Life Unexpected Creator Previews Season Two

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Throughout this week, fans are talking about Life Unexpected for two reasons:

  1. Its polarizing finale on Monday night.
  2. Its odd of getting renewed for a second season.

The CW has until May 19 to reveal the show's fate, but creator Liz Tigelaar sounds optimistic. In an interview with Zap2It, she even discusses storylines and plans for another round of 13 episodes.

On the evolution of Lux: We're trying to explore what Lux will do now that she knows Cate and Baze want her. She wants to be somebody worthy of the faith they've put in her. She doesn't want them to think they got a dud, you know? That they just adopted a lemon.

Lovely Lux

On Austin Butler landing a new pilot: If Jones is available to us, Jones will very much be a part of the show. If he's not, I do have an idea for another guy character. I would like to see more people from Lux's school.

On Tasha and Bug: I would love to get Tasha into Lux's high school. We want Bug to come back. I love the relationship between Baze and Bug and I'd love to grow that in the second season whether Bug and Lux are together or not. There's also much more to explore with Lux and Bug's relationship -- the history of it and how it continues to develop as they move apart. People are going to find themselves in new roles.

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addicted to this show!


I love this show! I really love Ryan and Cate together! I think they seem much more right for eachother than Baze and Cate. I also love Bug! I def want to see more of him and Tasha in the next season! I like the humor that is in the show also. It isn't all drama


good news everyone! Life Unexpected is renewed for season 2 and it'll air Tuesdays @ 9pm after One Tree Hill in the fall! Just saw the lineup feed on fb! Woohoo!


I realy love Life Unexpected. I find it doesn't hide real life with real "middle-class" problems. I was realy happy to learn the main character was a foster child, b/c Lux can teach the world what a life as afoster child could be like. That there not all trouble makers, that they are just misguided humans who have to learn to survive on their own. And I strongly disagree with whomever says that Lux Is an unlikeable person. She's a strong independent individual, and she portrays foster kids really well. Many people whom don't know about or verry little about are going to learn a leason on Foster children. And as fro Tasha and Bug, don't cutthem off just yet. You might be surprised. Deep down inside bug is good for Lux wether as a bf or friend. And Tasha, there's nobody else that mixex the was lux and she does. And all this is coming from a perspective of a foster child, so I believe I know what I'm talking about. I can relate. So for those who think Tash and Bug aren't good, please give them a chance to show themeselves as a human being that is given a chance to show who they really are, and not what the've learned to become, b/c of the system. B/c for those who don't know, the system is hard place to grow up in.


I love LU!! I've never watched CW before this show - I probably won't come back again if it's canceled - it's the only show that appeals to me at all.


If it comes down to OTH && Life Unexpected, I would choose Life Unexpected, without a doubt! OTH has run it's course, it's time for Life Unexpected to have it's time.


austin should be apart of the show always ;)


I love Life Unexpected so much!!!
It's the best show I've seen in a long time, and really, when I first got a glimpse, by chance, of one episode I was never counting on liking it that much. I can't say what it has, it's just "cozy" and very very warm. Particulary, I love Lux's parents, I think they are so sweet and make a beautiful couple.
Now I'm downloading all the episodes I've lost but I need to know about the renewal!


I'm not totally opposed to Gossip Girl. I've seen a couple episodes. It's just not really my thing. I'm not interested in rich beautiful scandalous people. I avoid it, matter fact. I'm much more interested in middle-class realistic people.Life Unexpected is about family, and the type of show you can watch with all your family. Gossip Girl is about sex scenes/gossip the type of show you would be embarrassed to watch with your family.So I would have to agree they don't make the best combination.


I watch both Life Unexpected and Gossip Girl and I love them equally, just saying.
I really wish for some more details on Lux and Bug's relationship and how Jones might affect their future. I was so said when Cate married Ryan, I'm hoping for some more Cate/Blaze moments, as subtle as they may seem.

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My dad said to do what I love and I love to drink for free.


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