House Review: "Knight Fall"

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I liked him better when he was on Vicodin.

Chase uttered these words about House after halfway through "Knight Fall." It's a question many viewers have been asking themselves all season: Is a drug-free, evolving House actually an entertaining House?

The show itself has struggled with this same issue, as House's path to recovery hasn't been clear on a weekly basis. He often comes across as the same heartless bastard we've known (and loved) for years now.

But it was obvious at the conclusion of last night's episode that House wants to change. In the past, nothing has brought him more joy than meddling in Wilson's affairs. But the guy was actually open to the rational words Sam said in her speech. As she recognized, House - in his own way - had benevolent intentions all along, he was just going about them in an immature way. By acquiescing to her plea to give her and Wilson a chance, House took a major step toward... being normal.

House vs. Wilson

The rest of the episode really wasn't normal, however. It tried a bit too hard to be quirky, as the entire renaissance fair storyline felt forced, especially when House actually entered the patient's room in full garb.

Same with the transvestite at dinner. What was even the point of her/him? To make Wilson and Sam feel uncomfortable enough to break up? It didn't make a lot of sense, but it was funny to watch House's date actually get along with Sam.

And let's hope we see a lot more of her. There are rumors that Cynthia Watros might join the cast on a regular basis next season. That would be tremendous. The actress doesn't have a chance to play a fully developed character on Lost, as Libby is interesting, but also a major downer.

Sam, conversely, gets a chance to actually smile! She also seems prepared to go toe-to-toe with House when needed. She'd be a great addition to the series, don't you think?

Overall, I'm intrigued by the Sam/Wilson scenario, but can't decide how much I want to see House change. Even his pill-popping is less exciting when it's Ibuprofen instead of Vicotin. The episode did result in many great House quotes, at least, some of which are listed below:

House: Wilson's not like us. He cares too much about people and their feelings.
Thirteen: Thanks for the compliment. | permalink
Thirteen: If you wanna be King, sometimes you need to be willing to take what's yours. | permalink
House: What am I gonna wear? All my cereal boxes are at the cleaners. | permalink
House [to Cuddy]: You have decades of experience dating and be attracted to losers. | permalink
Thirteen: Pig order with a side order of sphincter.
Taub: I think they call that breakfast in Australia. | permalink
Cuddy: Something you think is more important than a nasty virus possibly spreading through my hospital? That means it's either personal or stupid. | permalink
House: We need to check out Middle Earth. Foreman, take Frodo and break bread with the Hobbits. | permalink


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I think it would be too predictable and for me also annoying if House never showed any sign of personality change - or at least the attempt to it. His messing with Wilson even in cases which are really no joke is indeed very immature and childish, so I think it's a nice turn to show House's intentions to behave more like an adult - although he may not manage most of the time and that's why he still cannot considered to be "normal". He will always find a way to conceal his "noble intentions" and continue his quirky acts. Also, it may just be me but showing House popping Ibuprofen and his (growing?) pain more predominantly makes me suspicious that something is going on with the meds (and the pain). Is it possible he is taking more and more of the pills? (I didn't realise he was taking any meds in the earlier parts of the season.) Does it mean he might not be able to hold on to only Ibuprofen??? I'm just guessing, but to me it seems that the Ibuprofen-popping scenes are not there for the same reason as the Vicodin-scenes used to be, they might be going somewhere with it. We will see :).


Amber 2.0 is here..the upgrade here is that she isnt as much of a cut throat bitch as amber but she seems to have resemblances and the storyline seems to repeat itself..instead of suddenly appearing at a date uninvited this time he turned up,invited,with a transsexual hooker...

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