played the doe eyed brother really well. It explained so much about Alex and why he is the way he is. I would love to meet Derek's family - we really don't know all that much about his history besides Addison and Mark.

L.J. Gibbs: How about Derek's? Last night's Private Practice notwithstanding, there's still so much McDreamy back story to explore, and he's my favorite character.

Karev vs. Karev

FAMILY REUNION: The Karevs come to blows.

5. Besides Sloane Sloan, which character will have a child first?

L.J. Gibbs: Here's an out-of-left-field theory: Cristina. Maybe I'm influenced by the supposed pregnancy spoiler going around, but I think after last night's discussion, it's the last thing we'd expect. She can still have children after the miscarriage, right?

M.L. House: Callie and Arizona. Okay, probably Mer and Der, but I'd love to see a scene in which Calzona argues over which of them will physically carry the child ... and/or over who the biological father will be. Something tells us Mark would be down!

Mrs. Northman: It will have to be Meredith, unless April does something wicked to her. Gosh, that chick really grinds my gears!

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I don't think Christina can have children. Remember her surgery back in season 2? She lost the baby and Addie told her she couldn't save the tube. Either way, I wouldn't want to see Christina have a baby. As gooey and delightful as it sounds, remember how she was with Bailey's baby? Yeesh...


@ana114, You have a point there. I originally thought that Amelia, having chosen Derek's specialty, may have to deal with being in his shadow a lot, more of a professional jealousy, I guess. I just don't understand how a close family member can hold a secret like that. It's sad that aside from his mother, Derek doesn't really has someone on his side. Nancy and Amelia love Addie and seem to be more on her side than his. Can't blame the guy for keeping Mer all to his own.


I think I know why Amelia resents Derek. She is the youngest isn't she? Since their dad died when they were young, probably Derek took the role of disciplinary and protector in Amelia's life and she probably did a lot of stupid things when she was younger that Derek being such a black and white person didn't condone, and Addison used to cover for Amelia all the time. So that is why I think Amelia hid Addison's and Mark's affair from Derek.


Hi anuflas, you are right I was tied when I wrote my post I just got home from work. It was Addison who mentioned that she sent Derek scans of the pregnant lady's brain, and Derek said he wouldn't think about doing the operation that Amelia did. I still think Amelia's presence in LA should be known to Derek, even if it's a phone call from his mother or Addison. And I agree Amelia should never have kept Addison and Mark's affair a secret from her brother.


1. My fav would be when cristina first met Alex's brother and saying Aaron is an "Angel Spawn" while Alex is an "Evil Spawn". And when Owen asked cristina "Are you scared of me?" and Cristiin said she wouldn't want to be. That's so sad! 5. I think Meredith's gonna have a baby. But I have to agree that it's too expected and Shonda never does that. I want to see Cristina having a baby, it will be interesting to watch since she def would suck at taking care of it (She tried to take care of bailey's baby, but had trouble in changing diapers)


1. My fav would be when cristina first met Alex's brother and saying Aaron is an "Angel Spawn" while Alex is an "Evil Spawn". And when Owen asked cristina "Are you scared of me?" and Cristiin said she wouldn't want to be. That's so sad! 5. I think Meredith's gonna have a baby. But I have to agree that it's too expected and Shonda never does that. I want to see Cristina having a baby, it will be interesting to watch since she def would suck at taking care


5. I definitely see a surprise pregnancy in Bailey's future.


@smileyglen, It was Addison the one that sent the scans to Derek, not Amelia. And from the episode, she clearly resents Derek for some unknown reason and don't keep in contact much. I don't think Addie is going to blab this to Callie since she saw that Amelia and Derek may not be in good terms. I think Sam will be the one doing it. Amelia isn't working for Addison. She lost her job in her fellowship but she isn't working for Addie...yet. Since she is a recurring character on PP, I think she'll get a fellowship on LA but in a hospital. But yeah, this is a crossover waiting to happen. I want Mer to stand up for Derek like she stood up for Alex. Amelia need someone to bring her down from her cloud. I honestly don't like Amelia that much. On all the PP boards they are praising her but I really don't like her. I lost respect to her the moment she said that she kept quiet about the affair.


The thing/ quote that concerns me is Der worrying about something happening to him and Mer being on her own. To just raise that as a posibility is making me feel a bit concerned something is gonna happen and it'll be down to Kepner. We've a person to hate again, clearly it's Kepner


Don't hate Mark and Teddy, but I saw how Mark didn't walk away from Lexie when she was talking to him, it spoke volumes to me, Mark even said he was still learning not to care, he practically told Lexie he still cares about her. So there is still hope, Mark and Lexie are good together and I'm a hopeless romantic and I want them to get back together, I would even have them actually get engaged, they can have a really long engagement, get married once Lexie has finished her residency. Now that Derek's sister Amelia is on Private Practice, I would like some mention of her by Derek to Meredith in passing. Like Amelia said she sent an email to Derek about a patient, Derek could just mention it in passing, like "Just got a email from Amelia, give me 2 seconds to look over the scans and we can go" he could be speaking to Meredith or maybe Mark because Mark would know Amelia and Meredith would be asking questions because Amelia hasn't been mentioned on Grey's Anatomy as of yet. I'm sure Addison still speaks to Callie and keeps her up to date on all the hospital gossip, and Addison could let it slip that Amelia Shephard is working for her now. I think we should met Cristina's stepfather Mr Rubenstein (I think). Can't wait for the rest of the season to air and the finale in May.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 19 Quotes

Christina: I hate men their stupid.
Meredith: Derek asked me to have a baby with him this morning.
Christina: Really stupid.

Mark: Come on code for something dirty right like she eats your pound cake and you eat her pound cake.
Callie: No.
Mark: Oh please tell me its something that is dirty because otherwise that was the most boring conversation ever.