Life Unexpected Season Finale Photos: "Love Unexpected"

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On Monday night, you're invited to a wedding.

Cate and Baze have scheduled a ceremony for the Life Unexpected season finale, though these sneak peeks make it clear that things won't go smoothly leading up to it.

Below, we've posted a slew of photos from the episode "Love Unexpected." Remember to visit TV Fanatic first thing Tuesday morning for a full rundown of the hour...

Bride Coming!
Love Unexpected Scene
Lovely Lux
Math in Attendance

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Ana, that's why it's called 'Life Unexpected' (That and the main character). For the record, I was rooting for Cate & Ryan to get married so I loved the ending.:)


Well i guess it turns out we were all wrong. Cate did marry Ryan, which SUCKS cause she shouldve been with BAZE. GOD, Baze should have just told her what he feels. Does anybody have Cate's vow , i loved it


cate should not marry ryan when she obviously has feelings for baze! they both need time to figure out their feelings together! season 2 should be the harbringer of their union! baze should admit his love for cate!!!!


After reading the above comments I have come to believe the following for the season finale episode. 1. Cate and Ryan will not complete the wedding vows. 2. Cate will not run away with Baze. 3. When Cate sees Baze arrive at the church, she will break
down causing Ryan to suggest they do not get married until
a later time. WHAT BETTER WAY TO LEAD INTO SEASON 2. And you were
worried there would not be a season 2.


If Baze and Cate got together this quickly that'd be so stupid and bad writing. After only 13 episodes???? They aren't ready for each other yet.


I don't want Cate to marry Ryan!
I want her to run away with Baze...


Cate and Ryan are awesome!!! Will they get married???


Shiri looks so stunning! And little Lux is adorable!!!


Life Unexpected Quotes

My dad said to do what I love and I love to drink for free.


You both can't be parents, you both need parents!